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02.11.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Most Beautiful British Babes

I've chosen to not put too much focus on FIFTY SHADES OF GREY this week, not because I'm a stolid hater of the film but because I have neither read the book nor seen the movie yet and I just don't feel like jumping the bandwagon on hating without informed cause. Because I'm also not entirely sold on bandwagoning my top picks of some of the most beautiful (famous, currently working, under the age of 50 because let's get real here) British women, you're probably going to hate my picks. Or, rather, hate those that I've conscientiously chosen to NOT include. So here we go...

#10 - Rebecca Hall

For an actress that most people identify with being American, Rebecca Hall certainly has the chops to keep up with the UK ladies. Her mother was an American but Hall was born and raised in England, generating a gorgeous British accent that she rarely gets to use on film. For me, Hall is the preferable alternative to Anne Hathaway, even if her rack isn't as big or shown off as frequently. Something about her being so clever and posh, it gets me.

#9 - Jourdan Dunn

Probably my favorite Victoria's Secret model who doesn't get much recognition for being a VS model, Dunn has bone structure that could cut glass (both her angular limbs and her cheekbones) and a fun personality that shines through. After being told she'd probably never model again after she got pregnant with her son at a young age, Dunn went back to work, making friends with other models (she and Cara Delevingne have matching DD tattoos on their hips) if not the multi-million dollar modeling contracts that I think she deserves.

#8 - Rhona Mitra

Most of you have a love for Kate Beckinsale that runs deep, way beyond her lack of acting talent (feel free to argue, although I probably won't feel compelled to see it otherwise). I'd rather have Rhona Mitra because at least she seems to embrace her lower standard of talent and that voice of hers is to my ears what honey whiskey is to my throat - tasty, warm and bracing in a delightful way.

#7 - Hayley Atwell

For some of you, Atwell might feature higher on your personal lists. For me, I just haven't seen enough of her to rank her better. Yes, she has an outstanding body and really came at us like a speeding bullet when the first CAPTAIN AMERICA movie was released. I find fault only in her upturned nose and if that's all I can find fault in, she's still on damn good ground.

#6 - Imogen Poots

Imogen Poots is everywhere right now, even if the movies she's in can't managed to make big coin at the box office. THAT AWKWARD MOMENT, A LONG WAY DOWN and NEED FOR SPEED were all poor money makers but I still watched them. Poots has a goofy last name but a face that eats up the screen, with her wonky British smile and huge blue eyes. Even if she was terrible, I would still want to look at her. I'm nearly piddling myself over being able to watch her rub up against Michael Shannon later this year in FRANK & LOLA. I may never leave my theater seat!

#5 - Rosamund Pike

I don't think that I would have had Pike on my list if I was making it even 3 years ago. I mainly remembered her from... well, I actually confused her with Kate Ashfield from SHAUN OF THE DEAD. But after GONE GIRL, I was truly sold not just on her looks but on her talent, seeing as how Amy Dunne is one of my all-time favorite fictional female characters. Plus she shares my birthday! So that's awesome.

#4 - Alice Eve

In 2006, while on a mission to drink up all of the Simon Pegg that I could get, I stumbled upon BIG NOTHING and ended up falling in love with Alice Eve along the way. As an American pageant contestant who bangs Pegg and then gets right in the middle of some crazy shit with him and his buddy played by David Schwimmer, Eve set the tone for the continuation of her career. She's like a blonde British Ann-Margret who actually shows her tits and has a wealth of untapped talent to draw from.

#3 - Carey Mulligan

Carey is my Keira. While many of you have professed obsession and devotion to she of Knightley, I'm more impressed by how Mulligan can leave me starstruck, gobsmacked and generally light on my toes just by batting her big doe eyes. She is tender spoken but moves in volumes with her carefully enunciated words. She can run around nude and emotionally damaged like in SHAME or be crass and wicked as she was for INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS. And I could completely understand why Driver wanted, nay NEEDED, to kiss her in that elevator.

#2 - Gugu Mbatha-Raw

It's probably been pretty obvious from my choosing to find ways to keep posting about Mbatha-Raw that I find her attractive and note-worthy. I find her to be one of the most beautiful actresses working today, let alone one of the hottest black women or British women. She's elegant, graceful and has the most excellent of butts that she doesn't show off nearly as much as she should. This is my petition to get more butt action out of her, while complimenting her fine genetics as well.

#1 - Gemma Arterton

I knew the time would come when I would choose Gemma as a number one and perhaps I chose to use this for a top ten this week (and be rather vague in the descriptive for the list) for the very purpose of getting to put Gemma as a number one. The past few years have seen Arterton getting hotter and hotter and honing her craft as an actress to where I will actively seek out movies she's in just to watch her move. She's gorgeous and talented and yes, she deserves the accolades.



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