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06.11.2014by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Hottest 22-Year Old Babes

I don't find Jonah Hill appealing at all. He's the type of guy that I studiously avoid in real life, that whiny kind of guy with the needy, nagging, starved for attention, willing to do anything to get a cheap laugh sort of dude that gets on my nerves. But the first TV to movie version of 21 JUMP STREET succeeded well enough to warrant its sequel, 22 JUMP STREET and here I am suffering through my unpopular opinion that Hill and Tatum are gratingly obnoxious and wildly unfunny in these roles. What I can agree on is that there seems to be a large quantity of babes aged 22 right now. If anything, at least I can use the movie to segue into that.

#10 - Ashley Rickards

I used to love me some "Awkward." MTV really has a great cast of regulars who make it enjoyable. But I kinda lost in in the third season when they introduced a character I couldn't stand and I started missing out on what was going down with Rickards' Jenna Hamilton. As for Rickards off the show - the 22-year old could stand to stop drawing so far outside of her natural lip line that she looks she has the pout of a Bratz doll but she's still a hottie.

#9 - Christa B Allen

As the teasing little sister with a thing for boys from the wrong families on "Revenge," Christa B Allen has that bad rich girl thing down pat. The fact that she's a good friend of equally hot young actress Leven Rambin, adds to her naughty girl appeal. And she's funny in DETENTION OF THE DEAD, even if I did watch it only for Jeff Chang, uh, I mean Justin Chon.

#8 - Kaya Scodelario

I got a chance to see Scodelario in THE MAZE RUNNER in an advanced screening of the film and the need for her to deliver was high. She's the only chick in the film and it's filled with a good group of guys who were already holding up the show well before her character shows up. Kaya is enchanting with her wide, hungry eyes and she fits in well with the dudes in a manner suggestive of those solo females cast in 1980's action bro-flicks. (FYI, the movie is very, very entertaining. I think you guys are going to like it.)

#7 - Emily Bett Rickards

I got into watching "Arrow" after readers were asking for a Battle of the Babes featuring the female stars from that show. While I went into it being a fan of Katie Cassidy I ended up liking the show as a whole, including the very cute and infectious character of Felicity, whom Rickards brings to life. I can see this chick being big, if given the opportunity.

#6 - Shailene Woodley

I totally understand why people feel about Woodley how I feel about Jonah Hill. I can give those people that. But there's something so strangely refreshing to me about Shailene as a movie star. Yeah, she's a bit of a granola neo-hippie but damned if she isn't oddly sexy by being so unencumbered with that need that other actresses her age have in trying to maintain an illusion of an image.

#5 - Kelsey Chow

Mixed Chinese girls are the rage right now, it seems. Chow is no exception, gaining popularity originally on "One Tree Hill" and then transitioning into the Disney program "Pair of Kings." She's currently in production on a show called "Hieroglyph" that will be featured on Fox sometime in early 2015. The fact that she looks THIS for it... well, that says all I need to say about her.

#4 - Eleanor Tomlinson

I was drawn to her as Isabelle in JACK THE GIANT SLAYER, one of those movies that came big and left bigger, but have you had a chance to check out the 22-year old Brit on "The White Queen?" Sure, she's not quite as polished as say, Sophie Turner on "Game of Thrones," but there's such a power to her delivery. Although I might just like that corseted cleavage. That definitely helps.

#3 - Kate Upton

Seeing as how it was only her 22nd birthday just yesterday, it's a given that one of the hottest babes on this top ten would be Kate Upton, the bikini model who turned the world on its head with her natural and very large breasts. She's got an infectious smile and an attitude which has garnered her love and attention from the acting community as well, so it can't be all boobs going on. And even if it was, is that really all that bad?

#2 - Emily Ratajkowski

Technically I'm cheating on this one, seeing as how EmRat just turned 23 on June 7th but I think that you can forgive me the handful of overdue days. Well, you can forgive her boobs the more-than-handful of days. Hard to believe that this busty model was born after BACK TO THE FUTURE 3, an odd timeline point that I'm using but someone one that's fitting.

#1 - Chloe Bennet

She's been making waves as Skye on "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." but previously had a pop star career that lead to a degree of poise that most young women her age don't have. Plus that whole Chinese/American biracial thing works to her advantage and who wouldn't love a girl with a last name like Wang? Chloe is rocking it these days and here's to at least 22 more years.



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