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11.04.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Sexiest James Bond Babes

I honestly thought I had previously done a James Bond top ten list but I was unable to find it with a search. Hell, considering that the franchise is ripe with fine, fine ladies, I'm shocked that I don't just keep doing a Bond ten every week, simply changing the characteristic the ladies should be judged on. Finest bodied Bond babes? Quickest to get naked Bond babes? Highest degree of lesbian tension Bond ladies? There are so many. Instead, here are my top ten favorite Bond ladies of all time. You could easily mix them up in any order, I love them all for a variety of reasons and I can't wait for SPECTRE to get released so I can figure out where to wedge Lea Seydoux in there (fingers crossed!).

#10 - Carey Lowell (LICENCE TO KILL)

My goodness, those big blue eyes rolling back in Carey Lowell's pretty little head every time Timothy Dalton spoke was the highlight of watching the horribly dated LICENCE TO KILL (that camera, OMG, that Polaroid X-ray camera!). Lowell was surprisingly effective as the spunky even though she had little acting experience. The last Bond movie of the '80's and one of only two that Dalton made, perhaps the Gladys Knight theme song speaks enough regarding its campiness.

#9 - Daniela Bianchi (FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE)

Out of all the early Bond movies (perhaps out of all of the Bond movies), FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE is really up there as one of the best. Connery was young and full of vigor, there are scores of awesome bad guys to vie for your love and Daniela as a cypher clerk is smart, tough and gorgeous. FRWL is now more than 50 years old and holds up especially well with big thanks to the timeless beauty of Bianchi, who was ahead of her time in giving a rather feminist performance - she knew she was being used but turned it into opportunity and escaped through her own wit and will.

#8 - Jane Seymour (LIVE AND LET DIE)

While I could have picked any of the crazy outfits that Jane Seymour wears in LIVE AND LET DIE as Solitaire, the tarot-card reading savant that Kananga employs in his pursuit of evil, but I wanted to find a pic of her from the early '70's that shows just how devastatingly beautiful she was back then. Without the garish outfits and metallic eye shadow, it's so much easier to see. Because Solitaire doesn't add much to the film. All of those crazy cool henchmen in their '70's pimpin' suits are what make the first Roger Moore Bond flick so much fun to watch.

#7 - Eva Green (CASINO ROYALE)

I love Vesper because it was the first time that I saw a James Bond really love one of his babes. Over the years he's had great verbal sparring partners, some tasty one-night rompers and a vast share of vapid, shrieking idiots who could have been replaced by a variety of colorful squash and not been missed. Eva Green gave James Bond someone to... well, bond with. She's easily my second favorite Bond girl, only to another babe on the list who ranks first due to nostalgia.

#6 - Barbara Bach (THE SPY WHO LOVED ME)

By the time that Bond hit the late '70's, it was finding its feet with Roger Moore, who had taken over the series after the odd departure/reappearance of Sean Connery. The franchise was still the first place to look when you wanted to find the most unique, exotic faces and never has that been more true than in the wide-eyed stare of Barbara Bach. Sure, she was a bit ridiculous trying to play Russian but damn, was that face epic.

#5 - Gemma Arterton (QUANTUM OF SOLACE)

Aside from CASINO ROYALE, I've been less than thrilled with the modern James Bond movies. The campy nature of the Brosnan movies was more what I grew up with and the super serious side of Bond leaves me a bit cold. Warming me up was Gemma Arterton as Strawberry Fields, even if she was used far too little in the film. Then again, I could watch that lady sit on a stool reading the phone book for 15 hours and not get tired of looking at her.

#4 - Honor Blackman (GOLDFINGER)

Pussy Galore is the best character name ever. End of story. I can't imagine being able to get away with a name like that in our modern, finger-wagging, trigger-warning, overly offended world. However, it's the film scholars of late who put forward the concept that wouldn't have flown during the '60's - that Blackman's Bond babe was really a high flying lesbian. Anthony Horowitz, the author now in charge of the latest Bond novels, recently confirmed this by picking up where Fleming left off in Goldfinger... with the powerful blonde only having eyes for another woman. Sorry James.

#3 - Halle Berry (DIE ANOTHER DAY)

I've made it no secret that Halle Berry is one of my least favorite people. Still, even if she is a shitty person in her personal life, her legacy as a supremely well-built, unbelievably gorgeous woman can't be denied. Most people remember her character Jinx walking out of that crystal blue water in that orange bikini but when James poured diamonds all over her, it was the most sparkly version of the money shot that I've ever seen.

#2 - Claudine Auger (THUNDERBALL)

With the movie series heading back into the SPECTRE game, it's important to reacquaint ourselves with the most famous mistress of an agent of the criminal syndicate. Perhaps it was because she was French. Perhaps it was the tasty chin mole. Perhaps it was all of those swimsuits. Hell, it's probably because she got the coolest nickname - Domino. All I know is that Claudine Auger was my favorite Bond girl when I was a little girl watching THUNDERBALL with my dad.

#1 - Ursula Andress (DR. NO)

There's a reason why this scene was recreated with Halle Berry. The iconic shot of the gorgeous Swiss blonde, Andress made a splash so loud it was heard the movie world 'round when it came to lavishly filming beautiful women in sexpot roles. If Ursula hadn't been so scorching back then, I doubt the popularity of the Bond movies would have lasted for so long.



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