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11.09.2011by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Six: They grow up so fast

Have you ever gone through that awkward moment when you see a former child actress suddenly all grown up and it catches you by surprise? Especially how hot she looks. Well that’s what today’s Sexy Six is all about, sexy young ladies that I used to remember from when they were younger and then BAM, hello there, nice to meet you! Babecity!

6. Emily Browning

Before she was kicking ass in skimpy outfits I remember Browning as the little girl from GHOST SHIP and then she started resonating a little more when she played Violet Baudelaire in LEMONY SNICKETS A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS were she kind of reminded me of a young Angelina Jolie but she was still no more than a cute kid. Fast forward 5 years later and she got to play scream queen in THE UNINVITED and subsequently SUCKER PUNCH were she was able to bring a certain amount of exotic beauty to her roles and provide ample sweet dreams.

5. Hillary Duff

I view Hillary Duff’s trajectory beginning as that kid from “Lizzie McGuire”, becoming afterwards a somewhat annoying teenybopper singer-actress and then simply transforming into just another hot celebrity, but hot nevertheless. It maybe obvious to say but I’m a fan of her current “just another hot celebrity” state and I never though I’d see her in that way.

4. Michelle Trachtenberg

I have a niece that used to love HARRIET THE SPY, as in see over and over again, and again, and again. So I pretty much got very acquainted with Trachtenberg the spunky little actress. Suddenly, she disappeared from the face of the world (the face of MY world at least) and it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I started seeing pics from her and holy hell, Harriet the Spy not only was she suddenly a knockout but she brought this whole naughty girl persona with her. I was very conflicted for a while but it doesn’t matter, she can be as naughty as she wants. I won’t mind, really.

3. Daveigh Chase

This is a case where not only was she a little girl, she was a SCARY little girl. So one day you go from Samara Morgan in THE RING and then she’s suddenly starring as a polygamist wife in BIG LOVE as well as being all sexy cute and all that sh*t.

2. Lacey Chabert

Lachey Chabert, from squeaky little girl in sappy show to hot mean girl ripe for a party of 2! I think she’s the oldest from our list but her hotness still came as a surprise for me since before MEAN GIRLS I had only seen her in snippets of “Party of Five” and in LOST IN SPACE. I later found out many of you got the same feeling and surprise with her trés sexy appearance as a Jennifer Love Hewitt double in IT’S NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE.

1. Emma Watson

Witches be hot yo! And Hermione Granger is no exception. She’s a character we saw grow up from adorable frizzy haired magic nerd girl to powerful kick ass heartbreaking woman and it’s pretty much the same with her real world counterpart as Emma has shown us that she can be as much girly girl as well as hot sexy vixen full of magic. So to all these girls I say, thank you for growing up and to you dear readers thank you for sticking around and thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts with us down below.



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