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09.30.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Hotties of Space Travel Movies

I've read Andy Weir's book and while I don't consider myself to be a fan of sci-fi, either in book or movie form, I'm guessing that if anyone can bring the solo tension to the screen in the right way, it'll be Matt Damon. Only a few years back we were laughing along with Trey & Matt as they mocked the actor in TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE, and now, with THE MARTIAN getting released in a lackluster year for films so far, we're all hoping Damon will turn this sucker around. As for the ladies of space travel movies, they're often few and far between, what with the genre not considering most women capable of going beyond Earth, but I'm going to try to sort them out.

#10 - Anne Hathaway (INTERSTELLAR)

I haven't seen INTERSTELLAR and have no immediate plans to rectify that. I'd much rather watch INNERSPACE for the billionth time, so that'll tell you where my movie priorities are. So why is Hathaway on the list? You couldn't escape all of the bloated hoopla around the film and frankly, Anne is a bit the same in every role that she's in, so I can imagine her in the movie without serious brain strain. As for space travel hotties, she's got enough bank to make the list, sight unseen.

#9 - Joely Richardson (EVENT HORIZON)

I actually really like EVENT HORIZON. It has such a trippy, strange vibe to it throughout the whole film, as if it was concentrating more on being a noir thriller than a sci-fi flick, which might have been its ultimate downfall. There's a parallel between that movie and Richardson's career. While she could have gone the easy route, riding her famous mother's coattails, Joely has always picked roles that went against the grain. It makes her forgettable for some but memorable for me.

#8 - Jodie Foster (CONTACT)

I've ended up watching and trying to blot out the memory of a ton of sci-fi movies because while I love my dad, who loves that genre like nothing else, I've always had trouble following along. The concept of a space god and Matthew McConaughey as a priest was some deep shit too hard to swallow. However, there was a period of time when I found Jodie Foster to be as sexy as she was going to get in my eyes. Not her younger, child actress years, certainly. But in the 90's as she hit her 40's, I could see this brave sensual confidence to her and I liked it. Not that it'll get me to watch this movie again.

#7 - Kelly Preston (SPACE CAMP)

It's one of those kinda bad, mostly forgotten movies from the '80's that I recall adoring when I was a little girl. Who wouldn't want to hang out with robots, pretend that you have a chance to go into space and then have coincidental accidents occur that land you precisely where you dreamed of going? While I prefer Lea Thompson later in life, it was Preston that I wanted to be when I was young. The rebellious girl with the FLASHDANCE inspired fashion sense. There are people who choose substance over flash? Psssh.

#6 - Rose Byrne (SUNSHINE)

I wasn't sure if I should go with Rose or Michelle Yeoh from the Danny Boyle directed movie about a sun that's going kaput. I ended up picking Rose because her character was slightly more optimistic and vulnerable, adding to her allure. Then again, I could have just as easily gone with Cillian Murphy or Chris Evans, since they both looked pretty in their space suits. Danny's always had a knack for picking the pretty boys with talent.

#5 - Sharon Stone (SPHERE)

If you're wondering where all of the Hollywood actresses got the idea that they could pull off short hair well, blame Sharon Stone in SPHERE. Perhaps Stone figured cutting her hair would make her look more like a space station expert for the flawed but interesting movie, I'm not sure. What I do know is that she's still one of the few actresses who was able to pull it off without losing any of her sexy in the process. As for selling the film, that's another story.

#4 - Sandra Bullock (GRAVITY)

I'm most likely one of the one people who wasn't all that terribly impressed with all of the CGI in GRAVITY. While everyone else oohed and ahhed about how realistic it looked, I was more terrified with the possibility of running out of air or dying up in space to bother paying attention to the visual realism. Sandra Bullock can have a heavy hand at times when she wants to give a good performance but this is one of those times when she doesn't. The stress is real and you can relate to her as she feels it. Far better than her being a pushy Texan housewife.

#3 - Natascha McElhone (SOLARIS)

I'm actually a bit surprised that McElhone hasn't become a bigger name over the years, with her striking beauty and delectable accent. Sure, she spent years trying to herd David Duchovny into the corral on "Californication," a thankless job that I'm guessing Gillian Anderson called her up and warned her against. Still, from her bits in THE TRUMAN SHOW and RONIN all the way to the difficult task of playing George Clooney's wife in SOLARIS (is she really dead? is she a different lifeform? is she a figment of his imagination??? OMG, TELL ME!), Natascha has really played her hand to the fullest.

#2 - Antje Traue (PANDORUM)

In a movie from 2009 that completely tanked at the box office (do any of you even remember it getting released at a theater near you?), the German beauty that is Antje Traue stood out to me. The movie is part ALIENS, part THE DESCENT, part everything else you love to hate and hate to love about space madness and Traue is a standout in it. You'll probably remember her better by the side of Michael Shannon in MAN OF STEEL, when she was the striking Faora-Ul. In any case, she's a gorgeous piece of work, even when drenched in blood.

#1 - Charlize Theron (PROMETHEUS)

The ALIEN series has to be one of the toughest to tackle (perhaps TERMINATOR as well, without Cameron) and PROMETHEUS came under fire for being hard to follow and all other forms of confusing. That said, the whole genre of sci-fi has been inscrutable for years, from 2001 to any of the other movies named within this top ten. The easiest thing of all is recognizing that Charlize Theron is a master of her craft and an unquestionably great beauty. No confusion there.



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