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08.12.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Babes from Movies Based on TV Shows

I don not have high hopes for THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.. I actually really like Guy Ritchie as a director (yeah, even as bad as SWEPT AWAY ultimately was, at least he made it was well as it could be made) but it feels as if his post-Madonna years have been robbed of all of the joie de vivre that his earlier career held. So while I have no doubt that the big screen adaptation of the 1960's TV show will be slickly executed, I still don't think it's going to sell well. Taking a look at some of the other movies that were based on TV shows seems to have yielded similar returns, other than their shared feature - hot women recast in the hot women roles. Can't go wrong with that.

#10 - Carmen Electra & Amy Smart (STARSKY & HUTCH)

I can't say I ever really watched the TV show version of STARSKY AND HUTCH, it was far too much before my time and let's face it - as a girl I tended to seek out the TV shows of the '70's that were about girl power (Charlie's Angels, Wonder Woman, The Bionic Woman - heck, the '70's were full of great opportunities during a feminist high point in entertainment programming) and if I'm being honest, I actually hated this movie. Too much forced humour, not enough actual humour. But Electra and especially Smart as hot cheerleaders are a nice aside in an otherwise flat and unfunny film.

#9 - Sarah Michelle Gellar & Linda Cardellini (SCOOBY DOO, SCOOBY DOO: MONSTERS UNLEASHED)

We had to wait until the second SCOOBY-DOO movie to see the creators behind the live-action incarnation turn Velma into the busty goddess that we all knew she was under that orange turtleneck, but it was worth the wait. The movies are fun and colorful and silly and far too over-the-head for little kids, particularly Gellar and Cardellini, who vamp up the sexy sleuthers to the delight of the grown up little kids the cartoon originally catered to.

#8 - Christine Taylor (THE BRADY BUNCH MOVIE)

I wish I had been able to find a sexier picture of Christine Taylor from either of the BRADY BUNCH movies. It was the break-out that the actress had been looking for in her career (after slumming it in bitchy girl roles like THE CRAFT) and man, did she ever capture the oddball goofy hot girl magic that Maureen McCormick made famous. If anything, Taylor elevated the character to even sexier heights.

#7 - Summer Glau (SERENITY)

I'm not nearly the fan of Summer's that most of you are but I'm enough of a die-hard browncoat that I named my WiFi "Serenity." A movie that was more of a swansong for show that never quite got to be its full self, SERENITY reunited us with the space cowboys (and girls) for one last triumphant ride - and we finally got to see River in her full, mind-altered but badass state.

#6 - Kristen Bell (VERONICA MARS)

A show so great with a star so cute that we bankrolled the movie version ourselves. Sure, this wasn't just a movie that was based on a TV show, completely recasting all of the characters. This was a movie with all of our favorite marshmallows in one place once again, for old time's sake. It wasn't nearly as bodacious as the series but to get the chance to see our favorite teenage private dick back in action as a big girl was pretty hot stuff.


If Erika Eleniak had come along after Y2K, she would've been referred to as the Kate Upton before Kate Upton. I feel sad that the bodacious blonde blew into town a bit before her time. She's built, she's sexy and dammit, she was always super charming in her movies. Casting her as the big screen silly 1990's version of Elly May was a perfect fit, with the Playboy Playmate showing off her homespun sexiness while never allowing herself to be sullied by the city.

#4 - Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz & Lucy Liu (CHARLIE'S ANGELS)

I like the CHARLIE'S ANGELS movies. They're filled with music that connects to a young version of my life (too many hours spent going in circles at the roller rink), feature a bunch of ass kicking babes and in general are f*cking fun. I don't care about the background drama (Bill Murray talking shit about Lucy Liu's acting is still kinda funny though), I just wanna smoke a bowl and zone out on their colorful silliness and hot babe flesh. (Plus, Sam Rockwell was in the first one and Justin Theroux was in the second one and they're both awesome dudes too.)

#3 - Emmanuelle Chriqui (ENTOURAGE)

Much like the VERONICA MARS movie was a continuation of the TV show (and SERENITY a continuation of "Firefly," you gotta cut me some slack, I prefer my TV to movie movies to be based on shit I actually like), ENTOURAGE the movie took all of the main players from the TV show and featured them further on in their lives. And while Chriqui's character Sloan was knocked up with that big fake belly for the film, she was still the sexiest fake pregnant woman on the big screen, regardless of the fact that hardly anyone went to see the film.


It counts, considering TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES as a TV show before becoming a movie, right? Even if it doesn't, do you really care what reasoning I used in order to get Megan Fox in all of those butt jeans and tight spandex and (in the upcoming sequel) Britney Spears school girl costume on the list? Her face might look waxy from whatever the hell she's been doing to it but Megan is still a flawless woman, especially after giving birth to a couple of sons back-to-back. And they're just going to looooove growing up with her as their mom.

#1 - Jessica Simpson (THE DUKES OF HAZZARD)

Yes, I paid money to go see this movie in theaters. I have a long-standing crush on Stifler and so far Johnny Knoxville has proven himself to be a rather capable actor (not that most people would stop to notice). Yet this was really Jessica Simpson's game to win. No one was interested in seeing Bo & Luke recast (or the Confederate flag brandished - something that the movie tackled as a symbol of racism long before the current media coverage) but everyone wanted to watch the well-endowed Simpson get into the scant wardrobe of Daisy. She couldn't nail the accent but those cut-offs and especially that bikini launched Jess into the hottie hall of fame.



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