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09.03.2014by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Hottest Funny Ladies

Women are kinda kicking ass in the funny department right now. Whether it's taking on the dramatic, you have to laugh or else you'll cry, type of comedy that we're glued to with "Orange is the New Black," or the so serious that you break down from the hilarity of it angle that "Orphan Black" works or just the fact that so many of the best sitcoms on television right now prominently feature a woman (or women) instead of men or hell, that laughable fact that women can't headline a movie and have it be successful at the box office (THE OTHER WOMAN and TAMMY both pulled in more money in 2014 than male driven comedies released this year). Whether these women are hot because they're funny is an argument that is finally putting them on the same level as their male counterparts - those doofy looking dudes who have babes on their arm because their comedy made them money and $ = attractiveness. If that ain't equaling out things in the world, I don't know what is.

#10 - Riki Lindhome & Kate Micucci

You probably recognize Kate Micicci (the brunette) from any number of shows where you found her funny and goofily charming. Perhaps it's when she was playing the ukulele on "Raising Hope" or shooting down Raj on "The Big Bang Theory" or even as Gooch from her time on "Scrubs." But have you caught her with Riki Lindhome on the freakily funny "Garfunkel & Oates"? The show is just getting started and already it's become my bizarre go-to, what with trying out THE LITTLE MERMAID technique when dating men (seeing how long they can have a relationship without talking) causing a sniggering fit in me. They're adorable and complete dorks. What's not to love?

#9 - Amy Poehler

Let me spoil the list for you right now. There's no Tina Fey on here. And yes, while I recognize that there are funny women who garner more chuckles as a duo, I want Amy Poehler to get the props that she deserves. She's ALWAYS been funnier than Tina Fey. While I totally give credit to Fey for being a great comedy writer, Poehler's delivery kills. She's goofy and she's lovely and she's the little sister living her her sibling's shadow, where everyone seems to keep reminding her of that fact. But I like her pretty damn well on her own. (MEAN GIRLS mom, especially.)

#8 - Leslie Mann

Her voice is obnoxious, sure. She could stand to eat a sammich from time to time. She might even have gotten more attention than she's earned simply by being married to Judd Apatow. But perhaps it was the fact that Apatow had a front row seat to the Leslie Mann show and decided to put it into production by giving her splashy roles in his movies that has lead to her continuing to be cast in sometimes unfunny films where she's always damn funny. It's the chicken and the egg argument of funny women in entertainment.

#7 - Ari Graynor

I've been laughing along with Ari since she went for a drunken Jesus crawl in NICK & NORAH'S INFINITE PLAYLIST, taking a role that was paltry in the book and making it a funny lady character actress showcase. While her "Bad Teacher" sitcom didn't translate from the big screen to the small (not for lack of trying - the cast is great, the writing is just poor), Graynor continues to be one of the most compelling funny actresses coming up right now.

#6 - Amy Schumer

Please don't be one of those "isn't that the chick who's only known for those roasts?" people. Schumer has been making wildly blue comedy magic on "Inside Amy Schumer" for some time now (Finger Blasters!) and she's fearless when it comes to cheekily making fun of what everyone's becoming dorks over (by doing the ALS challenge in her underwear so wrong that it's so right). But above all else, Amy Schumer really GETS being a woman and damned if she isn't brilliant, incisive and touching in delivering a speech about the importance of owning who you are as a woman.

#5 - Kristen Wiig

Sure, she's building that serious funny lady angle right now with the more subtle turns in THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY and the new release THE SKELETON TWINS but even as much as Wiig is outstanding when she dials it down (if you'll allow me the comparison, she often reminds me of a female Robin Williams in her ability to be dramatically funny and maniacally funny in turn), it's when she's really bizarre that I find myself admiring her even more. Plus she has one of the finest (and most overlooked) frames on any funny lady out there.

#4 - Judy Greer

For years Judy Greer has played the oddball, the weirdo, the best friend. She's been the screwed over wife and the sultry seductress as well. And each and every time she's in something, she's the beacon of light through a murky fog. I've loved her since JAWBREAKER, I laud her as being the best thing about the CARRIE remake (I wish I had had a gym coach like her) and I even quote her Framily "Tacos!" bit every time I get excited about something these days. I know what I've seen her in and it's all been awesome.

#3 - Kat Dennings & Beth Behrs

I will always and forever love me some Kat Dennings. I've been with her since her not-so-auspicious beginnings as an actress and her droll, winking delivery knocks me out. But when you add Beth Behrs in the mix and stick them on a sitcom like "2 Broke Girls," something that I should by all rights be repulsed by - I'm still snarfing back laughs after I shamefully rewatch episode after episode. Boobs & Legs, as I affectionately dubbed their comedy duo, are so funny to watch, I'm starting to not be ashamed to admit that.

#2 - Sofia Vergara

It's really not just because she's hot that I've positioned Vergara this high on my list. It's because she so consistently makes me laugh - both on "Modern Family" as well as all of the talk show appearances she makes just being her weird Latina self - and is one of those gorgeous people who doesn't mind looking silly if it means making people happy. Sofia ranks in my top three women I want to just be in the physical presence of and perhaps, just maybe, share stories with over a cerveza or two.

#1 - Julia Louis-Dreyfus

I never thought that I would get into JLD like I have in recent years. Then again, I never thought she was as hot as she is now 20 years ago when she was supposedly at her prime on "Seinfeld." But I hated that show (yeah, I said it) and I adore Dreyfus on "Veep," as well as every time I see her pop up in magazines and on other shows (her reoccurring love interest bit on "Arrested Development" is aces). I'd gladly ink my John Hancock on her rear erroneously if given the chance.



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