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12.29.2016by: Droz

The Top 25 Hotties of 2016 (with video)!

Reaching the end of another calendar prompts us to once again look back on a year chock full of hottie happenings. This was a time of changes in so many ways, but especially when it comes to the women who made our lives just a little bit better with all the hotness they brought. Many previous lists have looked remarkably similar to each other, distinguished only by the occasional dark horse here and there. Arriving at our final 2016 list quickly made it clear how this year's list was nearly all dark horses, with only a few regulars managing to hang on, often with much lower standings.

In a year when things were constantly in upheaval, it should come as no surprise the same should be true of the women who impressed us most through the course of the year. We're not complaining though. A little change now and then is a healthy thing. Now let us see who made our list of 2016's Top 25 Hotties!

Honorable Mention - Rita Ora

How is it possible Rita Ora didn't make the list? For fellow Rita fans, who will no doubt be mulling over that very same questions, I regret to inform you I have no solid answer. In my mind, Rita Ora, more than any other hottie, spent the better part of 2016 pushing the envelope. Her Lui Magazine spread was a home run, she landed a gig on America's Next Top Model, spent evenings out on the town in sheer lingerie (when she wasn't promoting her own line of unmentionables), had some the best bikini moments of the summer and is hot as f**k. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Putin interfered with our selection process.

Honorable Mention - Elle Fanning

It's been obvious for years Elle Fanning was poised to become a real heartbreaker of a hottie. This year she went and proved the predictions true and then some with several high profile roles in all sorts of different movies. As good as Elle was on screen, she became even better when she strutted her stuff around town in a series of skin tight leggings, showing off a surprising shapeliness of ass you wouldn't think a slender thing like her would have any business owning. Girl seems to be full of all sorts of surprises. We look forward to being surprised by her again in 2017 and beyond.

Honorable Mention - Isla Fisher

Love them redheads, as Matthew McConaughey might say. There's always been a little something spectacular about Isla Fisher, from her petite curves to her willingness to be utterly goofy at her own expense, but we were seeing far too little of the saucy ginger before this year. Raising her family and being a good wife are all well and good but Isla went above and beyond in 2016 to show off how that homesteading lifestyle hadn't wrecked her, even if it didn't bring killer box office bucks to KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES and NOCTURNAL ANIMALS. Here's to hoping that she's going to continue the streak she started picking up again this year.

#25: Katharine McPhee (-19 spots)

It's baffling how Katharine McPhee could have such a hot and pumped up year in hottiedom, sparking rumours of a boob job while still killing it in the ass department with all of those summer bikini moments, but there was some stiff(ening) competition this year. She broke up with her Scorpion co-star boyfriend, putting her back on the market for a new beau and perhaps some future gigs that will help her climb back up this Top 25 ladder. We certainly look forward to watching her climb.

#24: Kelly Rohrbach (new)

Deep in the heart of Spring 2016, we were honoured with daily images coming from the set of BAYWATCH, the movie that will put some raunch into the cheesy '90's beach soap opera. While it was to be expected that Alexandra Daddario and her fine form would garner the most attention, it was Kelly Rohrbach's effervescent presence that had us all doing a double take. Not only did Kelly fit into Pamela Anderson's red swimsuit so well, her radiant smile got us hooked and her off-set bikini moments had us addicted. Tick tock, March 2017. Tick f*cking tock.

#23: Christina Milian (new)

If positions were granted based on hotties who showed the most cleavage, Christina Milian would most likely be relocated to the number one spot. Throughout 2016, this girl has been as committed to showing off her rack as committed as we are to gushing over it. Whether she's out for an afternoon jog, shopping for a new breast accentuating blouse or decked out for an evening of fine dining, the situation always calls for a heaping portion of barely-covered titties. There's something to be said for an aspiring megastar whose acting career didn't exactly hit the stratosphere, yet still maintains relevance thanks to her searing sexuality and a pension for skimpy attire – at this point, she's known more for her eye-catching appearances out in public than she is for anything work-associated. We're indebted to Christina Milian for a years worth of enticing imagery.

#22: Emily Ratajkowski (new)

With more and more people no longer falling under the spell of Kim Kardashian's ass, it went fairly unrecognized when Emily Ratajkowski posed topless with the reality star back in March of 2016. Feminists were taking sides on the matter while fashion designers used EmRat as a talking point regarding red carpet dress choices. All the while, Ratajkowski kept posing nude, speaking eloquently on her behalf to those publications brave enough to get her opinion rather than guess it for her, making a mark for herself & simultaneously chipping away at the stigmas associated with nudity and being a well rounded (ahem) woman. Oh, and she acts too! (Watching her episode from NetFlix's original series, Easy is highly recommended.)

#21: Morena Baccarin (new)

Marvel's roster of superheroes usually comes packaged with a member of the opposite sex to long for but they rarely seem interested in expressing that love in a physical way – save for Tony Stark. And even when they do, it's merely implied, not fully explored in any visually gratuitous way – not until the 2016 release of DEADPOOL. And no matter what enemy our hero in red faces off with in the upcoming sequels, no baddie will ever stick it to Deadpool quite like Morena Baccarin (literally). Besides being the first hottie in a Marvel Studios' film to ever get naked, engage in sexually explicit behavior and beg for some backdoor action, Morena's act of anally defiling the title character will forever be ingrained in our minds. Throughout her career she's been the object of affection for many loyal fan boys. That, coupled with her list of sexy deviations from the standard Marvel formula, make Morena Baccarin's spot on the 2016 list well-earned.

#20: Demi Lovato (+3 spots)

It was an equally awesome and awful year for Demi Lovato, headlining a highly successful summer tour with best bud Nick Jonas, garnering some of the highest shares of our 2016 posts with her coveted thick curves while alternately breaking up with her longtime boyfriend and declaring that she was planning on taking a break from the industry in 2017 due to the stress of the business. Demi gave all of the women out there who don't fit into Barbie's mold hope and she won't be forgotten for it.

#19: Chloe Moretz (new)

In regards to her acting carreer, you might say Chloe Moretz has seen better years. However, in regards to the number of public appearances made in a pair of crotch cutters, you could say the year of 2016 has yielded some of Chloe's most compelling work. It was hard to keep track of how many images depicting her lovely legs and that tight booty, heavily compressed into a pair of tiny short shorts, were released. It's not like Chloe taking a year to focus more on her sexy public persona will make a difference in the long run. Her resume – even before turning 18 – is beyond impressive; the foundation for which to build on a career in motion pictures already as solid as concrete. It seems correct she embark on a year-long journey to test out her sexiness, and [that] we hear at Joblo were there to closely observe and chronicle said journey. Better believe we'll continue to do so in the years to follow.

#18: Olivia Munn (new)

Nothing makes my neckbeard feel grayer than realizing how long it's been since Olivia Munn was invading out standard definition TV screens on Attack of the Show!, on a network that basically got erased from time and space. It's amazing how busy Olivia has kept herself over the last 6-8 years, but she outdid herself in 2016. You might've see her as an officer of the law (in a sports bra) in RIDE ALONG 2, portraying Psylocke in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE or dancing in a giant snowman costume alongside Jason Bateman in OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY. As swamped as her schedule is, we appreciate that she still has a still manages to be a persistent part our site by never letting us forget that at heart, she's a fun babe with a sense of humor. It almost brings a tear to your eye.

#17: Haley Bennett (new)

While she might not be the #1 hottie in our Top 25 this year, Haley Bennett certainly was #1 in 2016 in the vertical climb to Hollywood success. No longer a bit player in lame rom-coms, Bennett didn't just appear in a few of the more high profile movies this fall, she managed to be one of the best things about them, from outshining all those big male names in THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN to giving Emily Blunt a run for her money as the other girl in THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN. All while laughing sweetly while people compared her looks to Jennifer Lawrence.

#16: Victoria Justice (new)

It's good to see Victoria Justice back where she belongs, being honored among the years hottest of hotties. She may have been MIA on last year's list, but leave it to some sexy musical performances – parading around in her bra and panties in the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW reimagining – and a few eye-popping bikini moments to aid in Victoria being justly reinstated. 2016 may have been her strongest year yet, due in large part to the aforementioned role she landed in ROCKY HORROR, which resulted in one of the most memorable hottie moments of the year (make sure to watch it with the volume turned down, though). You haven't lived until you've seen Victoria Justice do a musical number in a white bra and panties. That alone should solidify a position on our list for the next two years.

#15: Anna Kendrick (new)

I'm fairly shocked that we haven't had as much love for Anna Kendrick on our Top 25 in past years as we should have, considering that this feisty lady not only looks amazing in photoshoots, red carpet photo ops and the movies she stars in, but alas, we're just getting around to giving her her proper due. With the popularity of TROLLS bequeathing us a multitude of leggy appearances to Anna appearing shamefully not-nude in the new Playboy, it was a banner year for those who love their women sassy AND sexy.

#14: Ariel Winter (new)

I could hear Freddie Mercury crooning whenever Ariel Winter appeared in a post this year, as the middle child from Modern Family surged into womanhood and tried to shift focus from her surgically un-enhanced chest (which was still mighty-mighty) to her equally impressive bottom. Whenever Ariel went this summer, she went ass out, with her favorite frayed cut-offs paired with a top that gave us cleavage, side or underboob and sometimes, all three. For every asshat who bitched that she was a plain looking fat girl, there were dozens of others who were all about wanting their world to go 'round with Winter.

#13: Kate Beckinsale (new)

Forget 2016, Kate Beckinsale will go down in history as one of Hollywood's finest hotties... EVER! Kate He has seen a year of ups and downs, both personally and professionally. She released a couple of movies – one receiving a resoundingly positive response (LOVE & FRIENDSHIP) and another receiving a resoundingly negative (appropriately titled, THE DISAPPOINTMENTS ROOM) – but the one area Miss Beckinsale has remained consistent is maintaining her impossibly high standard of beauty. With every photo captured, whether she's wearing spandex before working out or an elegant gown in attendance to some high profile event, Kate Beckinsale conquers the moment. She was recently quoted saying: "I think it’s important as an actor to have periods where you’re not flavor of the month." Can't help her there; Kate Beckinsale is too flavorful to be ignored for any extended period of time.

#12: Jennifer Lawrence (-7 spots)

As professional hottie lovers, we would have a difficult time narrowing this list down to 100 ladies, let alone 25. That said, just because Jennifer Lawrence may have slipped down a few points this year doesn't mean she doesn't still give us serious hunger pangs. After all, she cracked our top 5 for the last four years in a row, two of which she was crowned the fairest of them all. If that doesn't say "love", I don't know what does. Jennifer may have had a slightly calmer year than usual, but with the HUNGER GAMES franchise now dead and buried, some may see the dry spell as a positive. (Especially Jennifer.) That said, she and Chris Pratt are currently getting teenagers to make out in theaters with the stockholm syndrome space-drama PASSENGERS. Plus, we can't argue that we also got a little Mystique action this year in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, even if it was arguably too little.

#11: Selena Gomez (-9 spots)

Despite not being able to quite reach the level of hypersexuality we saw Selena Gomez hit in 2015, the luscious little Latina still tantalized enough in 2016 to make the cut. To be expected, she released a few racy, yet respectable, photo shoots, co-starred as a foul-mouthed hitchhiker with a sexy midriff in the Netflix movie THE FUNDAMENTALS OF CARING but, disappointingly, never showed up during the summer season to put on a much-anticipated bikini show... bummer. Her best moments came from those evening's that require her to get gussied up – this girl has a knack for impressing even the most jaded hottie gawker with her selection of elegant dresses. It's safe to assume Selena Gomez will kick things back up a notch before too long. And we'll be here... watching... waiting... holding our breath.

#10: Sara Jean Underwood (new)

Typically, this list is reserved for movie stars and pop singers whom we love to watch on mute, but occasionally a hottie makes such tremendous strides elsewhere, we just can't leave her ignored. You might say that was the case this year with Sara Jean Underwood and her prolific efforts on social media. All year round, she's made her fans feel very lucky by shining more light on her outdoors-y lifestyle, along with an endless (and I do mean endless) series of strategically crafted butt shots in glorious atmospheres. Since January, her Instagram account has been non-stop variations of thongs, redwoods, cleavage and waterfalls. Sara has always had a presence online, but lately she's taken her behind above and beyond. Here's hoping her hiking boots don't get worn down in 2017.

#9: Emma Stone (new)

We've been advocators of Emma Stone and her provocative fishbowl eyes ever since the SUPERBAD days, but every year she seems to be movin' on up in Hollywood. This year, she and Ryan Gosling are out to impress your grandparents with the old-timey musical LA LA LAND, which will no doubt be swallowing up awards like the Sarlacc next season. Emma is showing no signs of hitting the breaks anytime soon. Let's just hope her upcoming take on Cruella de Vil doesn't drain her of any of the perkiness and charm she's displayed all throughout these last 365 days.

#8: Hailee Steinfeld (new)

2016 was a full year for Hailee Steinfeld and a real paradigm changer for the EDGE OF 17 star. She started out like usual for most of us, namely the former child star grown up into an adorable young woman. This modest profile didn't last long after she reimagined herself a pop star set upon topping the charts. And surprise, surprise, Hailee proved she had some solid legs as a singer and performer (much like her actual legs), carving out a whole new crop of fans for herself and a new niche as an entertainer. As if that wasn't enough, Hailee also wowed us again and again throughout the year with wonderful repeat showings of her fantastic figure. Clearly Hailee's talents are boundless.

#7: Hilary Duff (+2 spots)

Putting multiple new posts up each and every day can be a challenge to those of us tasked with doing it day in and day out. Fortunately there's Hilary Duff to save the day. Her ample ass shots have bailed us out several times this year, when slow news days made new content hard to come by. This year was one of the better years for said booty moments from the Younger actress and chart-topping pop star. Hilary has done us the service of embracing her curves, while also making sure we had several clear views of those curves. Girl knows she's got it where it counts and has no qualms about proving it when she has the chance. And for that, we thank her.

#6: Bella Thorne (new)

If 2015 was Bella Thorne's coming out party as a fully unleashed adult, 2016 was her time to prove just how insanely hot she was prepared to become with her super hot, grown up ass. Again and again it was Bella in something tight, or Bella in a bikini, or Bella nearly letting one naughty bit or another almost fall out. It's become something of a family tradition among the Thorne offspring to bring the sexy at every given opportunity, but Bella has put them all to shame with the sheer amount of visceral hotness she put out in 2016. We're going to see a lot more of her in years to come, in more ways than one.

#5: Amy Adams (new)

If you've been around previous years, you know Amy Adams is no stranger to our Top 25. However, this was an exceptional year for one of our favorite redheaded enchanters. Aside from her usual schtick of being drop dead gorgeous in photoshoots, etc., Amy made damn sure to make her mark in 2016. She could've just taken her Lois Lane money from BATMAN V SUPES, gone home and called it a year. Instead, she topped us off with some more serious, stellar perfomances in ARRIVAL and NOCTURNAL ANIMALS. If Amy's goal is to keep us up all night thinking about her, she achieved it long ago.

#4: Alexandra Daddario (-3 spots)

2015's top hottie, Alexandra Daddario, slipped a little ways down in 2016, another casualty of all the new blood crowding into 2016's top hotties list. All those awesome BAYWATCH set pics and her kinda naked scene in BAKED IN BROOKLYN made sure Alex stayed right up there near the top, even if she didn't top her biggest nekkid claim to fame. Not that Alexandra has to be nude to get our attention. Girl and her angel face are a treat for the eyes in pretty much any capacity and a must post situation, no matter what she's doing. That's just the kind of quality hottie Alexandra is.

#3: Gal Gadot (new)

Who could have guessed it would ultimately be the hotties who saved the day when it came to movies packed with the likes of Batman, Superman, gigantic mutant beasts, and various other things. I'm not just talking about heroic feats on the big screen either. Actresses like Gal Gadot provided the literal saving grace to a few comic book movies this year - movies which might have otherwise been total morose downers or little more than badly made piles of crap. Although Gal's turn as Wonder Woman proved fairly brief in BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, it was nonetheless quite satisfying in its own right, and an encouraging sign of what might be possible in future movies, provided they can avoid the pitfalls they fell into face first this year.

#2: Jessica Alba (new)

Although we didn't see it coming, Jessica Alba returned with a vengeance to remind us of her all-powerful, searing hotness. (Not that we'd ever forget, but we appreciate you keeping us in check, Jessica.) Alba provided us with so many excellent magazine spreads and "random trips to the beach," it's almost as if she were trying to make a point of some kind. Don't know what it is exactly, but let's hope she keeps trying to reach us. On top of that, she even treated us to a big screen bikini-ogling spectacular in MECHANIC: RESURRECTION. That said, most may have missed Alba's best performance of the year, as an aspiring burlesque dancer in the indie drama DEAR ELEANOR. Check it out for yourself to further justify this placement.

#1: Margot Robbie (+7 spots)

This was a year when many a hottie found themselves omnipresent in cineplexes the world over, thanks to the release of multiple movies within the span of 2016. So what set Margot Robbie's ubiquitousness apart from other widely distributed hotties in 2016? Harley Quinn, basically. Those among us hoping for a good showing from SUICIDE SQUAD were probably doing so with The Joker's psycho squeeze in mind. Even those without a clue who Harley Quinn is, still recognized a good thing when they saw the crazy hottie in the hot pants. Margot made sure as many as possible were ready to see one of comics' most sexually stimulating characters translated to the big screen. And fortunately for Margot, she managed to pull it off, even as the rest of the movie failed to do the same.

Margot will go down as one of the few things most people will remember of SUICIDE SQUAD and one of the best sources for unadulterated hotness throughout the year at hand. And that's why she's our pick for 2016's hottest hottie!



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