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03.05.2014by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Hottest French Actresses

French kisses and French ticklers and French fries, there's nothing that can't be made better simply by being French. That goes for the actresses, models and all things womanly. Some of the sexiest women on the planet come from the country of butter, cream, heavy smoking and political unrest. These are merely ten of my personal favorites. Bon appétit!

#10 - Lea Seydoux

I first paid attention to Seydoux when she was battling with Paula Patton in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL but really got into the Frenchie's work with 2013's BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR. Léa is a throwback to some of the other French bombshells of the past, unafraid of her sexuality and comfortable in her nude skin, which, of course, I love.

#9 - Emmanuelle Seigner

Because I'm a normal, red-blooded American female, I've watched the majority of Harrison Ford's films. Which means that I first was introduced to the sexy Emmanuelle Seigner (oh, that red dress!) in the thriller FRANTIC. The years weren't exactly the kindest to Seigner but she still has managed to be one of the sexiest French women in movies (her appearance in THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY made that movie for me), landing her on my list of faves.

#8 - Melanie Thierry

Remember that breathtakingly beautiful woman in the Vin Diesel vehicle, BABYLON A.D.? Probably not. If you do, you may wonder what's happened to her. That's the interesting thing about Thierry. While she might have had a chance to walk into the halls of American filmmaking, the actress has decided to work mainly with French directors. She's drawn me into some great films, including the funny time period romp, DUMAS.

#7 - Brigitte Bardot

While she's the most memorable of pretty much any French women in the acting business ever, Bardot has lived a strange life that has ended up in a series of animal activism activities (yes, I know that I should adore her for that but I like animals because they're yummy) and public shaming of her acting contemporaries (she's openly mocked fellow French actress, Catherine Deneuve). After her drinking, smoking and other life living, Bardot isn't even a shadow of who she had been at her hottest. I'll say that it doesn't diminish her contribution to beauty in the historical sense but I'll also say all I know about her affects my decision on where she lands on this list.

#6 - Eva Green

With one of the hands down, (not so) flat-out hottest bodies in all of the entertainment industry, I'm sure it seems hard to believe that I wouldn't have Eva Green higher on this list. But her beauty, while unique and enchanting, can fluctuate. The thing that is most intriguing about Eva is her refusal to do things the easy way. You can catch her in a bizarre indie film just as quickly as you can a big budget flick and ultimately, that's the biggest thing to sing her praises about.

#5 - Emmanuelle Beart

Here's one of the French actresses who has sadly had some cosmetic work done that I don't fully endorse (Béart's mouth has become more and more duck-like over the years) but dear lord was she one of the most striking women to ever grace films, especially if you look back into her career through the 1980's (while MANON OF SPRING contains the most famous images of the actress, I recall her being heartbreakingly beautiful in that horrible Phoebe Cate's movie, DATE WITH AN ANGEL). Since Tom Cruise loves to cast French women in his movies, it was also Béart who kicked off the list of hotties from the M:I films.

#4 - Catherine Deneuve

It was hard for me to pick French actresses who had been around for some time because after all that great living that they do, they don't always carry their looks through the years. Catherine Deneuve is the cream that rises to the top. While she's clearly showing her age in recent years, the one thing that Deneuve maintains that many other French actresses don't is her unadulterated sexiness. Sure, there's wrinkles in the sheets but you still want to get all freaky in them.

#3 - Virginie Ledoyen

Remember that babe who made life all the more worth living for Leo DiCaprio on THE BEACH? Yeah, that's Virginie Ledoyen. While she hasn't done as much since she gave birth to her daughter a year after that Danny Boyle flick turned the world's attention toward her, Ledoyen has managed to do the French version of impossible - have a couple of kids and age really damn well, as evidenced by her appearance at Cannes last year.

#2 - Marion Cotillard

Those deep set eyes are one thing. The long legs, the sexy curves, the full mouth... all of those components add up to one gorgeous woman. Still, it's Marion's ability to make the men in all of her movie scenes play second fiddle to her whenever she's on screen that really blows one's mind. The definition of French beauty, grace and talent.

#1 - Melanie Laurent

I fell madly in love with Mélanie Laurent when she was framed and lit so beautifully in Quentin Taratino's INGLORIOUS BASTERDS but it wasn't just how well the director shot her, it was the mesmerizing way that she dominated her emotions, from petrifying fear to empowering anger. Sure, there are plenty of others that you'll claim are hotter, sexier, etc. But for me, Laurent is the most delicate and tasty frosting on all of that sumptuous cake.



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