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09.16.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Hottest Babes of Gangster Flicks

They're calling BLACK MASS the comeback of Johnny Depp. Then again, a number of women's fashion blogs are also proclaiming that at 52-years old, he's finally lost his model good looks. Luckily for Depp, being an attractive dude in a movie about gangsters, mobsters and the like has never been a job priority. The ladies of these movies, however? Well, the standards for them fall quite a bit higher. Here are my top ten favorite gangster molls.

#10 - Vera Farmiga (THE DEPARTED)

I do not like THE DEPARTED, even to go as far as say I hated it. I will definitely cop to hating Farmiga's enabling and implausibly stupid doctor in the movie, which makes her the much more powerful an actress in my eyes. Even when I hate her, I kind of love her. It probably helps that the other movie from 2006 that Farmiga dominated in was RUNNING SCARED, the badass wife of another dude deep undercover. Pretty much nothing gets better than that scene with her in the rumpus room.

#9 - Annette Bening (BUGSY)

They called her the one to tame famous womanizer Warren Beatty but I still mainly think of Annette Bening for two roles - her manic, OCD, manipulating real estate agent in AMERICAN BEAUTY and her turn as the infamous Virginia Hill in BUGSY. She was sexy, she was crazy, she was awesome. Hill, should you ever choose to look up the real life version of Bening's onscreen dynamo, was even more batshit crazy and wildly interesting. She was rumoured to have pistol whipped her own brother nearly to death. There have been no better mobster molls since.

#8 - Marion Cotillard (PUBLIC ENEMIES)

If there's anyone who's done as many mobster/gangster/underground hooligan movies as Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, it's Johnny Depp. OK, he doesn't even come close but the roles that he has chosen over the years have been impactful ones. In DONNIE BRASCO he so brilliantly entrenched in his deep cover that I think he might have believed he was still in the mob by the time that PUBLIC ENEMIES rolled around 12 years later. It might have been easier with Marion Cotillard at his side, with her giant doe eyes batting lovingly at him the entire time. Certainly was a major step up from Anne Heche.

#7 - Sharon Stone (CASINO)

If there was a point at which we could see Sharon Stone's star hitting the very top of its rollercoaster ride, 1995 would be the year to look to. She is screechy and crazy and wild in CASINO, doing her best to be wholly unlikable and yet... this is probably the best that we've ever seen from her. It's a pity that her personal life and wacky opinions overshadowed what might have been a really intriguing "mature" acting career, but at least we can always time travel back to '95 for the highlights.

#6 - Naomi Watts (EASTERN PROMISES)

The ugliness of the Russian mob was so powerfully embraced by the magnificent Viggo Mortensen that it's easy to forget that he had the gorgeous and smart Naomi Watts by his side. While Watts can look downtrodden better than most, she also has an illumination to her that few other actresses can match. I would have selected Tatiana Maslany from this film, however, seeing as she was just a disembodied voice, I can wait until she's in a more, uh, starry movie.

#5 - Penelope Ann Miller (CARLITO'S WAY)

I'm going to assume that you all have watched this insanely cool mash-up video which taps into one of my favorite Al Pacino movies of all time... CARLITO'S WAY. Sure, you can bank on SCARFACE if you so desire but the fact that CW combines an aging and wiser Pacino, a cokehead lawyer played to perfection by Sean Penn and the incredibly lovely Penelope Ann Miller, who up until this movie had been fairly damn pristine with her movie image, getting topless repeatedly and I am sold.

#4 - Sienna Miller (LAYER CAKE)

She's had a checkered romantic history that got splashed all over the tabloids, taking away from what might have been a more successful career but Matthew Vaughn seems to be flawless when he chooses a cast and for his first major directing job, he picked right for everyone in LAYER CAKE, making a Bond out of Daniel Craig before there was a martini in his hand. Yes, it's not really a gangster movie necessarily but who cares? Sienna in that black lingerie getup? Priceless.

#3 - Emma Stone (GANGSTER SQUAD)

I know, I know. Most of you thought this was an utterly lame movie. And most of you will probably agree with me without fear of questioning your manhood that Ryan Gosling was really the prettiest dame in the flick. But Emma Stone in that red dress, acting the part of a 1940's smokin' hot diva? Wowzers.

#2 - Amy Adams & Jennifer Lawrence (AMERICAN HUSTLE)

I can't pick just one. I simply can't. Both of these women rank high on my personal top ten list because they're gorgeous, they're talented and they're f*cking irresistible. I certainly wouldn't have been able to choose one over the other, no matter the amount of batshit crazy. Those polyester dresses clinging to their bodies, the big hair, the feisty attitudes... everyone wins when the mob loses in this pic.

#1 - Michelle Pfeiffer (SCARFACE)

There's a reason why the song "Uptown Funk" refers to her as white gold. Michelle Pfeiffer has been slinging the sexy around for decades but she first got uniquely noticed as the cokehead with the severe blonde bob who caught the maniacal eye of Tony Montana. The guy who dealt in coke, grappled with tigers and had that magnificent compound has been turned into the Disney princess that every thug on the planet wishes they could grow up to be. More of a drug lord than a gangster, I suppose, but Michelle is still the epitome of having really made it big in the underground world.



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