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09.23.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Hottest Professional Women of Film

Jeebus it's hard to come up with a title for this week's top ten that doesn't come off sounding as if I'm referring to hookers. Or that the working women of film that I'm referring to are the ones in white collar jobs, wearing professional attire rather than a industry standard uniform. The ones who push paper, hire and fire, go to the office. That's what I'm talking about when it comes to professional women. Not that everyone other woman with a job in a movie is some kind of amateur. Oh, screw it. You'll either get it or you won't. Just as I suspect that THE INTERN will either be really funny or a total dud.

#10 - Tina Fey (BABY MAMA)

If I'm being totally honest, I really don't like Tina Fey. From time to time I understand why the people who love her do but I'm just not in the Tina Fey fan club. BABY MAMA really isn't that funny of a movie but it was an important one - showing that the women who are considered "average" beauties really aren't any less hot than those bombshells they polish to a glossy sheen for us on a regular basis.

#9 - Renee Zellweger (BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY)

The shock and awe aspect of every interview Renee Zellweger did at the time that BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY came out, revealing that the actress had gained so much weight (a whopping 30 pounds, putting the 5'3" actress only about 5 pounds over the recommended weight maximum for her height, since she was underweight prior to that) was intimidating. Especially when you consider how damn good she looked with those extra pounds. We weren't supposed to find her attractive, this sad sap office worker in love with her boss. Then she walked on screen in that bunny outfit and the argument was lost in the wind.

#8 - Jennifer Garner (13 GOING ON 30)

Before she becomes a teenager trapped in a big girl body (with boobs!), Garner's fashion magazine cutthroat editor was the total shit. We don't get to see much of Garner be the bitch that she supposedly grew up to be and I mourned that... which might be why Jen revisited her bitch genes in other future roles, including her hilarious do-anything-to-be-number-one sculptor in BUTTER.

#7 - Julia Roberts (ERIN BROCKOVICH)

She's white trash supreme when we're first introduced to Julia Roberts taking on the role of the real life Erin Brockovich but she quickly finds her footing as an office space worker... who spends so much time out of the office that they begin to think she quit. I can watch this gritty babe talk her way around legal documents every damn day of the week, Julia was that good in this movie.

#6 - Sanaa Lathan (SOMETHING NEW)

Sanaa Lathan is one of the most underrated sexy actresses working right now. Well, I suppose I should say that she's becoming one of the more appreciated ones lately, considering the box office bank that her latest movie, THE PERFECT GUY, raked in. But back when she was still fairly unknown, seeing her as an accountant who takes a chance on love with a blue collar white dude was its own kind of perfect.

#5 - Katherine Heigl (THE UGLY TRUTH)

This movie is terrible but Gerard Butler is charming in it. Katherine is kinda a horrible person, from everything that we've learned about her over the years, but she still looked hot as hell in this movie. I try to like her for what she is - an uptight, well built, sexy but annoying white collar worker.

#4 - Anna Kendrick (UP IN THE AIR)

This is where most of us first started really paying attention to Anna Kendrick. Hell, it was definitely the place that the bigwigs took notice, to the point that they nominated her for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar in the role. You could feel for her young, ambitious consultant character. The best of intentions and no clue how the reality of her career would play out. Perhaps why we all liked her is because we could all identify with just that.

#3 - Anne Hathaway (THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA)

She came into the job a frumpy, condescending little brat and came out of it an enlightened working woman. There was a lot about Hathaway's character in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA that didn't sit right with me but the way she shaped up her fashion game over the course of it isn't one of them. (And to be honest, I felt as if Emily Blunt was hotter but fit the category less... who would have mistaken her chic British zinger as some lowly professional grunt?)

#2 - Rachel McAdams (MORNING GLORY)

She might have had a contributing hand in the suck level for the second season of "True Detective," but in MORNING GLORY we get to watch McAdams rise to the challenge of dealing with aging news reporters and the headaches of the job while still maintaining that glorious ass. I frankly prefer seeing Rachel be funny and chaotic, even if it means less attention from the awards ceremonies.

#1 - Sandra Bullock (THE PROPOSAL)

As much as everyone tends to think of Sandy Bullock being America's sweetheart, one of the things that she does really, really well is play the Type-A personality, uppity white collar bitch. Not only does she make you not hate this movie on its shoddy concept alone, she gets nude (of a sorts) in it and puts the venerable Ryan Reynolds to shame.



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