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04.01.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Foolish Babes in Film

I'm not any good at pranking, not that I'm hungry to figure out how to get better. Some people have a great knack for it, perhaps because they have a silly bone, perhaps because they work at it. I'm a good person to prank because I love to laugh and these are some of my favorite babes who have mastered playing the fool on film for my enjoyment and hopefully yours as well.

One Fool to Rule Them All: Anna Faris

I really struggled with where to put Anna Faris on this list. Then I tried to figure out which of her roles has been the silliest, goofiest, most foolish. Honestly, I couldn't pick. Faris has made a career out of being the nutball and she does it so well that we tend to forget all of the other projects she's taken on that are more serious (her scathing delivery with one raised eyebrow in WAITING..., her serious side in MAY, and does anyone honestly remember her as a cast member of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN without saying "Oh, yeah, she was in that too..."?) Whether it's a mandated foolishness for the SCARY MOVIE franchise, a lovable sexpot in THE HOUSE BUNNY, a chaotic casual sex regretter in WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER?, a stoner with issues in SMILEY FACE or my personal favorite - her Britney Spears & Courtney Love had a baby pop/rock star in JUST FRIENDS, where she single handedly steals the show from two of the most likable actors (as the most unlikable characters ever conceived for a lowbrow comedy) in a rom-com, Anna Faris has the market cornered on playing the fool. And I love her for it.

#10 - Ellen Page (SUPER)

I love me some James Gunn. He may not always make the most palatable of flicks (for those catching onto his style with GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, they may be disappointed with his other films) but he doesn't fail in polarizing his audiences and giving us all something to talk about. SUPER is a really f*cking weird movie. Ellen Page has sex with Rainn Wilson in it, in case you didn't need enough of a reason to cringe on April Fools. I only watched it once (it was all I could take, captain!) and it still haunts me to this day. Still, it's oddly enough the sexiest she's been... while playing the super fool

#9 - Leslie Mann (THE 40-YEAR OLD VIRGIN)

Call it nepotism or favoritism or whatever it is when you're a director who casts his actress wife in all his movies, I don't care. Leslie Mann is a funny bitch and she's never better than when her hubby Judd Apatow squeezes it out of her. I've probably seen THE 40-YEAR OLD VIRGIN a few dozen times, sometimes intentionally, sometimes because it was on TV and I was too lazy to change the channel. What stands out most to me is that as funny as the dudes are and as sweet as the story ultimately turns out to be, the weirdest, goofiest moments are the best. And Mann playing the jilted, angry, petty, bitter and tits-up drunk chick in that bachelorette party? Well, that's the best part.

#8 - Reese Witherspoon (LEGALLY BLONDE)

There's always been a bit of wickedness to Reese Witherspoon, something people forgot about by the time that she'd thrown that bizarre fit when her husband got pulled over for drunk driving. ("I'm pregnant! I need to pee! Don't you know who I am?!?!") Reese had been the black humour indie darling when she was young, knocking out insane performances in FREEWAY and ELECTION. It wasn't until she took on the role of Elle Woods, the wannabe lawyer with a Hilton sister personality that Witherspoon showed she was big budget comedy money. Of course, she hasn't been able to replicate this kind of foolishly funny in years, but who cares! Serious actresses get naked!

#7 - Sandra Bullock (ALL ABOUT STEVE)

An actress who can fluctuate being being supremely serious and seriously silly, Sandra Bullock first really got our attention by being a goof in films such as DEMOLITION MAN and SPEED. It was when she went sincere and dramatic that we started to forget just how awesome she is at being heartfelt in her silliness. ALL ABOUT STEVE is not the shitty movie that most people claimed it was but more a misunderstood sentimental heart warmer. Even Sandy herself delivered a red wagon full of DVDs of the movie when she won a Golden Razzie for it in 2009, citing that she doubted many of the people claiming it was shit hadn't even watched it.

#6 - Amanda Seyfried (MEAN GIRLS)

You've got to be a pretty smart chick if you're going to pull off playing the dummy and in MEAN GIRLS, Amanda Seyfried slayed the job. Busty and sexy in that barely legal way that sells so well, the mouse ears were only part of her charm. If you can fit your whole hand in your mouth and have tits that can tell when it's raining, who needs enemends?

#5 - Rose Byrne (NEIGHBORS)

Whether she's playing an uptight, straight laced bitch in BRIDESMAIDS or providing a killer British accent to a naughty pop singer in GET HIM TO THE GREEK, Rose Byrne has an amazing depth to her comedic touch. It was at its most powerful when she took on the role of a first time mom who has to deal with a bunch of frat boys moving in next door in NEIGHBORS, where she alternates between a simple funny to a sexy siren (yeah, you liked that girl-on-girl kiss, didn't you?). But the "MILK ME!" moment brought tears to my eyes in a way that few others have been able to.

#4 - Amy Smart (CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE)

Definitely more foolish in the sequel than in the surprisingly successful first movie, it was still important that Amy Smart lay the foundation for her goofiness by first being the unsexspecting girlfriend of the brawny guy who's about to die if he doesn't stay adrenalinized. In C2:HV we learn that Eve has finally gotten a cell phone, knows where to put it even in her scant stripper garb, goes the extra quarter mile for the public boinking and gives the cops a reason to chase more than just her fine tail. It's the CRANK movies where I think we all fell just a little more in love with Amy.

#3 - Eva Mendes (STUCK ON YOU)

I didn't get into Eva Mendes or fully process her appeal until this movie, one that I really couldn't get into, despite the fact that I'm normally a fan of the Farrelly brothers (to be fair, I also am one of the few people who actively hates DUMB & DUMBER, so yeah). This is where we learned that Eva could wear a masterful push-up bikini top and be 100% dingbat and you'd still love her. She's gone on to be the comedic relief in a number of other movies and while she comes close in THE OTHER GUYS, my admiration for her range started here.

#2 - Elizabeth Banks (WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER)

I could have just as easily gone with any number of the roles that Elizabeth Banks has taken on in her career and I honestly went back and forth between using this or her turn as the naughty book store girl in THE 40-YEAR OLD VIRGIN. Still, it's hard to beat Lizzie's ass in that bikini, her ability to still look f*ckable even with BBQ sauce all over her face, tasting like hamburgers. You're not so bad yourself, Miss Banks.

#1 - Naomi Watts (I HEART HUCKABEES)

While she might not be everyone's first choice, I've gotta go with the highly underappreciated comedic version of Naomi Watts, especially in this film (although I have a hard time watching it now after all those horrible behind-the-scenes screaming matches between Russell & Tomlin came out). Not only does she nail the super sexy part of being the blonde bimbo on TV but she's hysterical to boot. "You can't deal with my infinite nature, can you?" remains one of my favorite lines from a movie, even if it's delivered to blank stares when I say it.



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