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04.08.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Cutest College Coeds

In this week's release, THE LONGEST RIDE, we're supposed to believe that it would be hard for a college girl to fall for a rodeo rider. Although it's not the most implausible Nicholas Sparks idea by a long shot, it did give me the idea that we haven't had a chance to look over some of the cutest college coeds in movies. Here are but ten of my favorites.

#10 - Moira Kelly (WITH HONORS)

The '90's were full of actresses who looked like real women. Sure, there were just as many who were unfathomably beautiful but for a brief moment in time there were a few names getting good work who held up the torch for the average looking amongst us all and I hold Moira Kelly up as the best example. She was cute, perky and feisty without seeming unbearable or unrealistic.

#9 - Lara Flynn Boyle (THREESOME)

Remember when Lara Flynn Boyle was hot? Crazy weird hot? Before Tara Reid went from babe to disaster, Boyle did her own frightening morph. Where once she rasped with a smoker's tone and titillated in that crazy hot bitch way, she slowly became an eating disorder mess and then a bad plastic surgery sob story. I miss hot Boyle but I remember her fondly in this articulate and often touching dirty comedy.

#8 - Liza Lapira (21)

It's gotta suck to be the Asian funny woman. Not only are you less likely to get cast as the lead because Hollywood's fear of anything non-white bread not selling at the box office, you're also not fulfilling your predesignated stereotype as the whiny, high strung or otherwise oversexualized view of Asian women. Liza Lapira consistently makes me laugh, from this card-counting thriller that needed her special touch to CRAZY SEXY LOVE as the encouraging best bud to Emma Stone to the assistant to wacky Topher on "Dollhouse." I'm giving her some attention because she's earned it.

#7 - Maria Thayer (ACCEPTED)

Jonah Hill might get paid more than Justin Long nowadays and Blake Lively might have gone on to be the bigger babe (and she's got her own thing I won't take away from that) but I still think Long is far funnier and Maria Thayer, the brainiac tree-hugger from ACCEPTED is still hotter to me. She looks like a poor man's Jessica Chastain but that's still saying a lot. Check her out in "Eagleheart" and all the Comedy Central shows she guests on. Lady is cute and super funny.

#6 - Zoe Saldana (DRUMLINE)

Before she was a big paycheck earner with a utterly ridiculous reputation for being an action star (I never believe this wisp of a 100 pound woman could beat up anyone, sorry), Saldana was playing to her strengths. Namely, cashing in on her dance history with roles like this one. She was so much hotter to me before she was as well-known as she is now.

#5 - Danielle Fishell (DORM DAZE)

I like stupid sex comedies even though I know they're bad for my intellectual well-being. You can smoke a bowl, grab a slice of pizza and be thoroughly entertained for 90 minutes if you're not a picky person. I'm not even all that ashamed to admit that I watched the sequels to this original film (all terribly awesome straight-to-video titles), mainly because I can claim that I was watching them for Topanga post "Boy Meets World." (She wasn't doing much else at the time, that's for certain.)

#4 - Michelle Trachtenberg (EUROTRIP)

Not exactly a college movie but the summer-before-college international vacation movie that switched Michelle Trachtenberg from Buffy's little sister to scorchingly hot chick in our minds with a simple bend-and-retrieve vending machine maneuver and bikini reveal. Where once was little Harriet the Spy now was a bonafide boner maker.

#3 - Emma Stone (THE HOUSE BUNNY)

I'd been digging on Emma Stone right before she caught on like wildfire in EASY A, especially her goofier turns in things like the other-than-Emma terrible GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST and this guilty pleasure silly college geek girls turned hot sorority sisters film. She's smart and doesn't try to hide it and she's sexier for the fact, although the makeover was still appreciated.

#2 - Emmanuelle Chriqui (100 GIRLS)

It's hard going for me if when constructing a top ten list that features Emmanuelle, my fantasy mistress, and she doesn't end up in the top spot. I have a fond place in my heart for this schmaltzy low budget sexy comedy (although I tend to like the genre on a whole because I'm weird like that) and it's due to the raspy voice and sensual manner in which she chews her Captain Crunch while talking about using Ben-Wa balls at the same time. Gotta love a multitasker.

#1 - Elizabeth Olsen (LIBERAL ARTS)

If you didn't hate Josh Radnor from his utterly despicable character on "How I Met Your Mother," you will after watching LIBERAL ARTS and seeing him mack on and then discard Olsen's smart & wise-beyond her years Zibby. Many have said that they fell for Olsen when she was in MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE (and yes, she's awesome in that too) but it was as the virginal wise cracker in this film that I understood how great of an actress she is (and just how darn cute too).



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