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05.06.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Hotties You'd Want to Fight Zombies With

I doubt that many people are going to rush out to see the depressing zombie tale of Arnie & his daughter (seriously, the dude is nearly 68-years old and just because dudes can have babies as old as they want to doesn't make him any less the plausible age of Abigail Breslin's GRANDfather) in MAGGIE, but it's a good topic to generate a top ten list from. There's no shortage of beautiful women who have gotten grungy in order to capitalize on the popular zombie genre. Here are the ten that I'd want on my personal zombie fighting team.

#10 - Julie (WARM BODIES)

Up until she gets all sensitive and falls for one of the bloodless, mindless... oh, that's right, R isn't one of those kinds of zombies. In a different world, Julie is exactly the kind of young person I'd want on my side fighting the undead army. She's professionally trained by a perfectionist father, she's smart and savvy and oh yeah, she's a complete babe. Gotta have the eye candy when the rest of your world is under fire.

#9 - Selena (28 DAYS LATER)

OK, so the hair is a bit eyebrow raising but what's a lady supposed to do with unruly locks in a world where all of the hairdressers perished? Aside from being follicly challenged, Selena is an awesome zombie killer and while she may hate her later fate in the film, she's a tough bitch who will take one for the team to protect her fellow fighters.


There was a good reason why Shaun was willing to risk his own safety to go around and pick up Liz, even after she'd broken up with him. I too would want to have the perky blonde at my side fighting off the undead so that we could kick back and have a cup of tea until shit blew over. Other than the fact that she's friends with that loser David, Liz is a solid kickass lady.

#7 - Scarlet (28 WEEKS LATER)

Scarlet has some strong reservations that most of the people around her are choosing to ignore, which ultimately is their downfall in the sequel to 28 DAYS LATER. Stupid people should have considered her background as a doctor, an Army doctor no less, and perhaps they wouldn't have ended up doomed. I'd want the smart lady on my side, frankly. But I'm just a silly anti-zombie American.

#6 - Slack (LAND OF THE DEAD)

Slack has a good heart, even if it's the kind made of gold while she lies on her back to help the poor in the zombie world. A lot of times prostitutes are written off as being liabilities in movies but in Slack's case, she seems to court good outcomes instead of skeevy ones. Plus, you know, Asia Argento and that Italian accent of hers would be a far more pleasant way to while out your days fighting the undead.


It might just be my raging love & adoration for Sarah Polley that gets Ana higher on this list than most people might expect her to be, but give me a second. She's got a great mind, she's a medical professional and even when shit gets sticky, Ana is a trouble shooter instead of just a hothead. I'd definitely want her on my side (of the bed...).

#4 - Wichita (ZOMBIELAND)

She's super cute (even if we all agree that Emma Stone is at her most top-notch as a redhead) and entertainingly sassy, making Wichita a real winner in the zombie fighting world. I gotta deduct points for putting herself in stupid situations as the behest of her bratty little sister, though. No one wants to keep going to abandoned amusement parks to save any chick, regardless of her hotness (unless they're in the Scooby Doo gang).

#3 - Maggie (The Walking Dead)

I'll give her props for being able to take down zombies with a wonderful level of efficiency but there are some huge drawbacks to Maggie as well. Far too emotional, Maggie goes a bit nuts whenever someone she loves gets hurt and going nuts isn't conducive to helping stay alive in the grand scheme of things. Plus, she's always going to put Glenn's safety as a priority over her co-fighters, so that sucks. But her willingness to have sex in a looted drug store is kinda awesome.

#2 - Alice (RESIDENT EVIL series)

Alice has her downsides, that's for certain, but avoiding having to get into spoiler territory for the 5 people who haven't seen a single RESIDENT EVIL movie, Alice's kill count far exceeds anyone else on the list. When you're stacking the deck in a mission to assemble the best zombie fighting gang, Alice is a clear winning choice.

#1 - Michonne (The Walking Dead)

Even if I'm alone in thinking that Danai Gurira as Michonne on "The Walking Dead" is an insanely sexy lady, that's a party of one I don't mind being a member of. Out of all of the women on the zombie TV series, Michonne is the most conflicted in her ever-changing values but that's important. You have to grow & adapt to survive. If I were to stand a chance of survival, it would proudly be by Michonne's side.



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