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04.16.2014by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Hottest Babes of SyFy

There was a time when it was considered uncool to be a geek tuning into the Sci Fi channel. Then someone decided to get funky with it, altering its moniker to SyFy (to this day, I refuse to pronounce it any other way that "See Fee") and began throwing "Sharknado"s at us. All the while, the channel has been steadily building up a bustling schedule of programs that honestly aren't all that bad... and aren't all for the geekiest of the geeks. Here's a top ten dedicated to the hottest SyFy babes who have been working the cable network like major prime time players.

#10 - Stephanie Leonidas (Defiance)

Take her out of her alien makeup on "Defiance" and you have a super cute young woman in Stephanie Leonidas. The British babe who shone so brightly in the movie MIRROR MASK has finally got another outlet for her talent at acting and even if she's got to do it through a bunch of prosthesis, I'm hooked.

#9 - Kyra Zagorsky (Helix)

Every top ten list should have a "hot mom" factor and that's what Kyra Zagorsky is bringing to this SyFy inspired one. On "Helix," Zagorsky gives me flashbacks of Julianna Margulies when she wore her scrubs for "ER," which is a very complimentary association. I'm so impressed with this new series that I'm actually watching the episodes as they air - a first for my SyFy original programming viewing.

#8 - Alessandra Torresani (Caprica)

Why can there not be more Alessandra Torresani in this world? The "Caprica" actress is well known for taking on indie projects but she's got more to give if you ask me. Enchanting when she was on SyFy and a stand-out when she gets even minimal roles in shows such as "American Horror Story," she's also the clean looking version of Sasha Grey, so you don't have to feel as dirty checking her out in front of your mom.

#7 - Yaya Han (Heroes of Cosplay)

There was no reason for me to get hooked on "Heroes of Cosplay," especially since I've been known to mock those women who spend so much for such little return. But the show turned out to be more than just the follow-up series after I was finished watching "Face Off." Instead of being just another frivolous reality show where you think the female of the human species is a complete asshole, you find yourself rooting for and supporting these dedicated chicks. Oh and ogling Han's impressive surgically gifted rack.

#6 - Julie Benz (Defiance)

I wouldn't have tuned into "Defiance" just because hottie Julie Benz was in the cast. I was looking for another "V" kinda show and ended up hooked on the small-town-with-aliens vibe that this program has going on. Benz just happens to be a very nice addition to that. As she's gotten older, Julie has morphed into a highly enjoyable to watch actress (and I'm not just talking about that fine ass of hers).

#5 - McKenzie Westmore (Face Off)

This is where SyFy suckered me in. While I might not be the best versed horror movie watcher, I do love me some trained professionals who bring it to life with their makeup talents. So it was easy for me to get hooked on "Face Off" and even easier to develop a crush on the show's host, McKenzie Westmore, who couldn't look more out of place with her Barbie doll stature and soap opera leading lady wardrobe (which might be due to the fact that Westmore had been an actress on soaps like "All My Children" and "Passions").

#4 - Azita Ghanizada (Alphas)

SyFy is the channel for actresses who check "other than white" on their censuses, which is in no way shape or form a bad thing. It's laudable that the station continues to air shows that employ actresses from various backgrounds including Afghanistan born Azita Ghanizada, who did a stint of the popular with fans but canceled early anyway show, "Alphas." She's luckily been picking up roles in the horror industry lately, including the Brad Dourif flick BLOOD SHOT.

#3 - Agam Darshi (Sanctuary)

If there's one thing SyFy is more obsessed with than filming out of Canada, it's showcasing "unusual" people with special traits or powers. "Sanctuary" called them Abnormals and had the sense to hire Indian beauty Agam Darshi as one of their regular cast members. Darshi has been kicking around the fringes of acting life for awhile now, including FINAL DESTINATION 3 (where I'm assuming most of you know her from) and more currently, "Bates Motel."

#2 - Erica Cerra (Eureka)

Considering how strikingly gorgeous Erica Cerra is, you'd figure that she'd have had more high profile roles over the years. Mainly the Canadian actress is known for playing the buttoned down cop from "Eureka," and holds a handful of other guests roles on shows like "Smallville" and "The L Word." Cerra took time off after her SyFy show ended in 2012 to get married and have a kid, leaving her fans all wanting more.

#1 - Meaghan Rath (Being Human)

While I have heard many argue that the BBC version of "Being Human" is far superior to the American one, the biggest and most satisfying upgrade is that of Meaghan Rath, the gorgeous Canadian with Indian, Austrian and English heritage. Now that the show is wrapping up its final season on SyFy, here's to hoping that Rath will transition into more mainstream roles.



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