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05.13.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Hottest Actresses Who Can Sing

Are you aca-ready? I'm sure that we'll all be sick of the aca-crap in a very short span of time, but me being one of those late-to-appreciate fans of the original PITCH PERFECT, I'm kinda looking forward to PITCH PERFECT 2. That is, if they can limit the time that they spend making a joke of Rebel Wilson's weight because it's a bit of a beat to death horse at this point. We get it, she's big. Har har. Bring on more of the jokes about the Australian being on the American singing team instead. As for this list, it's fairly obvious... here are my top ten favorite actresses who can also sing pretty darn well.

#10 - Zooey Deschanel

I don't try to hide my disinterest in joining the Zooey Deschanel fanboy party bus. For the most part, Zooey started out as a quirky actress who did exceptionally well in character roles and slowly became just a shiny object with a pretty face and the same shtick in all of those leading roles Hollywood wanted to cast her in. Put I like her singing, especially when she isn't coming at it sideways. Proof? The earnest shower performance in ELF.

#9 - Kate Winslet

No doubt she can act. Pretty much everything that Winslet gets cast in is improved just by her presence (I'm looking at you, DIVERGENT). Her singing voice definitely isn't as meaty as her acting and she has the twang-iest voice of any Brit I've ever heard sing, but them is impressive pipes.

#8 - Brittany Snow

If I'm being 100% sincere, I like putting Brittany Snow in lists because she's super pretty in my eyes. I just like looking at her. As a singer, she's passable and even a bit high pitched for my tastes, but her ability to run with a joke and squeeze out funny from the untapped comedic ground that is Xmas carolers is also kinda awesome.

#7 - Emilia Clarke

I don't get a chance to see much live theater, being from the wrong side of the coast when it comes to those types of shows (sorry, SoCal, but you still suck at hosting good stage productions). So I miss out when popular actors take to Broadway and do their live, unedited, un-Shopped thing. For the rest of the world in the same boat as me, we're lucky there's YouTube so we can discover just how amazing Emilia Clarke is with only her voice and a guitar. Wow.

#6 - Emily Blunt

I f*cking hated INTO THE WOODS. I wish I had a way to fully express just how much I hated that movie and how much it wasted the people in it. Putting that aside, I want to also express that I hated Emily Blunt the least. It made me search out more of her singing, which lead to a clip from the show "Gideon's Daughter". What a gorgeous and haunting voice she displayed. Which only makes me hate INTO THE WOODS even more at how they could have better used her voice.

#5 - Amy Adams

It might have taken ENCHANTED for us to notice that Amy Adams could sing, but can you really process how much more impressive she was in that family movie than any of the dramas she's been award nominated for? The upbeat and perky nature of her voice (especially in that dreadful handling of her at the 80th Oscars, leaving her alone on the stage with safety net) was expanded upon as she did songs in MISS PETTIGREW LIVES FOR A DAY and THE MUPPETS. Adams was so impressive that her previously filmed movie, MOONLIGHT SERENADE, which was filmed in 2005, finally got a release in 2009 (after the ENCHANTED hoopla), allowing us to hear her really belt it out, lounge singer style.

#4 - Evan Rachel Wood

Most people are going to remember Evan Rachel Wood from her singing in ACROSS THE UNIVERSE but I frankly, hated that movie. It peeved the f*ck out of me with all of its whinging romantic gobbledy-gook and hipster use of older songs. I couldn't really hear her voice over the sound of my teeth grinding. But not too long ago, on a lark, I found a recording of Wood singing Janis Joplin's "Piece of My Heart" and I developed a respect for her talent. The lady really should sing more, if someone could only offer her more opportunities.

#3 - Kristen Bell

We're all used to mocking John Travolta for screwing up Idina Menzel's name at the Oscars and dutifully avoiding any girl child under the age of 13 in order to not hear "Let It Go" for the bazillionth time. But many people tend to forget that Kristen Bell sang more in FROZEN than Menzel did (and ask any of those girl children who they prefer, Anna or Elsa and you'll probably get 1% who say Anna even though she's the moral, intelligent, funny and strong sister... UGH). Even more forget that we'd already heard Bell belt it out on "Veronica Mars". Sure, it was played for laughs, but I'd still pick that marshmallow over the Broadway diva any day.

#2 - Anna Kendrick

It really doesn't get muchbetter than Anna Kendrick singing "Cups." (Other than the #1 on this list, obviously.) It's the reason why I sat up and paid attention to the first PITCH PERFECT. It's the reason why I went to see that bloody f*cking awful movie INTO THE WOODS. (YES, I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE that movie!) Kendrick's voice feels like a short girl giving you a tight hug - adorable and far more powerful than you expected it to be.

#1 - Emmy Rossum

Yes, she's the epitome of beautiful. Yes, she's a dedicated actress who isn't inhibited about nudity. Yes, she most certainly can sing... and to a degree that no other actress can really touch right now. Proof? Emmy dropping impromptu opera on Conan for a hot dog. Seriously... I can't think of better.



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