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10.30.2013by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten High School Horror Hotties

You would think that when you're the only wide-release horror film opening in the month of Halloween that you might have the muscle to trump the box office, but that apparently wasn't the case over the opening weekend for the remake/reimagining of CARRIE, which got shoved out of the way by older releases featuring older, more establish stars like Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks. Still doesn't mean that the teenagers aren't where it's at - especially when it comes to horror movie storyline fodder. So let's look at the top hottest high school horror babes of more recent years.

Special Mention: Emily Perkins & Katharine Isabelle (GINGER SNAPS)

While I know very well that Emily Perkins (the brunette) didn't look her hottest in the original GINGER SNAPS, leaving redheaded Katherine Isabelle to be the hotter of the duo from that 2000 werewolf flick, I came into the horror genre around that time, so the movie had a stronger impact on me than some of the others out on the market. I want to give the girls the recognition that they deserve, especially since both actresses have been regular fixtures in the horror game for years now.

10 - Emily Bergl - (THE RAGE: CARRIE 2)

With the latest incarnation of the original Stephen King novel source material, many people overlook that there was a sequel featuring Amy Irving from the original 1976 version. In 1999, you might not have seen much of Emily Bergl outside of this movie but she was so sweet and enchanting that watching her flip her crazy switch was a delight. And there's obviously nothing scarier than a movie cast with one of the nutty London twins!

9 - Fairuza Balk (THE CRAFT)

I like my hotties a tad bat crap crazy and there isn't a better place to find that than in the raven tressed Fairuza Balk, who always seemed anything but fair but particularly not so in 1996's THE CRAFT. You want to find a babe who's crazy sexy hot to screw around with and then get screwed over by? Tell me there's a more frightening choice than Fairuza's Nancy.

8 - Brittany Murphy (CHERRY FALLS)

I miss this lady something fierce, even more painfully so when October rolls around and I dig out 2000's CHERRY FALLS, one of those low-budget but high-impact horror flicks which stained my brain with its off the beaten path originality. Not that a killer out to slay high school virgins should be a ripe ground for original thought, but it was something that wasn't being done at the time and Brittany Murphy was a queen of wide-eyed freak-a-tude.

7 - Brittany Snow (PROM NIGHT)

I know that the remake of PROM NIGHT was complete and utter shit. I can't think of another remake that has been so unfathomably awful than this 2008 film but that doesn't erase the fact that watching Brittany Snow in a gown with her eyeliner and mascara artfully streaked down her face is compellingly hot.

6 - Mary Elizabeth Winstead (FINAL DESTINATION 3)

By the time that the third FINAL DESTINATION installment reached theaters, I had opted out of buying in at the box office. Back in 2006, MEW wasn't the well-known babe that she has since become, having needed one year and a cheerleader outfit in DEATH PROOF to take her from Wendy to wunderkind hottie of lore.

5 - Neve Campbell (SCREAM)

I have never thought that Neve Campbell was as attractive in other films as she was in the first SCREAM flick, back when Sidney was still in high school. Fast forward from 1996 to SCREAM 4's 2011 update and Campbell had grown older but still was getting trumped by her film niece, Emma Roberts. Rose McGowan had it right when she crawled through that doggy door to her demise and encapsulated her hotness for generations.


Being Mrs. Tom Cruise definitely detracted from the fact that prior, Katie Holmes was the babe in horror slices of cinematic life like the DISTURBING BEHAVIOR, when 1998 was about James Marsden's Teen Beat teen hotness and Nick Stahl's everlasting creepiness. Back when Katie wore those tank tops and toted her impressive rack around without fear of the even more disturbing Church of Scientology cracking down on her.

3 - Jordana Brewster (THE FACULTY)

This is actually one of my favorite movies in general, not just a horror top spot. Doesn't hurt that the 1998 flick featured the then-18-year old actress as the class valedictorian who knew how to wear a tight pair of pants and a carefully fitted sweater. Jordana Brewster was just getting started on cruising when she fought the monsters that invaded her otherwise idyllic high school.

2 - Jennifer Love Hewitt (I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER)

Screw her "Party of Five" days. It wasn't until 1997's Kevin Williamson penned I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER that I bothered to really pay attention to J-Love and the aerial view that the film caught of her bursting cleavage, the very cleavage that would carry Hewitt's career into the start of her 4th decade on the planet.

1 - Jenna Dewan (TAMARA)

With as much passionate fervor that I dedicate toward hating her husband, I'm very much pro-Jenna Dewan, especially when it comes to projects like the 2005 high school horror flick, TAMARA. It's a throwback to a time when you didn't want to screw over the class nerd, who just might come back from the dead as a hottie who will literally eat your ass alive.



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