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01.22.2014by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Sexiest Sports Illustrated Models

It's a good year for a lot of reasons, what with the 60th Anniversary for Playboy magazine and the 50th Anniversary of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition magazines coinciding to create a showering of tasty female skin moments, to varying degrees of exposure. It's almost hard to believe that the two are only 10 years in difference, but who's complaining? Jezebel recently featured all the SI covers from the past 50 years, so I thought I'd pick and choose my way through those to pick my favorite ten.

Honorable Mention: Beyonce

In 2007, the tradition of sticking a professional model on the cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition was trumped by the growing idolization of singer Beyonce. It's hard to determine if the decision to place the bootylicious Knowles on the cover was driven by a desire to be seen as more politically correct (prior to 2007, there were only 2 other covers that featured a model of color) or because it was just that hard to overlook the fact that the times were calling for a woman with a more curvaceous body to featured. In the end, we all were winners, since Beyonce did bikini duty very well.

#10: Irina Shayk

There were some people who made whiny noises when Irina Shayk was named to the cover of SI's 2011 issue because the hubbub surrounding Kate Upton's boobies had just begun. While in other modeling gigs Shayk can be dressed up in a manner that causes her to resemble a meerkat dipped in molasses, it's the Swimsuit Editions that capture the model's true, exotic glow.

#9: Cheryl Tiegs

I think Cheryl Tiegs stands out in my childhood memories because she was the first model from the magazine's history that I recall being in my home. Neither of my parents are into sports, so there wasn't a subscription being delivered to our mailbox. So when I stumbled upon a old copy of 1983's issue, I had to ask what it was doing in the house. Seems my dad had a crush on her, as my mother told me. That wasn't as shocking as my mother's approval of that crush was. It cemented in my mind the fact that Tiegs held the distinction of bringing men and their wives together in hotness agreement rather than hostility brought on my jealousy.

#8: Marisa Miller

Before SI painted Kate Upton's body in 2012, Marissa Miller brought the beads draped over boobies look to the cover of the magazine with just as much sexiness. Miller has just recently started to dip her toe into the waters of movies, appearing in the box office bomb R.I.P.D. as little more than a visual gag, but it's likely the Cali girl will hold some longevity in her career of modeling, seeing as how it's near impossible to tell the difference between a photoshoot from current years and others more than 10 years past.

#7: Heidi Klum

In 2008, 10 full years after Heidi Klum first graced the cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition, she posed with funnyman Will Ferrell in a photoshoot for the magazine that highlighted her goofy sense of humour and Ferrell's crappy SEMIPRO movie. It's possible that Klum looked even hotter in that layout than she had in her earlier, prior to becoming a mom years. Between a body meant for nudity and near nudity and a personality that bounces off the walls like a rubber ball, Klum has captivated attentions everywhere for years.

#6: Kate Upton

I know you're probably thinking that I'm nuts for not placing Kate Upton at the top spot on this list but let's get real. Kate is cute but if we're honest with ourselves, she's yet to prove that she's got that irresistible sexiness that prolongs. Her boobs are obviously a couple of the most amazing things gracing the planet and the girl can be campy in her hotness, bouncing and jiggling down runways and in Terry Richardson videos but in the world of SI Swimsuit models, she's still got a lot to prove.

#5: Christie Brinkley

It's easy to love a woman just the way she is when she looks like Christie Brinkley. Brinkley was the first model to land three consecutive covers of Sports Illustrated, her blonde Malibu Barbie looks and warm, inviting smile turning us all into Clark Griswold, hungry to get as close to her as possible. Brinkley is still kicking, turning the grand old age of 60 (60!?!?!) this upcoming February 2nd.

#4: Tyra Banks

She might be a bit of a bat-shit crazy woman but let's face it: Sports Illustrated's first African-American model to grace their cover had a body designed to be seen in as little clothing as possible. It's admirable that over the years Banks has had one of the more diverse resumes than any of the other models featured in swimsuits, from helming her own talk show to running a model contest TV show to developing camps for young girls to attend so they could learn self-esteem habits to grow on. All that and those boobs too!

#3: Elle MacPherson

SI's Swimsuit Edition isn't the only thing turning 50 this year. Elle MacPherson, so deserving of her nickname "The Body," is also racking up that birthday in March of this year, proving that she's yet another amazing creature to emerge from the continent of Australia. MacPherson is the record holder for the magazine, featured in 5 of their covers, more than any other model. Elle isn't just one of the hottest women in a bikini, she's easily one of the hottest women ever.

#2: Rebecca Romijn

She's sexy, she's exotic, she's got that body which perfectly straddles the curvy and fit lines, never once looking too skinny as a model or too voluptuous to ever have to go through the taunts and nastiness that some other nearly nude models have had to endure. The fact that Romijn has survived for years on her looks, giving her time to develop her talent for acting is a testament to how enduring that swimsuit figure of hers is.

#1: Brooklyn Decker

There have been a lot of really good looking women in the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions over the years, all hot for varying reasons of their own. But it's Brooklyn and her made-for-a-bikini body that take the official top honors. Who else could have landed a movie role based on that bikini bod alone, let alone made the waves that it did with her Super Bowl ad for that crappy movie, stopping every heart - male and female - in the process. Men want her, women want her body. Can't get better than that.



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