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06.24.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Back From the Dead Babes

While JURASSIC WORLD continued to dominate at the box office (honestly, I pegged it for a good summer return but I should have never doubted the Power of Pratt), there were other releases that didn't have as big of a release or budget, including BURYING THE EX, which wasn't breaking new ground with its concept of a girlfriend coming back from the dead to haunt the dude & his new lady. While it might not break any records or win any awards, it was good fodder for the top ten concept this week. Here are ten of my favorite back from the dead babes.

#10 - Franke Potente (RUN LOLA RUN)

Much like there's no logic behind Chev getting that battery operated heart in CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE, there's not a lot of reason behind Lola being able to say "Stop" into the camera to avoid dying. But where does logic really apply when dealing with coming back from the dead? RUN LOLA RUN is still one of those quiet masterpieces with a strong female lead that you can't ignore - except perhaps when trying to get Potente out of the unappreciated babe file.

#9 - Margot Kidder (SUPERMAN)

While her real life might have taken its own sad, back-from-the-dead angle, the one thing that I admired about the on screen version of Margot Kidder as Lois Lane is that she had that man of steel so enraptured with her that he flew backwards to change the Earth's rotation and ROLL BACK TIME to bring her back to life. (Plus... she had a killer body hidden under all of those drapy, unflattering '70's clothes.)

#8 - Jenna Louise Coleman (Dr. Who)

What I know about the current day Dr. Who world is limited to what I actively research (which is limited to whenever I am forced to give a crap) and the rambling dissertations by the modern day Whovians who corner me to explain why I shouldn't mock the show. One thing I've learned is that Jenna Louise Coleman is the cutest assistant to the doctor that the show has had in years (Karen Gillan wasn't cute - she was a tall drink of pure sex)... and that her character Clara has died a few times. Thankfully there's all the inexplicable Whovian nonsense to bring her back.

#7 - Emma Roberts (American Horror Story: Coven)

As much as I hated the most recent offering from Ryan Murphy (that wasn't a freak show, that was a wildly depressing and chaotic march through boredom), I have to hand it to the guy for doing us a solid with the Coven installment. It was female empowerment on steroids - even if it took a gang rape and a Stevie Nicks-obsessed witch to get there. As Madison, the troubled young Hollywood starlet, Emma Roberts went to town with the baddest bitch on the block routine and nearly overshadowed Jessica Lange in the process. Death definitely becomes her.

#6 - Sigourney Weaver (ALIEN: RESURRECTION)

Since it had the world RESURRECTION in the title, fans of the space franchise knew they were to expect a back-from-the-dead experience with the legendary Ellen Ripley, especially considering that at the end of the third movie she had sacrificed herself to rid the world of those alien bitches. The shittiest part of this shitty sequel? They pulled the second worst back from the dead trick out of book after the evil twin maneuver - a clone. It took nearly 20 years for clones to be used right again, thanks to "Orphan Black."

#5 - Sasha Pieterse (Pretty Little Liars)

After multiple seasons of outrageous whodunnits, ABC Family's biggest ratings earner finally gave us an answer regarding Alison. She's not A... and she's not really dead. Since I haven't had a chance to get caught up on the past couple of seasons (bingeing on NetFlix will sometimes burn a girl out), I'm not certain what circumstances lead to adding Alison back into the living fray. I just know that Pieterse had grown into a lovely woman by the time they did.

#4 - Rachel Weisz (THE MUMMY RETURNS)

I'd call her kid a brat for getting freaky with the Book of the Dead, but the little dude was just trying to get his mommy back. Well, and a hand in killing all of those uprising mummies. Rachel Weisz might have needed the original MUMMY movie to get a running start on her career but judging my her deathly lack of enthusiasm in the second, she might have just been doing a kindness to her cinematic son.

#3 - Famke Janssen (X-MEN: THE LAST STAND)

As Jean Grey, Famke Janssen brought us a strong willed and morally upright version of Professor X's top right hand mutant. Once she'd taken the turn that all the fans had been waiting for in becoming Phoenix, well... let's just say that the third installment of the first set of X-MEN movies was loud and shiny and proved that Janssen looked amazing in red.

#2 - Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

When you're dealing with the undead, chances are fairly strong that you might run into some snafus regarding your own mortality. Gellar's character of Buffy Summers died multiple times over the length of the series, starting off with a love bite from the Master and some resurrection via mouth-to-mouth. Because that's as plausible as vampires.

#1 - Michelle Rodriguez (FAST & FURIOUS franchise)

As if they were going to allow Letty to die. Only real life death seems to stop the characters in the FAST & FURIOUS franchise. Rodriguez has built such a strong following over the years from people who seem attracted to and scared of her in equal degrees. I'll admit that I was one of those griping voices when I thought that Lin was going to kill Rodriguez's character for good... although I won't admit to being happy about their amnesia storyline either.



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