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07.09.2014by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Prettiest Pals of PETA

With the nation just recovering from too much BBQ and beer this past Independence Day weekend, it's time to return to a state of anxiety, what with our fear of animal overlords coming to replace us on the food pyramid, hastened by our need to go see DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES These pretty ladies all have a huge head start on the rest of us flesh bags, what with their dedication to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). We might want to start making nice with them now, before it's too late.

Hall of Famer - Pamela Anderson

Pamela has not necessarily aged well over the years and if we had to attribute that to a vegan lifestyle, the people at PETA would be f*cked. Still, while her face might need more plaster and drywalling than a new fast food chain restaurant, the body is still most definitely a keeper, required maintenance included. Anderson has done a lot for the promotion of the PETA agenda over the years and I gotta recognize.

#10 - Charlotte Ross

I think the first time that I started paying attention to PETA ads was around 2002, when the former "NYPD Blue" hottie, Charlotte Ross, posed nude with a cute little bunny as a promotion to condemn the sale of fur. Ross remains one of those fringe babes who definitely is worth looking at in the buff but never seems to garner high profile roles.

#9 - Joanna Krupa

People of a certain religious affiliation were righteously upset with the relatively tame advert that model Joanna Krupa did for PETA, featuring the bosomy blonde with wings and covered up only with a golden cross. There have been far more unsettling images used in PETA campaigns but for some, the sight of the cross over a couple of implants was too much to take,

#8 - Laura Vandervoort

By the time that Vandervoort starting appearing on "Smallville," I'd stopped watching the show. I know very little about the Canadian vegan other than she looks amazing in her airbrush painted skin for the PETA advert against sales of merchandise using exotic animal skins. And that's perhaps saying enough.

#7 - Lisa Edelstein

She was on "House" for so long that it's easy to dismiss Edelstein as being nothing more than the nagging woman that a brilliant man has to put up with. But Lisa's 2012 ad for PETA, touting a vegetarian lifestyle featured the 40+ actress in the buff and looking fierce, putting all thoughts of sensible shoes and lab coats out of the brains of fans.

#6 - Jenna Dewan

While her PETA ad about not buying any products made from exotic animal skins was a bit too Photoshopped for my tastes, Jenna Dewan still lives a far more honest animal lover life. She's dedicated time, money and energy to causes that help support abused animals and is an avid vegan, but delightfully one that doesn't condemn her husband for NOT being one. Whatta gal.

#5 - Olivia Munn

I mocked Munn for her involvement in PETA a few years back when she decided her best career moves would be to pose for an ad condemning the use of elephants in circuses and declare herself a vegan - and then follow that up with a stint in a Carl's Jr burger commercial. Sure, she's clearly not all that bright but damn, her nude ads for PETA are super hot.

#4 - Krysten Ritter

We know her as the former B in 23 who is constantly seen walking around Los Angeles with her little dog, invoking images of Dorothy being a whole lot more dirty sexy. Ritter is just another gorgeous face for the animal rights group, having posed with a pup as a part of the campaign to stop people from leaving their dogs in hot cars.

#3 - Amy Jackson

With a name that seemly should belong to a black girl out of South Central, Amy Jackson is actually the "face of PETA India." A Bollywood actress and model, Jackson is far too fine to be unnoticed by most of the rest of the world (hell, I didn't know who she was until I looked her up on the list of PETA supporters). If this is what Bollywood animal lovers look like, I think I might just take up watching their schlocky crap.

#2 - Joss Stone

This British babe has had her share of troubles, what with plots to kidnap her and whatnot. Instead of getting all secluded, she's remained in the public eye and has adopted several dogs for friendship and protection, all while committing herself to getting naked for PETA.

#1 - Maggie Q

She's appeared in 3 different PETA ads advocating the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle but I mainly wanted to use this hot image of Maggie Q to demonstrate that she's sensationally, outrageously beautiful and gets far too little praise for being so. Her loving animals enough not to eat them is just a bonus.



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