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03.11.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Hottest Cinderella Story Characters

I thoroughly expect CINDERELLA to make a few bucketloads worth of box office dollars. While we should be past the idolization of going from rags to riches, ugly to pretty, unseen to adored, women are still buying into the hype. Why else would there be that Cinderella theme strung throughout so many movies over the years? One day we might start making films where the females in them recognize their worth from beginning to end, but that day is far from being tomorrow. So here are my top ten favorite zero to princess characters.

#10 - Melanie Griffith (WORKING GIRL)

I've looked over all of the images of Melanie Griffith when she was younger and let's face it, she was never what one could refer to as an all-out babe. Cute at best, I get the impression that she would have failed if given a Hot or Not feature in her prime. (And we won't get into her plastic surgery mess of a face that exists today, although I'm sure it's the result of people telling her she wasn't all that pretty to begin with.) But Griffith could certainly be coquettishly sexy and never more was that the case than her role in WORKING GIRL, where she was a bit of a 1980's corporate business world version of Cinderella. Vacuuming topless, declaring herself to have a mind for business and a body for sin - awesome stuff. Worthy of at the very least a tenth place finish here.

#9 - Drew Barrymore (EVER AFTER)

I don't know if I liked Drew Barrymore or her da Vinci wings more. When I was young thing, this was my Cinderella story and man did I want a guy who talked as smoothly as Dougray Scott (seriously, what a princely name!) and an evil stepmother as badass as Angelica Houston. (Plus Melanie Lynskey as my misunderstood step-sister.) Out of all of the Cinderella stories out there, Drew was far more relatable for young girls who felt tomboyish and less than beautiful but desiring a royal coming out.

#8 - Anne Hathaway (ELLA ENCHANTED)

I am definitely not the world's biggest Anne Hathaway fan but I saw more of an appeal to her when she was sincere in her movie choices. In the beginning of her career, when she was picking up princess roles left and right and executing them with delightful aplomb, you didn't get the sense that it was a calculated career move, something that irks me whenever I see her in recent movies. As a singing, twirling, ninja-fighting dynamo in ELLA ENCHANTED, Hathaway was at her best. The main reason why I want to see her get older is so she can swing back into these types of films as the villain because that'll be some career magic there. (Ask Angie, Anne! Being the soft-hearted bad girl pays!)

#7 - Julia Roberts (PRETTY WOMAN)

The ultimate of all the Cinderella stories, triumphing to be the first R-rated release that Disney has greenlit, we were bombarded by images of Julia Roberts and her huge toothy smile for years after. Nothing quite compares to Julia guffawing and preening her way through polite society as the hooker on a week-long special mission, with the power to get even the most sensible of your girlfriends to quote wanting more than the fairy tale.

#6 - Sandra Bullock (MISS CONGENIALITY)

I honestly am starting to think that Sandra Bullock has been aging in reverse over the years. Solidly in her 30's when the FBI agent gone rogue beauty pageant contestant was released, Bullock showed herself to be infinitely hotter than she ever was in her 20's, even as badass as it was for her to drive that bus (or have sex with Stallone). And while MISS CONGENIALITY is a bit of a fluffy, stupid joke of a film, Bullock (with the help of delightful performances from Caine and Bratt and Bergen and Shatner) and her effervescence have made it into a classic guilty pleasure film.

#5 - Jennifer Lopez (MAID IN MANHATTAN)

Right around the time that she was one half of Bennifer, Lopez was looking the best she ever did in life. Not sucked up and overly toned (hopefully not to the extreme of Madonna but who knows?) in recent years and after the scrubby dancer from "In Living Color" days, Lopez had mastered the straddling of being voluptuous & Latina while still being fit and non-threatening to the middle-America ideals of beauty in her ethnicity. The film is pure shite but JLo looked outstanding in it.

#4 - Rachael Leigh Cook (SHE'S ALL THAT)

More of a Pygmalion theme than a Cinderella one I suppose, but I still think of SHE'S ALL THAT as being the girl who gets pulled up in society by a dude, so yeah. Cook seriously didn't get cuter than she was in this movie (well, maybe JOSIE & THE PUSSYCATS but I'm partial to that critically shunned flick), especially when descending those stairs in that red dress. Why else would the film have been so popular in the parody genre if not for her radiance?

#3 - Alexa Vega (FROM PRADA TO NADA)

A bit of the reverse Cinderella story, where two girls go from riches to rags and learn what more important in life and blah blah blah. Even if I'm the first to say it, Alexa Pena is enchanting on screen with a sense of comedic delivery that is enviable. I don't think people are ever going to have an easy time seeing past her being the little girl in SPY KIDS and that's a shame. She's funny, she has impeccable timing and if you watch what she's in, you'll start to notice that she steals the show in everything. So here's a little of the proper due she's earned.

#2 - Amy Adams (ENCHANTED)

Here's where I never cease to be amazed by Amy Adams. While she can vamp it up and act like a gold digging tramp or a tough bartender in other movies, Adams retains the ability to deliver sweetness and light without giving her up wink-wink, nudge-nudge humour to a role such as Giselle. We believe that she really fell out of a cartoon and we're hooked for the rest of the movie without feeling like saps for being so. Plus, you know, ginger power.

#1 - Anna Kendrick (INTO THE WOODS)

She plays a literal version of Cinderella, unlike many of the others who have appeared on this list and I could say that's a factor in my choice to put Anna at number one. But that would only be half the story. Frankly, I hated INTO THE WOODS. I know as a female they expected me to love it but there were very few redeeming qualities about the film (and even if she's Meryl Streep, that Oscar nod was undeserved). However, Kendrick is always a delight, even when she's playing it a bit too straight for the role. Give me the real life, tad snarky Anna in the role and it would have been even better.



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