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02.04.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Hottest Animated Babes

The first couple of months of the year are hard to get through, whether because of the climate or the lack of quality movies to make going outside worth your while (other than all of those awards worthy flicks that honestly aren't always as worthy as the statue issuing shows make them out to be). So we get to pick between Jeff Bridges mumbling through another teen overcoming societal restrictions movie, a MATRIX for middle schoolers flick or THE SPONGEBOB MOVIE: SPONGE OUT OF WATER. If you're really lucky, they might have a homicidal Ryan Reynolds playing at an art house theater near you, but for the most part, we are cinematically screwed this week. In honor of the least offensive tribute, here are ten of the top babes in animation.

#10 - Cheetara (Thundercats)

I might be giving away my age with the list this week, using characters from movies and TV programs that are smack dab in the middle of my youth, but eh... they're all worthy. When Thundercats got a remodel in 2011, the best thing they did was upgrade the cheesy quality of their hot female, Cheetara, taking away that neon-colored 80's quality that she used to have and giving the character a bit more of the sexuality that purveyors of fan art had been jacking off to for years. It was about time, if you ask me.

#9 - She-Ra (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe)

In a perfect world, all super hot people would come in pairs. She-Ra is the golden goddess twin sister of He-Man, making the dream lust worthy for male and female fans of any sexual orientation. I think of She-Ra as the animated version of the twin sister that Chris Hemsworth failed to have. She's buff, she's beautiful and she's cool enough that you'd want to hang out for the pillow talk.

#8 - Leela (Futurama)

The one eye thing doesn't bug me. I do sometimes wonder if I'm more attracted to Leela because I know she's voiced by Katey Sagal and Katey's a babe on and off the animated cell. Perhaps it's because there's always going to be something hot about a chick who wears a white tank top with tight pants (although that would be hotter if she had a black bra on underneath, can't help lusting after that white trash staple). Death by snu snu indeed.

#7 - Lola Bunny (SPACE JAM)

How can a bunny have boobs? That's just one of the perplexing questions that comes up every time I watch SPACE JAM and you can still place your bottom dollar on the fact that whenever that cheeseball movie comes on the TV, I still watch it. Rabbits are the epitome of sexual innuendo, what with their wild humping in the wild and all. Makes sense that one of the hottest animated characters would have a poofy little tail on her butt.

#6 - Kim Possible (Kim Possible)

You might want to argue that Kim is still a high school student and therefore off limits due to the fact that she's not fully percolated into adulthood yet but she's an animated character from a early 00's Disney show and SHE'S A CARTOON CHARACTER. If Miley can grow up and start flashing her tits around the globe, I think a little consideration can be afforded to thinking that Kim is grown up now. Probably still out there kicking ass and helping name Mexican food. That's what I call a hottie.

#5 - Princess Jasmine (ALADDIN)

There will be no Ariel on this list, I'm just warning ya. While there are a lot of people who hyperfantasize over the idea of finding the hole with a mermaid, Ariel always wore thin on me. I'd rather try my hand at getting Jasmine to fall for me, street rat tendencies and all. Much like Kim Kardashian, I doubt Jazzy has anything interesting to say but it's damn hard to stop looking at her.

#4 - Faye Valentine (COWBOY BEBOP)

I really do not understand the appeal of anime outside of the Japanese artists using it as a venue to take the body measurements of a Swedish supermodel and the exotic features of an Asian woman with the mentality of a sexually ambitious teenager and churn out characters meant for cosplaying. The character of Faye Valentine is no exception - the girl wears bright yellow hot pants, for Star Lord's sake. Still, she's ballsy and tough and one of the few anime women I kinda admire.

#3 - Jessica Rabbit (WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT?)

Most likely this isn't the animated babe you thought would be at #3. Over the years Jessica has reached a pinnacle that few can touch, even if when you take a handful of salt grains when looking over the reasoning for her being on top all the time. The greatest thing to come out of J-Rab is that she's inspired real life hotties to dress up in retro sexy gowns and coo like horny toddlers. In the end, she's still just a cocktease who married the ugly funny guy.

#2 - Holli Would (COOL WORLD)

The entire concept of putting a young Brad Pitt into a movie world where there are animated babes all around but he literally cannot have sex with any of them without catastrophe occurring is something born only out of the mildly ambitious 1990's. It was the end of the era for being dirty and pushing the limited contents of the envelope and while WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? hinted at human on ink shenanigans, COOL WORLD actually delivered them. That alone makes Holli better than Jessica. (Plus, if we're being truly shallow, wouldn't you rather have Kim Basinger over Kathleen Turner?)

#1 - Wonder Woman (DC Animated Universe)

The bar was set high with Diana. From the get go, trying to adapt the perfection that was this Amazonian princess and after we were granted the good fortune of putting Lynda Carter into the gold cuffs back in the 1970's, there's been no good hope of ever recapturing her greatness in the flesh. It's why Gal Gadot is going to fail, although it would have been anyone who was put into the role (but especially a 105 pound woman built like a clothes hanger runway model). In the end, not even Jessica Rabbit has what it takes to be as fine as Wonder Woman.



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