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08.21.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Top 10 Sexiest Australian Hotties

Koalas have this cool cuddly aura about them when they're seen at a zoo or on video. Recently there has been an image of Mad Koala (the non-American version of Grumpy Cat, I think) which is commonly being used for memes. Ever since I saw THIS ONE recently and I realized how apt it was. The Australians I know personally are some pretty badass people. And rather ridiculously good-looking. So here I am with the thought of just how many of them are taking over. Thank me in advance - I'm doing this solely on females, otherwise there'd be all Hemsworth(s) all the list through.

10 - Rachael Taylor

Rachael Taylor was the other hot female in the first TRANSFORMERS movie. Problem is, she ran around causing panic, arousing the ire of the male characters in the film and putting on a really nasally Aussie accent which caused the ears grief. We're talking about in a Michael Bay *BOOM*CRASH*NOISE*BOOM* movie! Still, Rachael has down a handful of other awesome projects (BOTTLE SHOCK - trust me) and you don't have to listen to her to look at pictures of her and appreciate the view.

9 - Emily Browning

She's cute with short hair, all pixie cut last year and the topic of so much hair-cutting hullabaloo that goes through this industry when an actress does something that her box office demo does without thinking about the potential catastrophic consequences. Emily Browning has looked like a dewy young thing since she started getting attention in LEMONY SNICKET. While SLEEPING BEAUTY came to be a snooze of a disappointment, Browning is still so visually stunning that she's impossible to ignore.

8 - Nicole Kidman

Once upon a time I thought that Nicole Kidman was one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. I was entranced by her amazing cheeky portrays in movies (especially) like TO DIE FOR. Nicole Kidman looked great while she was with Tom Cruise, I hate to say it. He might have drained Katie, but Nic really thrived with him, long red hair and all. Now she's one of those "looks good for her age but you have to give half the credit for that to the plastic surgeons" women. When you get to a point in your career where Zac Efron and pee come into the picture, it's time to take a break and reevaluate.

7 - Naomi Watts

I like Naomi Watts as an actress but if I'm honest, and say I constructed this list based on who I thought was solely more attractive physically, Watts wouldn't have made my list. She's a great actress when she isn't directed to cry like a self-absorbed asshat with a savior complex. (I hate 21 GRAMS. Add that to your list of reasons why I suck and move on with it.) She gets to bone Liev Schreiber. Big points on that one in my book. She's also one of the more "normal" celebrities out there in this world, so I dig.

6 - Abbie Cornish

I think the majority of people who visit this site agree that SUCKER PUNCH was a lousy movie, one of the highlighted EFs (Epic Fails) in Snyder's career. I thought it was cool fun, personally. I like how I left the theater with a warmer space in my heart for actress Abbie Cornish and how she was effortless in her performance of a big sister concerned only with protecting her family, biological and theoretical. You know, and she's a babe.

5 - Yvonne Strahovski

I love that I didn't watch "Chuck." I've heard about how hot Yvonne Strahovski was in it and I've seen the high resolution images posted online from scenes freeze framed on the bewitching blonde. I love that the opportunities I've had to fall in love with Yvonne have come from watching her with Jason Statham (bonus panty-moistening points) and notably the lustfully sexy flower lady on "Dexter." The look of savoring during the most gore-filled scenes really convinced me of her allure.

4 - Miranda Kerr

I think I've mentioned enough times that it's unfathomable to me how this slim, petite, sexy little Vicky's Secret Angel could have pushed out a nearly 10 pound baby that she magically made with a similarly petite man, actor Orlando Bloom. In Australia, the models are varied in facial features but they all possess gifted genes in the body department and fantastic smiles that could cure the plague.

3 - Elle Macpherson

The Body. That's the nickname endowed to Australian model Elle Macpherson when she was at the height of her younger modeling years. Not only was it deserved, it was worth of fighting over the copyright for in court, seeing as how so little has changed with Elle's amazing beauty, even 20 career years later and a couple of pregnancies. When I think of the top models I wished I could have been, Elle is right up top.

2 - Rose Byrne

Not only is she beautiful, Rose Byrne has to be one of the most versatile actresses on the market right now. She can do heavy drama, tense thrillers, slapstick comedy and measure up and then some against legendary Glenn Close. Is it a coincidence that the top two women have been in movies with Russell Brand? Yes, purely. It's not a coincidence that I've given them bonus points for being so good at what they do - act and inspire.

1 - Teresa Palmer

I understand that most of you are thinking that I'm a viable moron who can be farmed for stupid cells, but for the time being, the most common last few years, I have found great talent and presence from Miss Palmer. From holding her own with Sandler and Brand in BEDTIME STORIES to being the only good thing about I AM NUMBER FOUR. To the sweet tough girl who falls for the zombie in WARM BODIES. She's just getting started and her wit, charm, looks and displays of intelligence during interviews I intend to see take her far.



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