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07.10.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Top 10 Sets of Most Luscious Legs

They've got legs, they know how to use them. There's a reason why there's a song off a 30-year old album that people can still quote, even if they weren't born until the 90's. Long legs, short legs, strong legs, awe-inspiring legs. Legs are the highway to the promised land. Since you guys want to get there as much as you act like you do, here are some who make that ride a helluva lot more scenic as you make your way.

10 - Penelope Cruz

You're just going to start clicking through the list without really reading what I have to say in regards to why I placed who I placed where I placed them. I've never considered Penelope Cruz to be much of a leg chick until I saw this shot of her out of the movie NINE. Could I have put her at #9? Nah, that'd be blasphemous. Spaniards hate blasphemy. (Or being called Latinas, some might say.)

9 - Eliza Dushku

Never been a great fan of Dushku as a whole, but I'll give the pint-sized actress this: for standing at only 5'5", the girl really has some long ranging legs on her. Getting cast in a lot of action movies that showcase those legs really helps her cause as well. Maybe now I can understand what that old basketball dude sees in her.

8 - Jordana Brewster

She might have one of those faces that causes slow-motion to occur in real-life time, a complete showstopper of a visage, but being that she's mostly known for being pretty (or "too skinny"), people overlook the fact that Jordana has an awesome set of gams on her. Downside? She doesn't show them off nearly as much as she should.

7 - Sydney Poitier

There was a reason why Stuntman Mike targeted Jungle Julia in DEATH PROOF and it wasn't because he hoped to bring her to dinner. Still one of the best scenes that I watched through spread fingers, those damn legs on Sydney Poitier are an unforgettable piece of cinematic history. Where's my lapdance?

6 - Selita Ebanks

Now if this isn't a gift you'd like to dig right into and open wide, I don't know what is. Model Selita Ebanks was popular for being the second most recognizable black Victoria's Secret models after Tyra Banks. Funnily enough, she was discovered by a modeling agency when she was on a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. Do they really make version of Jersey Girls this fine? Damn.

5 - Miranda Kerr

I like this picture of Miranda Kerr. A LOT. While she's not showing bare leg like I have featured in most of the other images in this post, I think the way her legs look in rubber pants only more emphasize just hot fit she is. Yes, she's another model and it seems as if models have the angle on the leg thing, but take a glimpse at Miranda. Does that face display any hint of inner asshole? (Well, in the pants, but... oh you know what I mean.)

4 - Krysten Ritter

I'm giving even more love to my Krysten with a Y because the bitch deserves it. For the longest time she's been playing weird second banana roles to prettier women (although I might have to argue that point when it comes to her role in 27 DRESSES) but it was as the naughty Girl Scout who came over for the booty call in WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS... that made me a sucker for life. With everyone else finally catching on, I get to highlight her for her damn, DAMN fine legs and not just her talent.

3 - Katy Perry

I've read and overheard people talk shit about Katy Perry's ass being too dumpy and all that frittering jazz and how the only best feature redeemable on her is the large chest region. If I can be Frank and you don't mind being Dino, be honest. Katy's rocking some really great stems. Why do you think all those super short rubber dresses look so frickin' good on her?

2 - Stacy Keibler

You have to have seen this one coming. In fact, I bet there are a ton of you who are going to complain that the 42 inch long, 84 inch circumference spread between those puppies, I can see your point. Those are some damn impressive walking sticks. But she's wrapped them around George Clooney and while he might be considered one of the most decent guys in Hollywood and your mom gets all wet whenever he releases a movie, there's something about how he treats women so disposably that gets on my nerves. Think of it this way: You automatically deduct points for a particular director based on what they've done in the past before even seeing their newer movies. Same equivalent here. Points off for Clooney.

1 - Charlize Theron

2 DAYS IN THE VALLEY. I fell in love with her then, in the white catsuit, fighting with Terry Hatcher and I've had dreams about the legs on Charlize Theron ever since. They look good bare, they look good in dresses. They look awesome in shorts and phenomenal in those gift of yoga pants. Always Charlize. ALWAYS.



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