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10.14.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Hottest Redheaded Actresses of All Time

Spoiler alert: While CRIMSON PEAK was the inspiration for this week's top ten and while that movie has the famously natural redhead Jessica Chastain in its cast, Chastain is not on my list. I'm sure that many of you will find fault with those I've chosen or the order that I've put them in and that's just fine with me. In the end, we can all agree on the basic concept here: redhead are some of the sexiest women anywhere, in acting or otherwise.

#10 - Alicia Witt

Play the sunset. For a small role in a movie with a large cast of characters, the moment where Alicia Witt finally learns how to play her clarinet is still my favorite moment from MR. HOLLAND'S OPUS. Witt was 20-years old at the time that she took on the role of a teenager with too much lip on the mouthpiece but I bought it as if she was a dewy freshman in real life. Witt seems to have run after roles that showcased her grown-up sexiness in years post-OPUS, which we've all been grateful for. However, in her effort to touch us on a more emotional level is where she fully succeeded in showing us just how hot she can be.

#9 - Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan is a badass. She's the only actress I have listed here that I haven't fully educated myself in regarding her career and I don't care if I never watch her episodes of "Dr. Who" and I don't care if she didn't have any of her famous red hair for the role of Nebula in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, she's just that fine of a woman. Gillan rarely tries to dress like a tart on red carpets or interview visits. She's leggy because she's nearly 6 feet tall. She smiles when she feels like it and doesn't when the paparazzi is bugging her. Gillan is a scene stealer because she doesn't overact but instead follows the material where it's supposed to go. She's a badass, she's a redhead and I kinda love her.

#8 - Susan Sarandon

By all measures, I suppose Susan Sarandon shouldn't be considered one of the sexiest women of all time. She has huge eyes that alternately sink into and pop out of her head, thin little lips and a strange, often scratchy little voice (when she's not breathing heavily to drop a line). The boobs help but they really didn't come along full force until after she'd gotten her career going, post becoming a mama in the mid-'80's. Still, Sarandon is one of the pillars upon which modern day Hollywood sexiness is built. She's been free with nudity, open with sex, loose-lipped about being a big ol' pothead and in general, everything that the mystique of celebrity eschews. And that is super hot.

#7 - Nicole Kidman

In more recent years, I've waned on my affection for Kidman. Strangely enough, while she wasn't winning awards and garnering heavy critical praise during her Cruise years, she was charming and insanely sexy then. Watching her as a naive Irish school girl in FAR AND AWAY and then slightly later as a bat-obsessed shrink in BATMAN FOREVER was what sold me on Nicole. She has a presence that few others can rival.

#6 - Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore is a maverick. While many Hollywood actresses try to avoid looking imperfect, Moore has embraced her minor flaws and sold herself as is: a hugely sexy trait. From her numerous roles doffing her costumes and letting us know that the carpet matched the drapes to drawing us in with earnest delivery, it's hard to think of there being an "older woman type" sexier than her.

#5 - Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth was the Marilyn Monroe of her time who never got the notoriety that the blonde dame did. A voluptuous siren with some great pipes, Hayworth is remembered as being on the great redheads by major movie lovers but the public at large doesn't recognize her the way they do Marilyn. Rita never got cutesy or babyish with her delivery, never played overtly to the camera as a sex bomb either. She simply oozed sensuality so casually it was impossible to ignore.

#4 - Isla Fisher

I might have easily placed Isla on the top of this list if not for her back-and-forth with acting and motherhood. On one hand, I'm happy that she's happy with Borat. On the other, I wish the dude would stop knocking her up so that she could return to the big screen full time. Because of the starts and stops in her career, Fisher never seems to have gotten off the ground to the degree that I think she could have. She's insanely funny with a comedic timing that surpasses some of the greats. She's demure and alluring when it's called for and I could stare into those big eyes of hers for days. Too bad most of her movies have ended up dusty on the bottom shelves of bargain bins across the world.

#3 - Tina Louise

In the history of redheads in pop culture, Ginger from "Gilligan's Island" has stood out as a role model, being a sexy film actress with an questionably large wardrobe for that three hour tour. Tina Louise tends to be remembered mainly for this show and "Love, American Style" right after it but she had had a career playing sexpots for quite some time before. Being the hot redheaded chick is harder when your hair color doesn't translate in black & white, but her earlier roles are worth searching out so that you can see just what talent she had from the start.

#2 - Amy Adams

Out of all of the modern day redheads working, Amy Adams is my favorite. She has the widest range and the most open heart. I don't believe anyone could have shuffled between THE MUPPETS and AMERICAN HUSTLE the way she did without losing any of her credibility. She can sing, she can play frumpy, she can seduce. Amy has been a legend since she first started booking big roles, marking her place in movie history like a freckle.

#1 - Ann-Margret

When I was a little girl, I watched a lot of Elvis movies. My grandmother was into musicals and while my mom went back to school, I would often spend my days with her mother, watching everything the rock crooner had starred in. And even when I was little, I understood that Ann-Margret was something special. Elvis never looked at any of his other co-stars the way he did at Margret, who would gyrate and coo her lines while looking at him through a veil of thick eyelashes. As an older woman, in movies such as GRUMPY OLD MEN, you understood the magic that she possessed, long into that period of time when women were supposed to stop being desirable.



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