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10.16.2013by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Blockbuster Babes of the 90's

I might jones for the 1980's as if my pop culture trivia loving life depended on it but when I really crunch the numbers, it was the 1990's that formed most of my love for movies, babes and not to mention was the decade in which I first imbibed booze. With those primary concerns readily taken care of, how could I choose to ignore the chart topping, block busting women of that decade? Let's journey back!

Special Mention - Andie MacDowell

Almost inexplicably, the box office pull of the Southern Belle who couldn't even have her own voice get on screen when she debuted in 1984's GREYSTOKE: THE LEGEND OF TARZAN, LORD OF THE APES ended up with a phenomenally successful career in the 1990's, starting with GREEN CARD and placing her as the lvoe interest in everything from GROUNDHOG DAY to MUPPETS FROM SPACE. She might not be the ultimate cup of babe tea but you certainly can't argue with her 90's numbers.

10 - Meg Ryan

She hit a young babe stride in the late 1980's when she was paired with her sweetie at the time, Dennis Quaid, but it was in the 1990's that Meg Ryan took the floppy hat trend and flipped it upside down. From SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE to the weepy CITY OF ANGELS, everyone was falling in love with Meg. I for one was not excluded.

9 - Drew Barrymore

Ages 14 to 24 during the decade of the 90's, Barrymore was no longer the little kid from E.T., if we judged on her David Letterman appearances alone. But she also knocked out roles in hipster hottie movies like POISON IVY and MAD LOVE, not to mention got the SCREAM franchise off to a wailing start. The wild child Drew was most definitely a sign of those times.

8 - Demi Moore

She kicked off 1990 with the enchanted GHOST and then sailed through the 1990's married to the sexy and not-yet-totally-bald Bruce Willis, popping out a trio of daughters for the couple while still cranking out box office hits like A FEW GOOD MEN & INDECENT PROPOSAL and rounding out her bank account with her record-topping (at the time) paychecks for G.I. JANE and STRIPTEASE. Ah, the Demi before the spice...

7 - Nicole Kidman

Roaring into the 1990's on her indie cred DEAD CALM points, it was the union of Kidman to Cruise that decreased some of her appeal even as she shined in movies such as FAR & AWAY and BATMAN FOREVER (I love me some Dr. Chase Meridian). After capping the decade with the 1999 movie EYES WIDE SHUT, it was divorce from Cruise that bulldozed her into ruling the next set of 10 years.

6 - Sharon Stone

I like me some Kate Beckinsale as much as the next person but it was going to be near impossible to beat the Sharon Stone incarnation from the original TOTAL RECALL, that crazy Mars movie that we all wanted to sneak peeks at back in 1990. Doing a very quick step into BASIC INSTINCT, SLIVER, INTERSECTION... and then going kinda wacko, it's hard to deny the major impact that Stone had on the 90's.

5 - Halle Berry

It's hard to process the fact that Halle Berry was around for awhile making a nice clutch of movies before she really got to be the A-lister that she now revels in being. What with the craptastic line up of flicks like EXECUTIVE DECISION (I get the queasy feeling that there will be defenders of this movie and while it's a good so-bad-you-like-it film, it's still pretty awful) to BAPS (ugh) mixed with Berry's repeated attempts to get people to pay attention to her dramatic skills before she understood that you can't be pretty and succeed at drama (and thus getting "ugly" in 2001's MONSTER'S BALL), I think of this as the time that Halle's cray-cray hadn't yet been blasted all over the social media world that consists today. You could just appreciate her good looks back then.

4 - Winona Ryder

The 1990's were all about being Wino Forever. It was the time that Johnny Depp was still that kiddo cop and the gothy scissor dude before becoming the captain. It was when REALITY BITES made us endeared to Ethan Hawke and hate Ben Stiller. When we all wanted to bang Cher's little girl, or watch Quaid's Jerry Lee do it. Ryder came into her adulthood in the 1990's and it's been hard to see her otherwise ever since.

3 - Julia Roberts

Demi Moore might have gotten the first fattest paycheck of the decade but it was Julia Roberts who took her flicks to the bank and made a lot of rich dudes fluid enough to afford an entire fleet of PRETTY WOM(E)N. If there was a leading man who needed to be bedded, supported, best friended or bumped off (whether from dying young or deserving an enemy's sleeping departure), it was Roberts who heeded the call. Much like the other babes of her era, it wasn't until the new millennium debuted that her hard work paid off with award-winning success.

2 - Sandra Bullock

She tried to be a "Working Girl" on TV and she failed at getting her LOVE POTION #9 to fly off the shelves but when it come to needing a sassy sidekick in 1993's DEMOLITION MAN or 1994's SPEED, that's when Bullock really put her mettle to the pedal. As the next 20 years flashed by, she didn't need much GRAVITY to keep her on the top of her colleague's heap.

1 - Cameron Diaz

THE MASK. Sure, everyone else got a more than 4 year head start on trumping the something about Cameron, but it was that red dress and those young 22-year old curves that turned a former unknown broken-nosed model into the $34 million a year rumpshaker that she is today. I don't think I'd have it any other way.



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