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08.07.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Top 10 Hottest Former Child Stars

We've hit August already? Seems a time when I didn't feel as much pressure in this month, back in the days when school didn't start until after Labor Day, at least the first week of September. But with everyone pushing things, up up up... and me just wanting to go back back back, I decided there's only one great solution to the situation. Checking out the girls from back in the day and seeing that fast forwarding can sometimes be a good thing.

10 - Melissa Joan Hart

Let's face it, MJH wasn't all that great looking as a kid and isn't much more than a butterface when she's in her prime, but growing up definitely bestowed some greatness on little Clarissa/medium Sabrina. Still acting in shit shows, they're also the type that are stupid fun, making Melissa our go-to for a little throwback, whatever the time is.

9 - Stacy 'Fergie' Ferguson

Once I worked my eyeballs into one of those 1990's 3D image posters glaze ("It's a schooner!") and recognized that this "Fergie" from the Black Eyed Peas was in fact the little girl from that "Kids Incorporated!" show that I would fight to watch on Nickelodeon before it was all Spongebob and Dora'ed out, I decided that even with the circling rumours that she had gone through multiple plastic surgeries, drug addictions and what-not, she was the Tina Yothers story gone right. Hell, there are still moments when the face ain't quite right, but it's not all that wrong either.

8 - Jami Gertz

THE LOST BOYS was all about the amazing resemblance that Jason Patric used to have with Jim Morrison, back in the late 1980's, when everyone was gleaning the good bits from the 1960's. (Kids these days wear Kurt Cobain's face on their "retro" t-shirts and I finally understand what my parents were talking about when I would beg for a Mr Mojo Risin' or James Dean or John Lennon poster or shirt as my younger self.) It was also about the gypsy hotness of Jami Gertz, flashing bare shoulder, swishing around her long skirts, renaming herself "Star." But that wasn't just it. Gertz was the sexually experienced vixen to cast in those film from yore (CROSSROADS - seduces Ralph Macchio, QUICKSILVER - mackin' on her 1 step from Kevin Bacon, SOLARBABIES - practicing for sexing Jason Patric in TLB, and of course... LESS THAN ZERO, that cokehead who bounces between RDJ and Andrew McCarthy, which we all know is an unfair fight.) Flash forward to her stupid CBS sitcom and Gertz is still mouth-watering, don't you agree? You'd sooooo battle badass young Kiefer for her and you know it.

7 - Tatyana Ali

Remember the first season of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?" Before they truncated the full version of the song that cannot be stopped once any human being on the planet Earth recites the words, "In West Philadephia..." when little Miss Ashley was enamored with her newly transplanted cousin Will and he taught her to rap? Long before Eminem called her cuz out for not needing to cuss on his records (or buy his kid(s) music & acting careers). She was a sweet face, wasn't she? Now she's just super, maximum, babe-alicious. It was in JAWBREAKER when I was called to attention, "HOLY SHIT! That's the little girl from Fresh Prince!" then later various obscure shows and STDVD movies. Tatyana, Will had a good reason to be so protective of you, young lady.

6 - Christina Applegate

It wasn't just "Married... With Children," that Applegate started her prolific career with. Nah, she was cast in commercials as a baby and ended up in every TV show that I stumbled upon and then bemoaned the doomed cancellation of. Before the internet WARNED you that something was going to get canceled or given you an option of filing a online petition to save it. Before DVDs made it possible to collect the "collector's edition" of the show with all the hidden goodies. I had to deal with her being amazeballs in that one episode of "21 Jump Street," in that kid psyche ward... only to never see her again on the show (same with Brad Pitt and Matthew Perry, now that I think of it). I had a good sniffle over the random other brief roles from shows like "Charles in Charge," "Silver Spoons" and "Amazing Stories." But Christina grew up well and I will forever stand by the fact that she worked so hard as a kid to learn the trade, that she's the #1 actress who has brilliant comedic chops, unparalleled timing and the chutzpah to match and counterbalance the shenanigans of Will Ferrell perfectly.

5 - Jurnee Smollett

Earlier this year everyone was having a good laugh at the title of Tyler Perry's latest, that being TEMPTATION: CONFESSIONS OF A MARRIAGE COUNSELOR. Stupid name, but that woman in it? That's the formerly young and equally as talented Journee Smollett (who hyphenates her name with -Bell now) who was the fast-beating pulse of the amazing movie EVE'S BAYOU. That same little girl from "Hangin' with Mr Cooper" and "Full House." The tempting & smart thing who succumbs to youthful lust in THE GREAT DEBATERS. Now she's wowing the people who are lucky enough to not have to wait for the DVD release of the current season of "True Blood." Girl was so pretty when she was younger, and is so confidently gorgeous all grown-up.

4 - Emma Watson

This one is less for me and more for the Schmoes who blindly walk to the siren song of Emma Watson and her grown-up self. Yes, she has grown in beauty with every passing year since she started the HARRY POTTER movie series at the age of 11. The thing is, I'm keeping her in here even if she's younger than me because she's a super class-act person. Going to college and keeping a low profile that her fellow students respected, protecting her privacy in a time when NO ONE seems to have any qualms about selling those tidbits. Standing up for those in the business who are attacked (infamously with Kristen Stewart, where Watson said that people who judge her an idiot arses who never had to grow up in the spotlight and can't fathom what it's like in their shoes, so cut the girl some slack) and being that classy broad who took to Twitter to mock - not with anger or impulsiveness or idiotic petulance - the claims of her possibly starring in the movie version of 50 SHADES OF GREY. I have mad, MAD respect for Miss Watson.

3 - Danica McKellar

I once kinda met Winnie Cooper. My mom has a couple of cousins who work in the part of the showbiz which flies under the lingering credits of TV shows and movies that 95% of viewers don't bother to look at (one is a grip, the other is a cinematographer turned director of cinematography). The two both worked on "The Wonder Years," during the time that the show was at its pinnacle and I got lucky enough to set visit. Problem was, Danica McKellar was more about studying and learning between takes, so she quickly swept off to the sanctity of her trailer to study what I presume was MATH. (So funny when I think about that now.) As an adult, a MILF and a woman, she's gorgeous, educated and respected for turning the concept that girls don't have to be "bad" at math. Intelligence is hot. (For the record, the coolness dude on the set was jerky brother Wayne Arnold, played by Jason Hervey, who said I could ask him anything, gave me a good tour around, told me all about how awesome Paul Reubens was when he worked with him on PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE. Awesome dude.)

2 - Lacey Chabert

I have never watched any of "Party of Five." I probably should have, it was during the time that I was addicted to the 1990 shows dripping with syrupy residue of over-acted melodrama but I just couldn't find the premise of the show interesting. I did notice, though, that Lacey Chabert was a wily kid actor who had that look of "She's either going to turn out a total dog or a total babe" look to her (kinda like Kimmy Gibbler from "Full House" who still looks the same, but older), which paid off, since she was hot and funny in NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE where she mocked a character former Po5 co-star, Jennifer Love Hewitt had played in a different film. Then there was MEAN GIRLS, DIRTY DEEDS (which is a guilty pleasure of my, sue me), the remake of BLACK CHRISTMAS. Plus, am I the only one who loves her little-girl voice, the one that provided so many voice roles over the years for some of the more creative cartoons and video games?

1 - Alyssa Milano

She likes people to forget that she went full nude (after her breast augmentation) in 1995's EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE, but how could we? Every single fan of little Sam from "Who's the Boss?" went in search of the VHS tape for that when it was released straight to it. Still, the best part about Alyssa Milano has been her perseverance in this crazy business, getting through the seedier roles that wanted to capitalize on the "Look at the 'Who's the Boss?' girl all legal!" vibe and pulling herself through to a reoccurring role on the original "Melrose Place" which helped to secure her through the 90's as the hot little sister Phoebe on "Charmed" because Aaron Spelling always was with her. She's that actress who's such an avid baseball lover that men take her seriously when she reports on the sport. She's that babe who made it through, recently became a MILF and is a classic former child star who deserves the top honor.



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