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06.26.2013by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Sexiest Latinas

What with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock planning on pulling some of THE HEAT in at the box office (ending the debate once and for all regarding whether people are more drawn to McCarthy or Tatum, as the film goes up against WHITE HOUSE DOWN), I figured we'd keep it simple and concentrate on some real heat. The hottest Latinas around. (Please keep in mind that this was an extremely, extremely hard list for me to compile. No one is a loser on this list.)

Classic Hot Latina All-Star - Rita Moreno

I'm glad that Rita Moreno came to America, I'm glad that she lives in America. The first Latina to win an Oscar for her supporting role as Anita in WEST SIDE STORY, the fact that at the age of 81-years old, Rita still looks this freakin' good is insane. With a history of a rocky romance with Marlon Brando over the years (she explained feeling "obsessed" with him in her most recent biography) and moving through Hollywood's early years being told to try to look like anything but a "spic" to land a status where every single Latina in Hollywood quotes her legendary status as their personal role model, I gotta give props where they are more than due.

10 - Monica Cruz

I bet you're expecting for Monica's sister Penelope to be on the list. Warning: she's not. I can take Pene or leave her but something about her nearly look-alike sister Monica is much more stimulating when I watch her... uh... mostly prance around at events. She's an actress in her own right but mostly for Spanish television shows that I haven't had the opportunity to watch. Nevertheless, I pick Monica.

9 - America Ferrera

I don't care what people said about America Ferrera during the beginning of her career, when she was called fat and ugly... specifically bold when introduced in the Spanish to American version of La Fea (Ugly Betty). America is a particularly excellent actress and she's a sexy, sexy Latina who never strays from being who she really is. Now that people are paying more attention since the actress took off some weight, I can't wait to see where she takes that turn of fate with her.

8 - Natalie Martinez

I was a little kid when I cozied up with my dad and watched the original DEATH RACE and it was pretty darn cool. Not just because I got to watch the movie with my dad, but I was at an age when driving a car seemed so awesome and crashing one into other people seemed even more so. That first look of Natalie Martinez as she stepped off the bus and was assigned to Jason Statham in the 2008 remake (so awesomely bubble-gum fun that I can't bear the thought of watching another version that doesn't have Martinez in it) was enough to turn me into a fan.

7 - Ana de la Reguera

From her start as the super-sexy nun in NACHO LIBRE to her memorable turn on "Eastbound & Down," to her sweet appearance in COWBOYS & ALIENS, I would love to see more of Ana de la Reguera in, well, anything. Or, when you check out that fit, lean body she has, it'd be nice to see even less on her as well.

6 - Nadine Velazquez

Nadine Velazquez in FLIGHT should be enough reason for her to be on this list. However, I also remember just how snap-fast funny she was as Catalina on "My Name is Earl," and how wonderfully goofball she can be as a part of the cast of "The League." Now on the show "Major Crimes," and as I just noticed, she pulled a stint on the NetFlix revived "Arrested Development," (tell me how hot she was, I've been holding off watching the stream so I can savor it in a marathon viewing) and gained even more fans who recognize just what a presence she is.

5 - Genesis Rodriguez

Another one of those women who has made an impression on my buddy JimmyO by being one of the most down-to-Earth phenomenally good looking women who goes the extra step and tweets links to the JoBlo site whenever she is interviewed or given a feature post. She's smart, funny and doesn't forget where she comes from. All total pluses.

4 - Dania Ramirez

She might have been a part of the Wonderless Twins when she was on "Heroes," and while Dania Ramirez doesn't book a shitton of roles as often as she should, holy damn is she sexy as FUknowtherest. The sexy muscle and sweat that she glistened with in PREMIUM RUSH showed that she's a tough girl without the capacity to set aside her sensuousness even when being a badass.

3 - Eva Mendes

Again, I note that I wasn't all crazy for Eva Mendes at the beginning of her career but the woman is a fine wine who has gotten more beautiful, more sexy, more talented as the years have blessed her well. I will relate to you a story that JimmyO told me once when he was at a press conference waiting to interview her for WE OWN THE NIGHT. Seeing him, remembering his unforgettable face, she grabbed his wrist and cooed, "Oh, you! I can't wait to talk to you again!!" (I think he'd interviewed her previously for GHOST RIDER and the fact that SHE didn't forget makes her beyond amazing.)

2 - Sofia Vergara

I remember things fairly easily when it feels as if a bomb has gone off in my head. That's what happened when I watched Sofia Vergara get interviewed on "Chelsea Lately" as a promotional part for "Modern Family," the sitcom that had just started to get major buzz. I fell head-over-heels for her ever since. Sure, we could chalk it up to just being Latina for this list, but the humour, the beauty, the frankness of her personality every time she talks just astounds me.

1 - Salma Hayek

The only downside to Salma Hayek is that she's married to some billionaire white guy. Money is appealing but when you are hands-down, no matter where, no matter when, first actress listed when the question is asked, "Who's the hottest Latina actress out there?" I'd think that you could manage to have whomever the f*ck you wanted. All hail the Queen!



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