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07.22.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Video Game Movie Hotties

There are those who have decided to swear off of Adam Sandler movies forever, seeing as how the guy really hasn't been all that funny since 1998's THE WATERBOY. (Heck, I actually liked YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN, if only for Emmanuelle Chriqui and nothing can quite touch the amazing weirdness of PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE, but we're still talking more than a decade ago.) There are those who have made the (quite correct) claim that PIXELS is basically that episode of "Futurama" in a longer format. Still more claim that having Peter Dinklage in the movie will elevate it (this is true, although there's only so far he can make the elevator travel when it starts below the basement - cases in point - TIPTOES, UNDERDOG, the DEATH AT A FUNERAL remake, KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM). I say what about we just consider some of the babes who have been in movies based on video games. Sound good?

#10 - Samantha Mathis (SUPER MARIO BROS.)

I'm a sucker for this film, I dun kerr. I don't. I really don't. I've been an avid Nintendo player since the original NES and I was the first (and nearly only) person in line to watch the plumber brothers hit the big screen. Mathis was always a babe without big pretensions, cute as a button and sexy like the girl next door could be. I adored her as Daisy. Of course, I also adored Dennis Hopper as King Koopa and John Leguizamo vamping as the Mario brother who wanted to be the main hero.

#9 - Imogen Poots (NEED FOR SPEED)

While we all wanted to support Jesse as he tried his hand at selling a big budget move to the big screen, NEED FOR SPEED was bout 45 minutes too long and (in my opinion) simply didn't capitalize on the charming appeal of Imogen Poots as his co-star. She's too soft to be a FAST girl but she certainly helped this too-long, too-dull film based on the popular video game.

#8 - Mila Kunis (MAX PAYNE)

Rarely is there a top ten list when Mila Kunis is applicable to the topic at hand that she would end up in the bottom half of the ten, but here she is. I'm always on the brink of fully hating Mark Wahlberg and then he'll do something pretty damn awesome to redeem himself (being a peacock who's gotta fly in THE OTHER GUYS, everything about him in I HEART HUCKABEES) but this movie wasn't one of them. The overall terrible everything of this movie coated Mila in its stink, so while she looks beautiful as she tries to pull off being super badass, it's just not enough.


Poor Kristin Kreuk. Despite being one-half Chinese, the actress took a lot of flak for being cast in the 2009 box office bomb, STREET FIGHTER: THE LEGEND OF CHUN-LI because people felt she wasn't Chinese enough. Kristin is easily one of the most beautiful women in all of Hollywood but has rarely seen success since the end of "Smallville," where she got her big break. Somebody figure out what to do with this gorgeous lady!

#6 - Ming-Na Wen (STREET FIGHTER)

When I was playing this game growing up, I tended to always pick Chun-Li, mainly because of those buff legs of hers. It seemed to take forever to get Ming-Na into the famous red costume and buns with hair ribbons but it was a great moment when it finally arrived. She's been kicking ass for more than 20 years since.

#5 - Talisa Soto (MORTAL KOMBAT)

This applies to both of the MORTAL KOMBAT movies that Soto appeared in as Kitana, the far sexier option over Bridgette Wilson's Sonya. Not only was Kitana a better player to use while playing the video game, she's the under-sung hottie from the movies. Soto has since disappeared from the movie scene, since marrying Benjamin Bratt in 2002 and then having a couple of kids. I miss her, she was simply stunning.

#4 - Olivia Wilde (TRON: LEGACY)

She gets bonus points for being in a tight outfit. Minus points for the chic but still kinda ugly haircut. Bonus points for just being ridiculously gorgeous. Minus points for being in such a shitty movie. Olivia Wilde seems to always advance and retreat when I start doing the math. I love her, sometimes hate what they do to her in movies. Since this really wasn't a movie that originated from a video game but rather a sequel to a movie that was created to seem as if it was a video game, do your own math.

#3 - Kylie Minogue (STREET FIGHER)

Kick me if you want, while I might have always chosen to play Chun-Li when tackling Street Fighter at the arcade, when it came down to the movie, Kylie Minogue really stole the show when she finally stripped off that military garb and let those tremendous legs of hers shine. Literally shine, as I believe that they coated the singer and sometimes actress with a thick application of Crisco before she filmed her scenes. She looked tastier than a bucket of KFC, that's for sure.

#2 - Jaime Pressly, Holly Vallance, Devon Aoki, Sarah Carter (DOA: DEAD OR ALIVE)

Pretty much the entire cast of the movie DOA: DEAD OR ALIVE is comprised of the sexiest underappreciated babes. Sarah Carter has since moved on to a successful basic cable career with "Falling Skies," Jaime Pressly went on to finally achieve recognition for her stellar comedic skills when she was on "My Name is Earl," Devon Aoki... well, and Holly Valance (and Natassia Malthe, another example of a great hottie wasted on people not catching on to her) might have slowly faded into the background but the movie, as cornball and ridiculous as it is, remains a cult classic of shining feminine strength.

#1 - Angelina Jolie (TOMB RAIDER)

It's going to be a banner day when a babe can come along and best Angelina at the height of her babedom. Angie was such a quality, exceptional hottie when in her heyday, no example more shining than that of her taking on the most famous female-lead video game of all time, TOMB RAIDER. Sure, the film and its sequel were vast empty pits of nothing spectacular but there's nothing better than the celluloid preservation of Angelina in her mid-20's.



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