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10.28.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Sexiest Ladies of Political Films

There's not a whole lot of new stuff getting released at the box office this weekend. Then again, there's not a lot of new, innovative or interesting ideas coming from politics these days either, so I suppose that's why a film like OUR BRAND IS CRISIS will thrive. Here are some of the ladies of various political movies that I find far more tempting than any bulldog in lipstick.

#10 - Katie Holmes (The Kennedys)

I am stretching my definition of a political film only so that I can include the (terrible, horrible, I honestly couldn't sit through half of one installment) mini-series "The Kennedys" because Katie Holmes has been my favorite version of Jackie Kennedy. (A close second being Stephanie Romanov, aka Lilah from "Angel" in THIRTEEN DAYS.) Long live the pink pillboxes!

#9 - Rachel McAdams (STATE OF PLAY)

I like her when she plays smart, although it's another case of wanting to scream at filmmakers that just because a female character is smart doesn't mean you have to dowdy her down. The best part about watching Rachel McAdams play a serious, smart, dowdy character is that it's still Rachel McAdams and it's impossible to keep that woman's beauty down, dead aide to a congressman or not.

#8 - Reese Witherspoon (ELECTION)

The fact that she looks like an uptight ball buster destined for a life filled with frozen dinners and multiple cats is probably what throws you off guard about Tracy Flick, one of the most vicious and unforgettable characters in cinema. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love me some young Reese Witherspoon. While she's still pulling out stops many years later, there was something so violently (and beautifully) fearless about her acting back then, it was brilliant to behold.

#7 - Kirsten Dunst & Michelle Williams (DICK)

I don't know if it's because she was alive during the craziness surrounding the Nixon administration but the 1999 movie where two of the more serious actresses of late play airheaded teens is one of my mom's favorite movies. Dunst & Williams were ahead of their time as young actresses and have blossomed into strong actresses as adults. Don't forget... there's also vintage young Ryan Reynolds goodness in this too.

#6 - Julia Roberts (CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR)

Julia is best when she's allowed to vamp it up. She won an Oscar for chewing the scenery as a lower-class eager beaver in ERIN BROCKOVICH and seven years later Julia rocked the big socialite hair in a throwback to 1980's political insanity. The entire movie is filled with amazing actors seemingly allowed to roam wild in their abilities, making for awesome entertainment.

#5 - Halle Berry (BULWORTH)

I don't know what is more perplexing, seeing Halle Berry dressed up Hollywood-gangsta or a movie where Warren Beatty gets to get it on with Halle Berry. Whatever the case, this movie was far ahead of its time in snarking the political machine (there's a great turn by Sean Astin as a cokehead aide, further proving that Astin is a overlooked master of the craft), definitely worth another (or a first) watch.

#4 - Sigourney Weaver (DAVE)

One of those gems from my childhood that cracked me up, surprisingly so, considering that it was a fairly high-brow comedy about politics, a subject I continue to attempt to ignore. Weaver is the embodiment of everything I thought a political wife/first lady would be, sassy and tough yet bending to the will of the agenda. Her face when she glimpses Kevin Kline in the shower is still priceless.

#3 - Annette Bening (THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT)

I honestly didn't expect to like this movie much, perhaps because of my long-standing opinion that Michael Douglas is creeeeeepy. However, the film is enchanting and the fact that Bening is a fully-functional character allowed to be smart, witty and beautiful makes her even more sexy.

#2 - Evan Rachel Wood (THE IDES OF MARCH)

Evan gets far too little love in the hottie department, even when she's looking drop dead sexy. True, THE IDES OF MARCH isn't the film that you look to for hot chicks (although Gosling is hot enough to make anyone stop and pause) but it certainly is one of those lesser-thought-of political films that deserves higher praise, kinda like ERW.

#1 - Jessica Chastain (ZERO DARK THIRTY)

Really, Jessica is the only person who could get me to watch a movie about modern day political drama, since I tend to find the genre dry and nap-inducing. The terrorist flick isn't high on Jess' list of top looks but she's so solid in her acting craft that all that toughness comes off as super sexy.



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