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08.05.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Hottest Celebrity Big Sisters

Get ready for another trip into the realm of the FANTASTIC FOUR! I thought about all of the different angles I could go with a top ten from this film and I'm honestly tapped of any comic book variations. We get it, the women from those worlds, both on the page and the screen are goddesses. So I went with what I think of when it comes to the group of unlikely superheroes - the fact that Sue Storm is the classiest (and hottest) big sister in the comic book world. Actually, that could easily not be true because I don't delve too deeply into comic books on the whole. I DO know me a thing or two about hot big sisters though, so in honour of Sue Storm, here are ten of the hottest celebrity big sisters.

#10 - Aubrey Plaza

Perhaps this should be a case of the big sister owing the little sister. Aubrey Plaza, who started shooting to bigger fame once she debuted her character of April on "Parks and Recreation," has admitted that she based the dour faced, sarcasm dripping character on her little sister, Natalie. Plaza has drawn inspiration from both of her younger sisters over the years, helping to not only make herself famous but both of them a bit infamous in the process. As a big sister myself, I approve.

#9 - Demi Lovato

Over the years, Demi Lovato has grown on me. Don't confuse that with me liking her music (I'm often surprised at how high pitched and nasaly her singing is). I like the Demi as a person she's been growing into. The most picked on of all the Disney kids to emerge from Hannah/Camp/Jonas/High School Musical days, Lovato has fought with people calling her ugly and fat for far too many of her limited years. Which is why she makes such an excellent big sister to Madison de la Garza, also an actress. Demi has been able to pave the way, creating some good examples out of her hectic life, helping to go through some of the uglier stuff so her little sis wouldn't have to.

#8 - Dakota Fanning

It's still hard for me to think of Dakota Fanning as being a full-fledged adult, having watched her grow up in films over the years, but what a mighty lovely young woman she's turned out to be. Impressively, she's one of the most normal kid stars to make the transition into adulthood, spending her money wisely and being an excellent role model to her younger and fellow actress sister, Elle. At some point those girls are going to do a buddy flick and it's going to be, well, it'll be interesting.

#7 - Kaley Cuoco

When she's not going to yoga class, she's going to get her nails done. When she's not going to get her nails done, she's off riding horseback. When she's not riding horseback, she's taking goofy pictures for her Instagram, mocking the images that were leaked during The Fappening. And when Kaley Cuoco is enjoying her million-dollar-a-week salary, she's spending time with her talented little sister Briana, who has been featured on "The Voice." I gotta say, I kinda want to be Kaley's little sister too, if only to let all of that glorious indulgence that comes with being super rich rub off on me.

#6 - Penelope Cruz

You really can't lose with either of the Cruz sisters, but Penelope has just the right amount of edge over little sister Monica. Perhaps the best thing about these Spaniard beauties is that they're so close that they're interchangeable - Monica took over for the rougher scenes that Penelope had to film for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES, because Penny was pregnant with her first child.

#5 - Dianna Agron

Do you remember the big hoopla over the top members from the cast of "Glee" posing in slutty cheerleader costumes for GQ magazine a few years back? There were people complaining that the spread sexualized teenagers, despite the fact that every person on that show was well into their 20's and no one believed any of them were underage to begin with. Normally I just think of Dianna as being one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, but it's nice to know that she is the kind of big sister that garners support - even for a racy photoshoot - from her little brother, Jason. He called the accusations "outrageous" and explained that, "My sister has turned down a lot of roles because she does not want to be naked. I looked at the pictures in the magazine and they’re not bad at all. I trust my sister and her judgment." Luckily for all of us, Dianna changed her mind and stripped down for a scene in the movie BARE. I'm guessing he was still supporting her then.

#4 - Emma Stone

You know you have the most kickass big sister in the world when she allows a nobody like her cheeky brother to write her acceptance speech for the Spike Guys' Choice Awards for the Hot & Funny award. Stone took to the stage to deliver little bro Spencer's words, "You guys are idiots. I am neither hot nor funny. And Spencer... Spencer Stone is the f*cking coolest. He is fly as hell... And he could have a professional rap career, if he wanted to. But he's too chill and he wants to lay low. And also, if Mila Kunis is here, he will be backstage for the next 45 minutes." If that doesn't make Emma one of the best (and hottest) sisters ever, then you have a very strict scale, my friend.

#3 - Jessica Simpson

You know the bar has been set high in the babe department when you can have an older sister who gets fat, gets thin, gets fat, has some kids, gets thin again and she's STILL considered the hot one. I feel bad for Ashlee Simpson from time to time because Jessica is so lastingly beautiful, even garnering after the fact praise from girl power women like Amy Poehler, who wrote in her book Yes, Please that the elder Simpson sister is the most beautiful woman she'd seen out of makeup.

#2 - Victoria Justice

We keep seeing Victoria Justice all over the place and that's not a bad thing but she hasn't done anything successful since she wrapped up her run on Nickelodeon's "Victorious." Yet it's hard to deny that Justice isn't one of the most beautiful young women out there today, still striving to find projects to take off, perhaps because her little sister Madison Reed might just surpass her in hotness, with all of the hot modeling shoots she's been doing.

#1 - Kate Mara

OK, OK, perhaps she's not the ultimate big sister you were thinking about but I'm going to give it to Kate Mara not only because she gets to play the superhero big sister Sue Storm but because she is the big sister to actress Rooney Mara. Many praise Rooney for her acting skills but there's always been something stronger and far less contrived about Kate, perhaps because she's trying to lead by example. Her frequent trips into nudity and sexuality (without it ever being creepy, like Rooney tends to take on) help seal the deal in my book.



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