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12.23.2015by: Droz

The Top 10 Best Bikini Moments of 2015

2015 turned out to be a great year for hotties in bikinis. We had new hotties, beloved hotties and everyone in between strutting their especially good stuff up and down some of the world's finest beaches. Picking out just a few from such an impressive collection of fine ass ass women was a tough job, but we managed to select the very best of 2015's greatest hotties in bikinis. View the gallery above to see who made our list!!

Honorable Mention: Aisha Thalia

Model Aisha Thalia isn't one of those names that most people know. In fact, we only featured her in a single post this year. However, that one post was good enough to cement her unbelievable body in my mind. We throw that word "curvy" around rather loosely, but Aisha is one woman who personifies the whole notion of curves. She undulates like mountain roads in those barely there bikinis she was seemingly born to wear.

Honorable Mention: Kaili Thorne

We do our best to keep this Top 10 list of best bikinis limited to those hotties who aren't being paid to wear them. Otherwise such compensated babes would surely dominate this list. That said, we can't entirely ignore those who make a living out of wearing their skimpy beach attire. Take Bella's older sister Kaili Thorne and her time spent in a bikini. You can see why they're so keen on throwing some cash at Kaili for her efforts here. What an amazing family of hotties she comes from.

Honorable Mention: Candice Swanepoel

If you wanted to crown someone queen of all bikini wearers, you'd have to seriously consider Candice Swanepoel for that honor. Her nearly nonstop pursuit of all things bikini for repeated releases of Victoria's Secret ad ephemera, have made Candice synonymous with the beloved beach attire we all know and love. This recent example of her efforts toward those ends was an especially impressive display of why Candice gets the big bucks for doing this very thing.

#10 - Kimberley Garner

Technically speaking, Kimberley Garner doesn't appear to get any money for running around in all the bikinis she's worn this year. It's more of a "world's best billboard" situation wherein the beautiful Brit blonde uses her own sexy bod as a means of proving the quality of her beachwear designs. There was no shortage of hot Kimberley moments this year, but the very best of them always involved a bikini.

#9 - Lucy Mecklenburgh

Like Kimberley before, we here in the States don't know much about Lucy Mecklenburgh. I'm told she's some kind of an actress and a celebrity of some note back in the UK. They've got a million of folks who conform to that description. They don't have too many hotties over there who look this good in a bikini. Lucy's got another of those bodies that looks as though it was made to wear something tight and barely there. Good thing then that she wears that kind of stuff so often.

#8 - Devin Brugman

Many of the hotties in this part of the list tend to be the type most of us really only know for their bikini-wearing activities. Devin Brugman is the perfect example of that. You'd think by the frequency of her time spent literally bouncing around in barely functional bikinis, that her whole life is devoted to this particular pursuit. However, I'm told Devin is also some kind of model and blogger. Good for her. As long as she keeps showing off those impressive titties, she can do whatever she likes.

#7 - Nina Dobrev

What's better than Nina Dobrev hanging out on a yacht in a bikini? Nina hanging out on a yacht in a bikini with a bunch of her equally hot friends doing the same thing, that's what. Nina's trip to St. Tropez with a bunch of her girlfriends, the lot of them frolicking on the deck of a party boat in the middle of warm Italian waters, is one of those things only the 1% ever really know first hand. What better reason to break out the torches and pitchforks against those greedy bastards.

#6 - Katharine McPhee

One thing pretty much all the women on this list have in common is that any show of skin from them becomes an event. One of the best examples of that is Katharine McPhee, who's spectacular butt has become the stuff of many a person's fantasies. That made her decision to slip into a black bikini back in August one of the better Katharine moments we've seen around here. Girl is incredible.

#5 - Brenda Song

The thing you gotta love about Brenda Song is how well she mixes sweetness and sexual potency. Girl is equally adept at coming across endearing and totally bangable - sometimes both at once. That blend of pleasant sex appeal seems to be something The Mouse teaches to all the former Disney jailbait hotties like Brenda. This bikini photoshoot is one of the better attempts she's made to bring out her sexier side. Let's hope many more are to follow.

#4 - Megan Fox

Megan Fox got 2015 started off right when she took a holiday trip to Hawaii with her 90210 husband, from whom she's now separated. Megan in a bikini is plenty good enough, but even better is Megan in a bikini that doesn't quite fit her. Thus the delightful spectacle of some waterlogged string bikini bottoms just barely hanging on to Megan's perfect bod. Such a sight could certainly take some of the chill out of a cold January day.

#3 - Rachel Sanders

Rachel who? Yeah, I don't know. The mystery of this girl persists, even months after her Miami beach bikini pics first started spreading across the internet like wildfire. This dental floss number is thus far the best her perfectly pale, perfectly curvy, perfectly bangable body has looked in next to nothing. If the succession of increasingly pointless beach wear continues, expect to see Rachel bare-ass naked sometime soon.

#2 - Jessica Alba

It is a great thing when Jessica Alba goes on vacation, for you can pretty much guarantee that the MILFY actress, model and CEO will take the opportunity to slip into a provocative bikini number for some fun times wading with the fam. Despite her domestic and corporate responsibilities, Jessica maintains one of the best bods around and she seems more than happy to remind everyone of the efforts she makes there with pics like these. Thus I find myself highly invested in making sure Jessica always takes some time to get away from it all.

#1 - Charlotte McKinney

From the moment we first saw Charlotte McKinney munching on slop burgers during the Superbowl, there has been a powerful desire to see the full extent of what she's got going on with them gazongas of hers. We've come pretty close a few times, among them this day at the beach, where the blonde babe went with a severely overtasked bikini top while wading in the waves. It's something akin to using Christmas ribbon to secure a logging truck's payload, but the miracle is that this bikini somehow managed to hold and sort of cover her here. Fortunately there was still plenty to see of Charlotte - enough to know that the day she lets those things out will be truly epic.



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