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01.21.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Babes from Johnny Depp Films

Over the years, there have been a couple of consistent things about Johnny Depp's otherwise chaotic and unpredictable career: Tim Burton and really hot co-stars. With the upcoming release of MORTDECAI adding Gwyneth Paltrow and Olivia Munn to the list, it seems as if the eccentric Johnny isn't slowing down as he cruises through his 50's. Here are my top ten favorites of his past hot co-stars.

#10 - Christina Ricci (SLEEPY HOLLOW)

I don't know if I'm one of the few people who preferred Christina Ricci blonde and in her late teen's thickness, but it is what it is, I suppose. One of the last movies where we could still see the cute chipmunk cheeks of Ricci's before she began morphing into a lollipop head like the rest of Hollywood, she looked darling and a fledgling sort of sexy in SLEEPY HOLLOW, that movie where Depp had to kiss the former on-screen little sister of his old girlfriend, Winona Ryder. Not creepy or weird at all, just Hollywood.

#9 - Marion Cotillard (PUBLIC ENEMIES)

Cotillard has a look that commands the screen, even if she isn't the most perfect, conventional of beauties. When you get to throw her classic features into a period piece, she looks even better. As the girlfriend of Johnny's Dillinger in PUBLIC ENEMIES, you get to see just how beautiful devotion from a woman can be.

#8 - Heather Graham (FROM HELL)

While not the most glamourous of roles, it's not as if playing a Victorian era prostitute slash potential Jack the Ripper victim is too far off from what we've seen Heather Graham do over the years. Still, this was one of the only times that we've seen her with red hair and still being sexy with all of those cumbersome clothes.


Depp seems to make women want to change their nature hair color, in addition to hooking up with him. In probably one of the worst and most awkward looking wigs in all of cinematic history, Winona Ryder showed that she could play the cheerleader just as easily as she could the goth girl outcast. It worked in her favor, giving us that hot girl-next-door look that we knew she had in her.

#6 - Keira Knightley (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN)

If only they'd stopped at the first movie, back when people were still impressed with the Jack Sparrow that Johnny created (remember when he was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar? Yeah, most people forget that when buying the Sparrow costume at the Halloween shop). The only person to rise out of the ashes of all of those sequels looking even better than the first was Keira Knightley, who turned into a huge movie star herself after the films slayed at the box office.


It's got to be some tough competition if Eva Mendes is at #5 on any given top ten list. Right at the precipice of her breakout, Mendes was sexy and badass as a AFN agent hot on the trail of the baddies in ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO. Kissing a blinded Depp was one of the highlights of the otherwise mashed up movie.


While it's hard to pick a best Salma Hayek moment, her dashing about with Antonio Banderas in DESPERADO ranks pretty high with me. And while it's rare for Salma to improve upon perfection, she certainly looks even sexier in the that film's sequel, ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO, either because her costume was smaller or because she didn't get as much time devoted to talking.

#3 - Eva Green (DARK SHADOWS)

Yet another example of an actress playing against hair type, Eva Green managed to be terrifying and incredibly sexy in DARK SHADOWS, where I dare say she outvamped and outcamped the usually scene-stealing oddballness of Depp. Now that filmmaker Tim Burton and his other long-time muse, Helena Bonham Carter, have parted ways romantically, my money would be on either Green or Krysten Ritter taking her place. Not that I'm betting on the obvious, obviously.

#2 - Penelope Cruz (BLOW)

Perhaps a controversial choice, seeing as how the most annoying character that I think I've ever seen Penelope Cruz play was the screeching cokehead wife of Johnny Depp's drug smuggler in BLOW. I'm sticking by my choice because it was the first time that I really saw Cruz as a hottie contender, with her slinky moves and eye-grabbing attire. Very few women look good in 1970's styles and Penny is one of the best of them.

#1 - Amber Heard (THE RUM DIARY)

Amber Heard is pretty much gorgeous, sexy, badass perfection all around. She's aces as playing demented women, ass kickers, fast drivers and the like and since she went from vixen in THE RUM DIARY to fiancee to Depp in real life, it's a bit hard to argue that there are any other co-stars of Depp's who could top the list so well.



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