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11.25.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Top 10 Hottest Men of the 2015 Box Office

With dudes going nuts in THE NIGHT BEFORE, soaking up all of the juicy bromance that goes on in the Apatow sub-world, I thought it might be a good time to take a dip in the hot guy pool of 2015. Normally on the week of Thanksgiving I'll focus a Battle of the Babes on the menfolk but there's been a healthy supply of handsomeness spread over 2015. Here is my top ten list of the hottest men from film in 2015.

Bonus: Armie Hammer & Henry Cavill (THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.)

Their female co-star, Alicia Vikander, definitely got most of the attention when it came to lovely retro eye candy but let's get real: Hammer & Cavill were a couple of posh hotties in those fitted suits. It was too hard for me to figure out which one of them was the hotter of the two so I'm tacking them on as a bonus to remind all of you who didn't go see the film in theaters to take the time to revel in it now that it's available on DVD & Blu-ray.

#10 - Ryan Guzman (THE BOY NEXT DOOR)

The film might have been a hard sell for me (JLo movies stink on the whole and it's hypocritical to have a film celebrate seducing a minor only if it's a cougar with a teen boy) but Guzman got to do what a lot of dudes wish they could - touch that golden booty. Sure, his acting stinks (if you're not a STEP UP fan like me, just look to "Heroes Reborn" for proof... oh wait, no one is watching that show) but he sure is pretty and in the end, isn't that how we grade the ladies for these lists?

#9 - Jai Courtney (TERMINATOR: GENISYS)

Give Jai Courtney a break, man. I see so much griping from dudes regarding the Aussie and it honestly shocks me. Courtney is a man's kinda good looking dude. He's big, he's goofy in a "bro" way (watch the outtakes of him squirming in a pit of mud while filming "Spartacus: War of the Damned" with Andy Whitfield) and he's getting all of the up-and-coming action hero franchise spots that normally don't garner such negative responses from other dudes. I don't think TERMINATOR: GENISYS underperformed because of Courtney; The franchise was already dead in the water regardless of casting choice. Just admit he's a hot man. Admit it, accept it, embrace it.

#8 - Jake Gyllenhaal (SOUTHPAW)

Going from the extremes of a role like his in last year's NIGHTCRAWLER to that of a boxer in this summer's SOUTHPAW is just more proof that Jake Gyllenhaal is made of the great stuff. I was less turned on by his worn-out troubled boxer persona than I was the sheer strength of Jakey G as an actor. Sure, the exterior muscles are great but it's all those under his skin that make a girl tremble when he flexes them.

#7 - Michael Ealy (THE PERFECT GUY)

Ealy is a 42-year old man who could easily pass for a dude in his mid-twenties, that's how charmingly good looking he is. That baby face is another reason why it was easy for women to want to fall for him even though the trailers for THE PERFECT GUY sold his character out before anyone got a chance to buy a ticket. I feel for Ealy, a actor with tremendous depth who's had trouble selling his projects (he and his "Almost Human" co-star Karl Urban were an awesome pair but somehow still couldn't sell a pretty great show, just another sucky aspect to the industry) unless they're played out cliches. Perhaps Ealy is just too pretty for his own good.

#6 - Paul Rudd (ANT-MAN)

Part of me wanted to really hate ANT-MAN but the whole of me could never hate Paul Rudd. The film managed to age the actor slightly, if only because the fitness level required for the role took away that subtle softness that's kept him the lovable type for years. (Plus, watching him in the NetFlix series "Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp" after revisiting the movie only showcases his Dorian Gray even more.) Rudd has a knack for bringing fun to his films but this time around he also brought the dreamy superhero factor too.

#5 - Chris Hemsworth (VACATION)

Yes, he's got his Moby Dick movie coming out next month and yes, he was Thor this year, but give props where they're due. In an unnecessary and largely unfunny reboot to NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION franchise, Hemsworth was the bright spot that we all needed. Sporting that huge fake penis (although let's get real... they couldn't have been too far off from actual size for the man-god), the flippy douche-dad haircut and a winking disposition, Hemsworth showed that he's capable of being funny on purpose and not just as an action hero plot bonus.

#4 - Michael B Jordan (CREED)

I feel bad for the entire cast of the FANTASTIC FOUR remake that crashed and burned before even getting a chance to lift off. All of the main characters were played by great young actors who deserved better than people dismissing them by dismissing the entire project. With this week bringing out CREED, I'm hoping people will give Jordan the respect he's earned. After steadily working at his craft for the past 15 years, the actor is finally getting big name appreciation and if it means riding Sly's coattails in order to get people to stop and take notice, I'm good with that. (Especially with that boxer's body. DAMN.)


The breakout star of the year for me was easily Taron Egerton, the 25-year old Brit with little acting experience prior to nailing Gary "Eggsy" Unwin in the film adaptation of the graphic novel. The movie is successful on many levels but couldn't have flown without Egerton's fresh cheekiness, winking at the cameras and cuddling that pug puppy. Honestly, hot dude and a dog is always a win. Taron has a natural fluidity to his delivery, giving him that air of a legend at the onset of his greatness. Girls always like a little bit of rough but damn does he look good when he's posh too.

#2 - Tom Hardy (MAD MAX: FURY ROAD)

He's been all over 2015, from indie flicks like CHILD 44 to pulling double duty as a pair of identical twins in LEGEND. But it was Tom's turn as the wasteland mental case in MAD MAX: FURY ROAD that really proved what the nutty Brit is all about. Memes flooded the web after people caught on to the feminist message of the film and Hardy himself made headlines when he dismissed a reporter's question regarding whether he felt out-womaned by the rest of the cast. Talented, buff and open-minded? No wonder the studios wanted to sign Hardy up for more.

#1 - Chris Pratt (JURASSIC WORLD)

How can anyone not love Chris Pratt? Earlier in the year he went on a Super Bowl nice guy challenge with the other super Chris, Captain Evans (who got bumped off this list for being a bit of a pig with the stupid comments made about Black Widow during the AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON junket) where the loser had to go visit a children's hospital in costume. Everyone won in that scenario. I fully believe that it was Pratt who rode the dinos all the way to the number one spot on the box office rankings for 2015. Even with a month and a half to go, we all know who's the alpha right now.



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