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09.25.2013by: Droz

Top 10 Best Bikini Moments of Summer 2013

Anyone missing summer yet? The first day of autumn rolled in where I live with cold wind, thunder, lightning and fierce rain, stating fairly succinctly that the dog days of summer 2013 were now officially a memory. Perhaps you will miss all the big movies summer brings. Maybe you might long for the warmer temps. Or you could be like me and miss the constant onslaught of the world's hottest hotties wearing the world's greatest swimwear. Sure, summer's departure doesn't necessarily mean an end to great bikini moments. There's always somewhere warm and tropical for hotties to go. Still, no other time of year breaks out the bikinis quite like summer does.

So without further ado, here are The Best Bikini Moments of Summer 2013, as determined by yours truly. See if you agree with my rankings.

Honorable Mention #1 - Claudia Romani

You got to hand it to Claudia Romani - she isn't without a work ethic. I'm still not sure what she's famous for, but I don't think more than a couple weeks have gone by in the last few months when she didn't show up somewhere in a bikini with a photographer in tow. Good thing she looks so great in them.

Honorable Mention #2 - Jennifer Nicole Lee

Poor Jennifer Nicole Lee, she's been struggling with that damned knot on her string bikinis all summer. And she still hasn't managed to get the damn things to hold her bottoms up. Don't ever trust her to tie down your stuff in a move.

#10 - Rosie Jones & Nicole Neal

We couldn't get away with a best bikini list without letting any representatives from the English titty mag community show their stuff. Two such hotties, Rosie Jones and Nicole Neal, did just that with their topless bikini romp in the backyard.

#9 - Kate Upton

I'm sure there were many who scoffed when they heard that Kate Upton has a starring role in the movie THE OTHER WOMAN. But then we were assured by pics like these that she'll spend at least part of her time in this movie wearing a bikini. That made all the difference.

#8 - Roxanne Pallett

English hottie Roxanne Pallett has one of those curvy bodies that seems tailor made for bikinis to hang extra nicely from. Good thing she spends so much of her time wearing them.

#7 - Vanessa Hudgens

So you got Vanessa Hudgens on a yacht, in a bikini, with hot friends also wearing bikinis, doing yoga and posing seductively? Sounds like top 10 material to me.

#6 - Maria Menounos

As long as it features some kind of ass shot, I think most of us are content to take whatever Maria Menounos has to offer us. However, those rare moments when we get to see her in a bikini are the moments that truly stand out from the rest.

#5 - Jamie Chung

Jamie Chung was getting all our 4th of July spirits soaring with her patriotic bikini. Old Glory never looked so good.

#4 - Katrina Bowden

It's usually a lock that when Katrina Bowden shows up somewhere, she's going to look hot. However, showing up in a sexy string bikini was an extra special hotness moment from Katrina.

#3 - Emmanuelle Chriqui

We don't see a lot of Emmanuelle Chriqui around. That distance made many a heart, as well as other things, grow much fonder of Emmy and her sexy body.

#2 - Sophie Turner

All those remarkable curves undulating down the length of Sophie Turner's body might be fake, but they look pretty damn amazing anyway - especially when they're wrapped in a gold bikini in the bright sunshine.

#1 - Kelly Brook

Best bikini moment? Hell, this might be one of the best things that has ever happened. After years of no nudity at all from Kelly, this sudden return to toplessness was totally unexpected, yet completely welcome. The heavens were smiling down on all us Kelly Brook fans on this day.



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