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09.02.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Hottest Babes from the 2015 Summer Box Office

The summer is officially over, right? Sure, many of you will point out that the technical last day of the summer season is on September 22nd, but we all know that once the blockbusters are done being released, including the dregs of August, summer is done-zo in the eyes of most. It was a lackluster season in terms of box office dollars, with only 12 movies hitting that illustrious $100+ million mark but there was a bevy of babes to choose from, even if your favorite didn't come from a moneymaker. A lot of the choices on this list will be predictable, some will not. Sorta like how the summer of 2015 releases turned out.

#10 - Greta Gerwig (MISTRESS AMERICA)

I have been trying to champion for Greta Gerwig for years now, from the time that she first got mainstream notice as Natalie Portman's lusty best friend in NO STRINGS ATTACHED. In many ways you could describe Gerwig as average - if you're mainly looking at her being a blonde white lady in America. But it's her subtlety co-mingling with her boisterous personality that leave me cocking my head to the side and wondering what she's going to do next. In one of the summer's best reviewed movies, MISTRESS AMERICA, Greta teams up once again with director Noah Baumbach (to be fair, he's also her boyfriend) for the second time, with him directing and her writing. It's a charming film and you end up adoring her in it.

#9 - Ashley Benson (PIXELS)

Yeah, I was one of the few people who paid to see PIXELS. Feel free to judge me. I love me some Dinklage and I sincerely hoped that the movie would turn out to exceed expectations, perhaps even be a simple, soft laugh or two about old school video games. But it sucked. Big time. We kept featuring pictures of Ashley Benson while on set in Toronto... and that was exactly what we got of her in the movie. (No big) Spoiler Alert: Benson doesn't even get to speak a single word in the film. She's still insanely, wickedly hot in that red warrior costume but skip the movie. Oh wait. You already have.

#8 - Anna Kendrick (PITCH PERFECT 2)

Anna Kendrick reminds me of Barbie's little sister Skipper. She's just as much of a doll but without all of the trapping that go with having to be the hottest doll in the room. That said, I found Kendrick's turn in the sequel to the aca-tastic PITCH PERFECT to be, well, boring. Sure, she still looked just as cute as always, much moreso than anyone else in her cutie stratosphere, but I yearn for an Anna who gets more risque. Perhaps continuing to work with co-star & director Elizabeth Banks will teach Kendrick how to balance those extremes.

#7 - Alicia Vikander (THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.)

I blame Madonna. I blame her for a lot of things but I especially blame her for knocking Guy Ritchie's It-Director status off of its initial trajectory. Mainly because the guy is still making some highly entertaining films, flashy and splashy, with awesome casts who clearly appear to be having a ball. Alicia Vikander was the emerging talent of the year and her 1960's look in THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. only highlighted how naturally gorgeous she is. Keep Madonna as far away from her as possible.

#6 - Chanel Iman (DOPE)

Haven't seen the movie DOPE? Make it a priority to. Not only is the film a touchingly well made commentary on how we profile young people, it's effortlessly funny in a way that all the intentional comedies out there fail to be. The film might have banked a small bit on having Zoe Kravitz in its cast but it was the gorgeous Chanel Iman who stole the hottie show. For a movie debut, Iman manages to be everything you wouldn't expect out of a fashion model - she's eye catching but coy, shows copious amount of skin and then launches herself into the funniest part of the movie without ever looking like she's trying as hard as most people do in their first big film. You'll want to get f*cked up on Lily too. I know I did.

#5 - Alexandra Daddario (SAN ANDREAS)

Honestly? I haven't seen SAN ANDREAS. I live in California, I don't find earthquake movies exciting. My viewpoint is not shared with the rest of the states, as the film soared past what I expected it to make, even if the cast included the irrepressible Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Still, I'm no dummy. Alexandra had a hot summer, whether poorly cast as Johnson's daughter with hottie-in-her-own-right Carla Gugino or seen on set for her upcoming buddy movie with equally boob-acious Kate Upton. I give her one more year to fully take over the Hollywood babe scene.

#4 - Elizabeth Olsen (THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON)

Lizzy, oh Lizzy. As the mind-bending Scarlet Witch (because there's nothing really sexy about a woman named Wanda), we finally got a chance to see our favorite Olsen sister be a gothically epic hottie. That accent of hers needed a tweak or two but Olsen's emotional delivery remained as solid for this summer blockbuster as it has been in all of her indie flicks. We may prefer Evan Peters as our Quicksilver but I doubt we'll ever want a different Scarlet Witch.

#3 - Charlize Theron (MAD MAX: FURY ROAD)

We had figured that Charlize would be imposing when we first saw images of the actress after she shaved her head for the role of Imperator Furiosa in what some worried would be a sad imitation of the originally badass MAD MAX films. Then the movie came out and we saw a woman tormented by her past, trying to make things right so other women could have their own future. A bleak future, absolutely, but their own. The only thing sexier in this film was how Hardy's Max handed over the reins whenever it was evident that Furiosa would handle the situation better.

#2 - Amy Schumer (TRAINWRECK)

Get pissy all you want about my choice to feature Amy Schumer this high on a top ten babes list. Hell, get pissy about the fact that TRAINWRECK could have been so much better. Even I'll admit that the film didn't capitalize on the cutting edge and often rightfully caustic humour that we see from Amy on her Comedy Central show. But it was her movie to write any damn way she wanted and Apatow gave her the directorial treatment that he gives to all the fellas. So, essentially, this was equality in the Apatow world - occasionally gut busting but fair to middling when it wasn't hitting its mark. What matters most and makes Amy one of the hottest babes of the summer? TRAINWRECK sailed past the $100 million mark on pretty much her reputation alone. While it's great that Melissa McCarthy's movie, SPY, also did awesome business, it was a film written by a dude and mocked the female mystique based on her character's appearance. Amy's movie quickly addressed her attractiveness quotient ("You're pretty-ish but not gorgeous...") and then moved on with the assumption that her value as an attractive female wasn't a factor in her overall story. And it wasn't. And that's hot as shit.

#1 - Bryce Dallas Howard (JURASSIC WORLD)

I have always loved me some Bryce Dallas Howard, even when she was (literally) getting her acting feet wet in movies like LADY IN THE WATER. She has a dynamic presence to her, one that translates just as well in an indie flick as it does in a film with a heftier budget. With the JURASSIC PARK series of films, we might not have always had a drop-dead gorgeous, Michael Bay worthy babe in the lead, but we've certainly gotten the sexier actresses who know how to sell a scene. And watching Howard run in those heels, well... that was beautiful movie magic right there.



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