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12.29.2017by: Droz

The Top 25 Hotties of 2017 (with video)!

The end of every year here at Movie Hotties presents us with the same dilemma - how to decide which were the best of the best hotties for the year? After all, a typical 365 day cycle here involves thousands of posts highlighting the sexy accomplishments of hundreds of women from entertainment, fashion, sports, and everything in between. You'd need a top 100 list to do them all justice, but then who's got the time for that? So, here are the 25 hotties we simply couldn't deny in 2017.

Honorable Mention - Demi Rose

She only gets an honorable mention, but Demi Rose might just be the best thing I, Droz, have ever seen when it comes to pure, unadulterated sex. Every inch of this woman drips with a sex appeal unique from practically all other comers in the celebrity world. Where else are you going to find an adorable, doe-eyed, sweetheart of a face that just so happens to be attached to a body filled out enough to satisfy even the most demanding of thickness advocates? Girl is like a miracle of boner material.

#25 - Sara Jean Underwood (-15 spots)

We've had a good friend in hotness with Sara Jean Underwood for quite a few years now. Her Instagram adventures have become the stuff of legend and a regular opportunity for a quick big booty fix with each new batch of pics she uploads to her social media. There aren't a great many surprises when it comes to Sara's exploits in cheeky thongs, but then who needs surprises with an ass like hers. We'll take whatever she's got to give.

#24 - Hailey Baldwin (new)

I almost wish I could talk to Hailey Baldwin, if only to remind her that her father had a hey day at one point in the late 90's that he stupidly squandered. Stephen's little girl was named Maxim magazine's Hottest Woman of the Year for 2017, putting her behind only Bella Hadid for the honour of hardest working model and surely putting an extra nail in daddy's coffin with all of her sexy photoshoots. Perhaps it's time to start working on getting her to smile, if only so that she can continue on her upward trajectory.

#23 - Madelaine Petsch (new)

High profile career accomplishments and name recognition tend to be the bellwether by which one comes to rank those who show up on lists like these. By no means are these aspects the only factor. After all, one could argue Madelaine Petsch is still a niche celebrity in many ways, having only recently won fame thanks to her Riverdale show. However, on a purely visual sense, Madelaine might just be the most exciting woman on this list. With her almost impossibly red hair, gorgeous face, and insane body, she was one of 2017's most pleasant surprises. We look forward to seeing much more of her in 2018.

#22 - Emily Ratajkowski (same)

What can we say about Emily Ratajkowski that hasn't been said a hundred times before in every post we've ever made about her? Any and all chances at bringing out her hot body goodies, Emily takes it. And if the modelling gigs don't make enough of a display of her perfect everything, she more than makes up for it by going topless in a thong on Instagram, or dancing naked on Snapchat. One way or another, Emily is gonna show you what she's got.

#21 - Arianny Celeste (new)

For a UFC ring-girl who by all rights should have faded after her 15 minutes (generally about 2 years in this Instagram-famous world) were over but Celeste is that itch in your crotch that won't go away. Throughout 2017 we've seen no shortage of hot photoshoots from the busty model, not to mention that trip to the beach she took that revealed more than her fancy lingerie spreads did.

#20 - Hailee Steinfeld (-12 spots)

Had I, Droz, had it entirely my way in all things, I would have placed Hailee Steinfeld much higher on our year end best of list. This was a big year for Hailee, when we saw her further come into her own as a singer, an actress, and as a hottie. Having turned 21 this year and now fully legal in every respect, we got the sense this adorable songbird is starting to feel an urge building to sow her wild oats. Perhaps 2018 will give her even more opportunities to do just that.

#19 - Rihanna (new)

Rihanna really blew up this year, both with her extra padding that slithered its way into all the right places (you almost want to hate her more when you see those pounds only go to tits, ass & hips) and her Fenty line of fashion & beauty products. Her all-skin-colors-represented makeup line was so popular, it was selling out across the nation as teenagers and my mother alike went out to get their perfect foundation shade. With OCEAN'S EIGHT bringing RiRi into the theaters again in 2018, I'm thinking JLo is putting the pedal to the metal to keep her from bridging the distance.

#18 - Iskra Lawrence (new)

Thickness was all the rage for many sexy celebs in 2017. Few did thick better than Iskra Lawrence. The bubbly beauty from the UK not only made her curves the cornerstone of her modelling career, but an outright social cause. Her quest for body acceptance earned her plenty of praise and publicity in many circles. She furthered her cause best by showing off just how good someone with a full ass can look in skimpy attire. Iskra could do no wrong there as far as we were concerned.

#17 - Kendall Jenner (new)

I'm guessing Kendall Jenner hates Pepsi more than you hate her family, since the soda company managed to book her for that inconceivably poorly thought out ad campaign this past summer. It's not much to be considered the least annoying member of the world's most obnoxious family (although they have had some steep competition this past year) but it's enough when you're a K person who is still resisting your mother's insistence that you need plastic surgery.

#16 - Priyanka Chopra (new)

The BAYWATCH movie might not have been the box office success that my summer blockbuster pool choices needed it to be but it did manage to uplift the Indian beauty in the public eye. Chopra has been a bit of a slow burn, seducing us with her powerful presence and then keeping us there as she took her womanly figure for a runway-level constant fashion show.

#15 - Kimberley Garner (new)

There is no shortage of hotties out there in celebrity land who make their bodies the central theme of their fame. It's an effective way to achieve some notoriety for those who can't carry a tune or cry on cue. Kimberley Garner made herself the queen of such hotties in 2017. Again and again the Brit beauty with the stunning body showed off her goods in various sexy swimsuits. This may not have made her the most engaging personality of the year, but you could hardly do better for sheer eye candy goodness.

#14 - Chloe Moretz (+5 spots)

Despite taking her career somewhat easier in 2017 compared to previous years, Chloe Moretz still managed to rise up nicely in the Top 25 rankings compared to last year. That's probably due to her continuing love affair with the camel toe leggings. Again and again we saw the diminutive cutie meeting her public in Lycra bottoms so tight as to often leave very little to the imagination where the finer details of her anatomy were concerned. Talk about getting to know your favorite celebs. There were times it felt almost like we were dating Chloe.

#13 - Alicia Vikander (new)

In 2016, Alicia Vikander took home an Oscar and we somehow overlooked her hottie contribution. With her role as the new Lara Croft hitting theaters in 2018, it's now impossible to put this Swedish baby in a corner any longer. She's talented, she's beautiful, she's an ass kicker.

#12 - Ashley Graham (new)

You could have called it a one-time fluke when Graham appeared on one of the three covers Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition featured in 2016 but she managed to continue to throw her weight around in 2017 as well, with a new fashion line and nearly constant coverage in all kinds of fashion magazines. Graham isn't just being celebrated for pushing the industry into a direction it's largely ignored for years, she's kicking ass and taking names for her vigilant persistence.

#11 - Bella Thorne (-5 spots)

We figured Lil' Miss Gets Around was going be featured in some drug overdose story or beating a paparazzi's car with an umbrella kinda way but Bella Thorne hung on. She still spent most of 2017 with her pierced nipples barely covered with see-through flimsy material but she also managed to redeem herself with an amusing turn in Netflix's THE BABYSITTER. Who knows, maybe the new Do You Boo mentality is the key to success in this chaotic new world.

#10 - Margot Robbie (-9 spots)

2016 was all about Harley Quinn & her itty-bitty booty shorts holding together a movie that had little else going for it than Robbie's high wattage appeal. She doesn't look nearly as good for I, TONYA, but her acting skill continues to grow and her appeal helps to elevate the former athlete's poor social standing by developing empathy for her rough childhood in a way that only Margot & her wide smile can do.

#9 - Bella Hadid (new)

Being a model comes with a certain amount of inherent showiness. That's just the nature of the gig. But then there are some who go above and beyond when it comes to this fundamental part of the job of modelling. Bella Hadid was one of these hot body high achievers in 2017. Girl seemed positively greedy for any chance at showing off her considerable goods to the world, so much so that the professional avenues to hot body shows weren't enough to satiate her. Thus her many candid moments of near nakedness spread across social media and elsewhere. We always have a special place in our hearts for the hotties who don't care what you see.

#8 - Jennifer Lopez (new)

I think the world has a love-hate relationship with Jennifer Lopez. She spends a lot of money to maintain her aging looks & body but damned if the results aren't envy worthy and every single dime she spends is one she's personally earned, making her more than just a pretty face that someone else is footing the bill for. Now if only she could funnel some of that income into acting classes...

#7 - Alexandra Daddario (-3 spots)

I used to believe there was no such thing as a bad moment with Alexandra Daddario. I still believe that, to a certain extent. However, this year tested many of our beliefs about Alex when her BAYWATCH movie totally missed the mark when it came to allowing the busty beauty to show what she could do in a hot swimsuit. Why they didn't have her spilling out of a succession of hot swimsuits as much as possible within its 2 hour run time, I can't say. Clearly some serious brain injury transpired with this movie's producers at some point. Fortunately, the magazines made up for this unforgivable oversight in fine form. We thank them for that.

#6 - Demi Lovato (+14 spots)

Demi Lovato no doubt felt a great deal of accomplishment in her profession this year with her new album and tour and all the rest. Very much a woman in demand was Demi. For us, the real accomplishments were those things she did in promotion of those pursuits, like wearing only the sexiest stuff to all the big, red carpet events. Or getting super hot in her videos. Maybe the best moments from Demi this year came through her social media, where she just couldn't stop showing off sexy. Such a great compulsion for someone like her to have.

#5 - Selena Gomez (+6 spots)

Selena started off the year well with a successful kidney transplant (her equally hot bestie, Francia Raisa stepped up the the operating table) and a new slimmed down physique to go with her hot romance with The Weeknd but she sure did manage to muck it all up by reuniting with her dweeby Canadian ex, Justin Bieber, by year's end. We're holding out hope that she'll come to her senses (AGAIN) in the new year.

#4 - Ariel Winter (+10 spots)

While her acting career might not be expanding, at least Ariel Winter is keeping the spread of her ass from going too far as well. Many had predicted that she was going to have some epic blow-up or meltdown after the Modern Family star first started going ass cheeks to the wind after her 18th birthday but not only has she upped her fitness game with regular gym visits, she's managed to keep a low personal life profile while still letting those sweater puppies out to breathe. Here's to a great 2018 for Ariel!

#3 - Hilary Duff (+4 spots)

What would we have done without so much of Hilary Duff's excellent everything to brighten up so many of our days in 2017? I shudder at the thought. Her many hot moments on TV shows or in music videos and magazines were plenty good. Though as usual it was her more candid content which truly sealed the deal on her top 3 ranking here. Think about all those great shots of her full booty squeezed into tight jeans and leggings, or bursting out of bikinis. I know I think about it - a lot.

#2 - Katharine McPhee (+23 spots)

No one should be surprised to see Katharine McPhee make a monster leap up to second place in our Top 25 list. Girl was killing it this year from the start by taking good advantage of many an occasion to look amazing, be it in magazines, or side walk candids, or hanging out poolside in a thong bikini. Obviously it's those latter occasions were when Katharine shined the brightest in 2017. Her looks and powerful sex appeal simply cannot be denied.

#1 - Gal Gadot (+2 spots)

We had quite the ride with Gal Gadot this year. No less than two Wonder Woman movies in a 12-month period made her a certified box office darling. Her standalone WW movie broke all kinds of records and empowered generations of female fans, helping to make it the best received movie DC comics has seen in some time. Gal has circled the globe in support of her movies more than once, fronted the cover of all the big magazines, supplied us with numerous sexy spreads, did all the big chat shows, etc., etc. What more can you ask from the year's best? Okay, there were no nude scenes. Maybe they'll have that in the next movie. Don't hold your breath.



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