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12.18.2013by: Salacious Crumb

The Top 10 Best Ass Shots of 2013!

While we here at MovieHotties are known to frequently keep you updated on who's bangin' who, who's pregnant and who's going clinically insane, we also like to keep our readers up-to-date on the really important things. Like ass shots. The supply of well-photographed candids of celebrity butts is one of the things that keeps this site rolling, and it's what gets me out of bed every morning. We know you all appreciate them, too, so why not celebrate the end of the year by celebrating the rear-ends of some of our most beloved hotties? We'll take a look back at some of the year's highlights, and even hand out trophies! (All trophies in this "Top 10" list are hypothetical, and the winners should not expect any physical form of a reward of any kind). Enjoy!

Honorable Mention: Andressa Urach

Let's kick this sucker off with Miss Bum Bum 2012 Andressa Urach's visit to Miami, Florida. She get's an honorable mention because, had I not just told you, no one would have the slightest clue whom she was. Plus it allows us to start off this list off with a big bang like a gunshot at a horse race. Speaking of horses, I just want to note that Andressa is not a butterface, she simply has a much more glorious rear-end. She's a butterbutt.

#10: Anna Kendrick

This shot is significantly more innocent than the one we just saw, but it shouldn't go unappreciated by fans of Anna Kendrick. Anna surprised them one day by squeezing herself into some tight pink jeans on the set of some movie. Having not seen her in too many films, this was the moment where I first realized Kendrick's potential as a hottie. What a pleasant surprise it was, too, since it's probably the last place I would've looked.

#9: Hayden Panettiere

There appears to have been a slow but certain decline in the average schmoe's interest in Hayden Panettiere. She went from being the invincible cheerleader we all loved, to the country singer we've all sort of left behind. Could it be the fact that we've seen her pictured with a dude 4-times her size one too many times? Yes, that's it. However, it was a pleasant surprise early in the year when Hayden had a weekend at the beach all to herself (or at least with no circus giants hanging around), and someone nearby decided to snap some photos. Luckily, Hayden's never been one to shy away from that kind of thing.

#8: Kate Beckinsale

Around the same time as Hayden's beach butt-o-thon, Kate Beckinsale's blurry backside was being captured by the paps, only this time, at a hotel swimming pool. Actually, the lousy quality is the only reason this one didn't make it higher on the list. Though it is comforting to know that any regular schmoe can take snapshots of celebrities' butts so long as they're staying in the same hotel, it's too bad this person only had a camera phone on hand. At least now we know what Kate Beckinsale's ass looks like from Mr. Magoo's point of view.

#7: Selena Gomez

This was the year Selena Gomez really broke out of her Disney-coated shell and went full-on hottie. SPRING BREAKERS had a lot to do with this transition, but these images of Selena in a zebra-striped bikini really kicked things into gear. We've seen some decent bikini pics from Gomez in previous years, but personally, I think her body was still in the in-between stage, leading to this. The sun hits Selena just right in these pics, it's almost as mother nature and father time intended for them to happen. I know I've said this before, but when Hollywood inevitably remakes FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH for some extra cash, they should seriously consider putting Gomez in Phoebe Cates's role.

#6: Kate Upton

When you think of Kate Upton, the first things that comes to mind are her two big, round, beautiful features, and I ain't talkin' about her eyes. The point is, candid "ass shots" and Upton have rarely, if ever, been associated with each other. That is until just last November when she hit the beach for a photoshoot involving a horse (no, not Maksim Chmerkovskiy). There were some pretty excellent candid moments for all 360% of Kate, but this toe-touching moment really took me by surprise. If you're a fan of Upton, you might be enlightened to know that there's a whole other side to her.

#5: AnnaSophia Robb

There were several moments from the set of "The Carrie Diaries" which showcased the rapid growth of AnnaSophia Robb's shapely bum in 2013. Frankly, there were almost too many to choose from, but this was the moment that blew up the comments section faster than AnnaSophia's swelling booty itself. It truly has been an unexpected development, but it's also been pretty damn fantastic to watch. Especially with the playful skirts she showcases it in, like this one with the ferris wheel, as if to say "take it for a ride". AnnaSophia easily takes home the Profile Butt of the Year trophy.

#4: Maria Menounos

One can imagine the difficulty in selecting a single best ass shot of the year for some hotties, particularly Maria Menounos. Maria's miraculous moneymaker has become quite infamous around these parts, and the media in general. Rarely does a week ever go by without a delivery from the Menounos butt fairy, which is mainly due to her public appearances whilst hosting "Extra!", a program many of her biggest fans don't even watch. We would if it were shot from behind.

#3: Vida Guerra

The Most Nostalgic Ass Shot of the Year trophy goes to the original '90's booty queen herself, Vida Guerra. These images probably define "ass shot" better than any others on the list, so even if Vida's not a huge celebrity, let's give credit where credit is due, huh? It was nice to play catch-up with this infamous rear-end, and Vida didn't mind helping us out by throwing in every bend, stretch, twist and pose we could hope for. Thanks for lookin' out, Vida!

#2: Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice is probably the most popular "Nick Chick" around these parts, and that's partially because she's a hard-working funny girl with a rockin' attitude. However, the other 90% is because she's got a great ass, as Al Pacino would say. Victoria's curvaceous hindquarters have helped her climb the hottie ladder for a couple years, but then something happened that catapulted her right over the gates of Hottieville: she went on tour. Victoria's wardrobe on her tour this year was simple ass-tastic, most notably of which was this ridiculously tight, more ridiculously short pair of black leather short shorts. I'm not kidding, this actually makes me contemplate getting front-row seats at one of her shows (I'm sure I wouldn't be the only dude in his mid-twenties with a beard there). This moment easily grants Victoria the title of Best Black Leather-Bound Ass of the Year.

#1: Jessica Alba

This year, we saw the triumphant return of Jessica Alba's faultless ass in a bikini bottom. The great thing is, it wasn't just once. We got a whole truckload of friendly reminders from Alba that she can still make our pants feel tighter at the snap of a finger (or however long it takes to get her clothes off). While there were a lot of highlights, including her classic "on all fours" pose, this moment of Jessica crawling onto a dock (that's not a typo) really takes the cake for me. The lighting, the shadows, the wetness and the wedgie all come together and create another masterpiece out of Alba's prosperous rump of rumps. For that, she gets the #1 spot and the Best Wedgie of the Year trophy.



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