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02.19.2014by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Sexiest Movie & TV Lesbians

In a not all that surprising move last Friday, actress Ellen Page came out as a lesbian at the Human Rights Time to Thrive Campaign in Las Vegas. I say it's not surprising because even Page admitted in her speech that she was "lying by omission," suggesting that she felt her fans were aware of her proclivity for the womenfolk without her really needing the "I'M GAY" proclamation. With so many sources suggesting that gossip and entertainment sites such as this one not being as welcoming to the lesbian/homosexual demographic, I thought a good top ten list should help in our mission to get everyone to understand that we're all good with the ladies who love ladies around here.

#10 - Betty Elms (MULHOLLAND DR)

Most people remember the scene in which Naomi Watts gets it on with Laura Harring in David Lynch's cryptic film about Hollywood and the cast of crazies who reside there. Whether or not Betty is a dyed in the wool pantsuit lesbian is a mystery. Hell, the whole movie is a series of mysteries. What's clear is that Betty takes to the lady love with aplomb and we've never really been the same since.

#9 - Fatima Goodrich (SHE HATE ME)

I think the more apt title would have been SPIKE LEE HATES WOMEN, but who doesn't get that from any of the films that he's made? By the time 2004 rolled around, Lee was no longer the controversial cinema darling, choosing to be rough with his "comedies" and introduce power characters such as Kerry Washington's Fatima as a power (and child) hungry business lesbian who employs her former boyfriend to impregnate her. While Lee might have never educated himself into the realities of lesbianism and IVF, Washington certainly did the L crowd proud.

#8 - Santana Lopez (Glee)

I don't watch "Glee." I can't bring myself to do it. I only know that Santana Lopez, as portrayed by the awesomely sexy Naya Rivera is the lesbian cheerleader on the roster. I know I should probably have more criteria that needs to get met in terms of ranking her on a list of hottest lesbian characters but gay cheerleaders are the bestest and Rivera is more lust-worthy than Natasha Lyonne.

#7 - Lucy Diamond (D.E.B.S.)

I didn't think Jordana Brewster had it in her. No, I'm not talking about her taking on the role of a lesbian thief, I'm saying that I didn't realize until D.E.B.S. that she could be funny and charming. Honestly, Brewster had struck me as just another pretty face when I watched the fantastic hate-to-love, love-to-hate cheese fest that is D.E.B.S. She may never get brave enough to take on a role like Lucy again, but even if we only have this, it's more than enough.

#6 - Leslie Shay (Chicago Fire)

I got a little confused, trying to recall which show it was that Sophia Bush was on. I ended up watching "Chicago Fire" instead of "Chicago PD" and ended up instead falling for Lauren German as the resolute and heartbroken lesbian who fights fires and her ex-girlfriend (who had decided to stupidly leave her to get married to a dude and have kids). German isn't known for too much (HOSTEL 2 and a stint on "Hawaii 5-O" if you're into that) but she simply captivates on this NBC drama and I may or may not be saying that because she's female inclined.

#5 - Lily (BLACK SWAN)

A few years prior to rocking Natalie Portman's uptight ballerina world, Mila Kunis equally had hers rocked by Zoe Saldana in AFTER SEX, where she found out just how good she tasted. I don't know what it is about this petite little brunette with hardly any curves and a voice that could cut through a snowstorm, but Kunis has a magic to her and the fact that she doesn't limit it to the opposite sex is even more delicious.

#4 - Emily Fields (Pretty Little Liars)

After the Family Channel got brave with introducing teen pregnancy into its otherwise clean programming, it tackled the next hurdle in offending the moral majority - sapphic love. In its quest to get the straight laced to find empathy for a lesbian, it didn't hurt that they cast the insanely good looking Shay Mitchell in the role of Emily on the surrealistic drama "Pretty Little Liars." But in getting audiences to embrace that character, Family Channel has become an even more open-minded place to be, with newer programming such as "The Fosters" featuring a lesbian couple who are mothers to several kids.

#3 - Brooke (BUTTER)

Olivia Wilde had been sexy in other roles but it was when she decided to be a stripper with a taste for the pinker side of things that she really broke out. I'm not saying that Brooke is awesome because she's a lesbian, though. In a underratedly hysterical comedy filled with great performances, Wilde brought the determination, tenacity and awesomeness to table and slathered everything in sight with it.

#2 - Gia Carangi (GIA)

I'm cheating on this entry because Gia Carangi wasn't a character in the most literal of senses. Back in 1998, when Angelina Jolie was still at her most voluptuously volcanic, she took on the role of Gia in a biopic on the life of a gorgeous heroin addicted model who perished from the AIDS virus after her battle with drugs. We were all so happy to see Jolie naked and getting it on with chicks that the sad state of real life events whizzed right past us.

#1 - Corky (BOUND)

You could say that only a year prior to Gina Gershon taking on the more butch lesbian character of Corky in the cult favorite thriller, she'd tackled the girl loving with her more glitzy role as Cristal Connors in SHOWGIRLS. Whether she was dressed up and macking on Lizzie Berkley or grunged down and being seduced by the terminally sexy Jennifer Tilly, Gershon makes for one incredible (and credible) lesbian.



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