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12.28.2012by: Droz

Top 10 Bikini Shots of 2012

What a year it's been for everyone's favorite female swimming wear. They've decorated many a beautiful beach on every part of the globe, been wrapped around some of the most lusted after bodies in the world. Quite a challenge to narrow down so much beautiful exposed flesh to a list of 10 stand out bikinied babes, but we're going to do our best anyway. So, without further ado, here are your Top 10 Bikini Shots of 2012...

#10 - Kim Kardashian

You can say a lot of things against Kim Kardashian and the superficial media nonsense she slings around. Annoying media succubus or not, for the fans of the big asses, Kim in a bikini will always be a special event. This February trip to a Miami beach yielded a pair of fantastic bikini moments for the reality show fixture, proving that she's got at least a few redeeming features.

#9 - Jennifer Nicole Lee

No one was trying harder this year to impress folks with her bikini-quality body than fitness devotee and poolside fixture Jennifer Nicole Lee, seen here struggling with one of her many string bikinis, all of which had a tendency to come loose on her at some point. Either those rippling abs of hers are just too powerful for a tiny little bikini, or someone needs to teach Jen how to tie a better knot.

#8 - Nathalia Ramos

The dark horse in 2012's top bikini moments, relative newcomer actress Nathalia Ramos came out of nowhere with a spectacular debut on the bikini scene with her perfectly trim body wrapped up in a sexy little orange number. Nathalia just goes to show that you don't need to be all that famous or even infamous to show up on this list. As long as you look good in your bikini, we're not going to hold you to too many prerequisites.

#7 - Spring Breakers Girls

Tough not to give some love to a movie that puts its 3 main hottie leads, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson, into bikinis throughout the entire movie. Clearly attempting to distance themselves from their family programming past, set photos and publicity stills showed that all 3 ladies wore their bikini wardrobe like champions. This movie should be good for at least a few eye candy moments come spring break 2013.

#6 - Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens had a huge year both for her career as a whole, and more importantly, for her reputation among Moviehotties fans. No big surprise then that her brief topless bikini moment while vacationing in Hawaii should prove to be one of her most popular candid moments in 2012.

#5 - Georgia Salpa

Georgia Salpa has been a popular sex symbol in jolly old England for awhile now. Yet only recently have images of this fine specimen of ample female flesh started to trickle out to us here in the States. With an exotic look and a body of pure sin, expect to see more of Georgia in years to come.

#4 - Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook had more than a few bikini moments in 2012, all demonstrating how well she packs on a few extra pounds. From the looks of it, an increase in caloric intake merely prompts her gorgeous body to spread some extra content into the best parts of her, making what was already eminently enticing even more so. She can do no wrong.

#3 - Kate Upton

There we're a ton of models bringing the bikini hotness this year - so many that we could fill this list with them and still have plenty of names to spare. Yet no one was making hearts race as much as Kate Upton. With a body that was made to wear bikinis, Kate had the good sense to never be far away from a beach or a camera this year, resulting in a ton of big titty bikini moments.

#2 - Katy Perry

Katy Perry's eventful trip to a water park this summer afforded us one of the best bikini moments of the year, or rather a lack of bikini moment. Attempting to climb out of a tank of some sort, Katy's over-sized, waterlogged suit started to droop off her, giving everyone a nice glimpse of the better part of her backside. If she'd only felt prompted to turn and bow to her fans, the perfection of the moment would have been complete.

#1 - Jessica Biel

It's a great moment when Jessica Biel's ass shows up some place. When it does so in a sexy little string bikini, all wet and slick and ripe as a peach, it's the stuff of bikini shot legend. Jessica has for some time been the holder of the preeminent ass in Hollywood, but rarely have atmosphere and circumstance come together to highlight her perfect tush so well.



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