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03.18.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Babes of YA Adapted Movies

Hollywood is going through a phase right now. It makes sense that the only things it wants to fund are superhero movies and flicks adapted from the world of Young Adult fiction, seeing as how Hollywood acts like a perpetual teenager. Luckily, they don't cast too many actual teens to play the roles in these movies, so it's safe for all of you to get your fap on over the hotties in the teen driven material, even if it's the kind of good feeling that seems so wrong. I read a lot of these books and I've watched all of these movies and here are my top ten picks.

#10 - Teresa Palmer (I AM NUMBER FOUR)

F*cking Pettyfer ruins almost everything he's in. While I bitch about Channing Tatum and his (to me) inexplicable success in Hollywood, I can at least get the appeal of the guy - he's well built and can move gracefully, whether dancing or fighting. Pettyfer has none of that and even less charm. I AM NUMBER FOUR is such a mess of a movie that it can't stand alone from its written version and it can't stand up to the book either, which is far superior (duh). The only saving grace was a tough Teresa Palmer in biker leather and she still wasn't in enough scenes for me to rank her higher than ten.

#9 - Zoey Deutch (VAMPIRE ACADEMY)

Boy, did this movie ever crash and spontaneously combust at the box office. It both made sense to me, as someone who's read the book and knows that it was never as tongue-in-cheek quippy as the movie was, and surprised me, seeing as how most people will eat up anything with vampires and happily call it a day (night?). The movie called for more guys to get it to a profitable status and dudes just don't do bloodsuckers. Zoey Deutch, gorgeous offspring of legendary hottie Lea Thompson, is great in the movie - and just as great out of her clothes in the movie too.


Before the nose job and the (rumoured) breast implants, before being a Gossip Girl or a fashion plate or even Mrs. Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively was the sporty chick in the girl comradery book-turned-movie about a magic pair of jeans. Blake had a flashy spark to her that has carried out well over the years, even if it's not quite been captured as well since. I liked seeing her run and get the guy and not be ashamed of her sexuality. Sure, a lot of that was the source material, but it took someone understanding the character to drive her home so well.


Yeah, I'm not going with lead actress Lily Collins here. While Collins has her good side as well, Jemima West really is the sweetest thing on the breakfast table here. As Isabelle in TMI:COB, she's tough and funny and damn hot (and don't worry, while her character is 16, the actress is while into her mid-20's). I'd rather have the girl who can kick ass, be impulsive and funny and loyal to her family. Something about all that stuff makes her cute packaging even better.

#6 - Shailene Woodley (DIVERGENT)

I might have gone with Shailene in WHITE BIRD IN A BLIZZARD due to the fact that she has realistic and nudity filled sex scenes in the Gregg Araki directed feature, but I'll be honest. Other than watching the clips of those scenes, I haven't seen the movie or read the book that it's based on. I have read the DIVERGENT series (although I wish I hadn't - they're honestly just as poorly written and whiny as any of the TWILIGHT books) and I will say this - they couldn't have cast better than Woodley for the role of Tris. I highly doubt it would have been any good (and the films have nowhere to go but up from their book beginnings) without her. Plus, that ass of hers in those tight pants? Delish.


Ah, yes. The girl with the boobs. Actually, I didn't realize Alexandra Daddario's boobs were as big as they are until she went topless on "True Detective." I thought she was a pretty girl with some outstanding peepers when she played Annabeth, the daughter of Athena, goddess of wisdom in the first PERCY JACKSON movie (in the second they've lightening her hair so much, I thought they'd recast her as Goldilocks). She's a loyal friend, a fierce fighter and in general pretty awesome. Too bad the cast has now aged out of the rolls... and that the movies didn't make enough money to warrant a third installment.


Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to put Emmy Rossum as anything BUT #1? In, like, anything? I have the biggest girl crush on Emmy and it certainly didn't wane during her turn as a witch who's gone to the dark side in this underseen and underappreciated adaptation of the book of the same name (seriously, it's great translation of the material, if you bother to seek it out). But she wasn't the lead and didn't get as much screen time as my other choices, so I'm settling for the highest I can give here.

#3 - Lindsay Lohan (MEAN GIRLS)

Don't hate. LiLo was 18-years old when she made MEAN GIRLS and while life has been a bit of a Regina George to her over the years, you have to admit that she was at the pinnacle of her hotness. That's both a bright and dark, sad thing. Ultimately the good girl character she played in the movie (adapted from material from a non-fiction book, you already know the history) was outshined by Rachel McAdams' far more glorious bad girl. But the Lindsay of yesteryear will always be fondly remember for what she was and what she could have been.


Out of all of the movies based on books on this list, NICK & NORAH'S INFINITE PLAYLIST is by far my favorite book of the bunch. Co-written by author pals Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, the chapters alternate between the perspectives of the leads, giving a fuller vision of what the movie only briefly (and quite excellently) captured. Young love isn't to die for, it isn't sparkly and it rarely is as all-encompassing as most YA fiction (and grown-up movies) would like you to believe. It's late night revelations, ambiguous wandering, searching for a crazy friend and dealing with exes interfering. It's drama but it ain't dramatic. Kat Dennings is a vision as Norah and she's by far the most relatable of this entire bunch here. Read the book. Trust me, read the book.

#1 - Jennifer Lawrence (THE HUNGER GAMES)

You had to figure JLaw would be here. I waffled for a bit, debated whether I should rank my girl Kat as number one simply because I loved the book just a wee bit better than I liked THE HUNGER GAMES in pulp form, but alas... it's hard to fight the tide. Plus, I honestly cannot imagine an actress who could have brought the enigmatic Katniss Everdeen to life better than Lawrence. Or looked as good while shooting a bow and arrow.



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