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12.28.2015by: JoBlo

The Top 25 Hotties of 2015!

It's that time of the year again! Our annual Top 25 Hotties list gathers up the most notable ladies of the year that showered us with their beauty and talent, be it on stage, screen, print, or a combination of them all. There are many returning favorites, as well as a great amount of new beauties joining the ranks this year. Each entry is noted with their placement from previous years and if they're new to the list altogether. All in all, it was another great year to admire the gorgeous and glorious hotties that make our days just a little brighter each and every year. Enjoy and make sure to let us know your favorites as well!

And, our list wouldn't be complete without a complementary video to go along with it, which you can check out below!

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#25: Arianny Celeste (new)

Who says you need to arm-bar opponents in the ring? Ronda Rousey might have had some highs and lows between the ropes this year but Arianny Celeste has mastered her cruise control as she continued her UFC duties as a super hot Octagon girl. Since first getting those cards to hold, Celeste has successfully conquered a modeling career that includes a popular yearly calendar in various states of dress (and undress). Arianny also showed off her sense of humour, posting an image of fighter Dong Hyun Kim making a face during a photo op in South Korea, attributing his expression to her maybe, possibly letting out a fart. A hot girl who can make bodily function jokes at her own expense is a girl after my own heart. - Cherry Liquor

#24: Meagan Good (new)

Meagan Good seemed to be positioned for a bit of success this year, landing the lead role in one of Fox's most hopeful series start ups, Minority Report. Alas, the mediocre offspring of Steven Spielberg's awesome film was quickly canceled. This sounds a lot more tragic than it is. At least she had a shot on network TV. Most have a better shot of getting struck by lightning while buying a winning lottery ticket than that ever happening. And she's still unbelievably fine; aging with grace, filling out dresses and never missing an opportunity to be photographed sans bra. This devout Christian girl has put on quite the titty show all year long; ensuring this saint, and sinner's, spot on The Year of Our Lord, 2015, hottie list. You don't need a precog to predict more Meagan Good sexiness in the years to come. – No Cool Handle

#23: Demi Lovato (new)

Five years ago, the then-18-year old Demi Lovato was all over the news. A public blow-up with one of her back-up dancers on a plane had random people calling up TMZ to put the young star on blast. A couple of stints in rehab didn’t help get the tongues to stop wagging about Lovato turning into Lindsay’s partner in the gutter of Hollywood tabloid fodder. Fast forward 5 years and Demi Lovato is all over the news again - as a fashion icon, pop music hit maker and role model for young girls suffering from body image issues. Her Vanity Fair issue featuring the singer nude, un-Photoshopped and no make-up was the biggest seller the magazine had (outside of the newest Kardouchian babe) this year. I never figured Demi for being a massive underdog success story, but then again, I never thought about her much at the start. 2015 changed her trajectory for everyone. - Cherry Liquor

#22: Katy Perry (new)

At the beginning of the year, Katy Perry assured us that while she's not an expert on the game of football, nothing in her halftime performance would be "deflated". Perhaps she didn't take into account how much liquor one of her dancing sharks had been consuming, but that's neither here nor there. The point is Katy has remained one of the busiest enforcers of the pop persuasion all year long, just finishing up her year-and-a-half long Prismatic World Tour in October. That's a lot risqué costumes to change in and out every night. She may not have dropped a new record in 2015, or even a crazy-expensive but flashy music video for that matter, but Katy has managed to give us excuse after excuse to keep giving her attention on a frequent basis. And we couldn't mind less. - Salacious Crumb

#21: Eiza Gonzalez (new)

Back in 1996, Salma Hayek slithered on to the big screen with that giant albino snake draped around her legendary cleavage in FROM DUSK TILL DAWN. That might not have been the break that made the Mexican hottie but it certainly is one of the most pivotal moments in her career. So it makes sense that the television version of Salma’s beloved Santánico Pandemonium has made a break-out star of Eiza Gonzalez. With an upcoming role in the next action crime comedy from Edgar Wright, BABY DRIVER, due out in 2017, Eiza certainly is following Salma’s example of working with the best names. - Cherry Liquor

#20: Maika Monroe (new)

A new, yet obvious addition to this year's list is Maika Monroe; the current go to scream queen for indie horror enthusiasts everywhere. It may not have raked in the kind of dollars that Star Wars did, but, It Follows was as critically lauded. It currently sits at 96% on Rotten Tomatoes among the year's finest films. One may say a big part of its appeal was this beautiful and talented hottie's convincing portrayal of a young woman being stalked by a sexually-transmitted demon. You need someone like her when trying to legitimize a far-fetched concept like that with critics and genre aficionados. Here's hoping 2016 brings us much more Maika Monroe. – No Cool Handle

#19: Jessica Chastain (-13 spots)

All the new or returning hotties on this year's list have edged out many of the names that were commonplace in recent Top 25 lists. One hottie who endures is Jessica Chastain. Despite all this new blood, her glorious representation of the very best in redhead beauty remains one of the best expressions of the breed around. Even with supporting roles, like the one she had in THE MARTIAN, Jessica remains unmissable. Though for me, it was all her public appearances, with those curves wrapped in various tight and low cut dresses, that truly made her one of the best of 2015. - Droz

#18: Nathalie Emmanuel (new)

Anyone with a usable eye can see why Nathalie Emmanuel made this year's list. Besides co-starring in one of the year's biggest blockbusters, Furious Seven, she's also part of the huge ensemble cast in one of the biggest shows on television, Game of Thrones. If conquering the world of film and television wasn't enough, this hottie can hold her own against the best bevy of beauties that Hollywood employs. She may be number 18 on the list, but there is an argument to be made for higher placement – such is the case when ranking so many breathtaking women. Don't let her current position be any indication of lesser sex appeal; she's got that in spades. Curvy, curly and a British accent that makes every word that comes out of her mouth seem profound and/or important; she makes for one damn fine addition to this year's list. – No Cool Handle

#17: Gigi Hadid (new)

Most of the time fashion models are meant to be seen and not heard. After some trolls went after 20-year old Gigi Hadid’s appearance at New York Fashion Week for daring to be more than just a skeletal human hanger, the SoCal girl replied in an eloquent, empowered manner, something rarely seen on social media and even more rarely seen from a young celebrity. Hadid might have kicked off her career with the hand-up from her former model mother, but she’s clearly putting in the toil and trouble to maintain it on her own. With contracts including Victoria’s Secret, Guess? and Sports Illustrated, I think Hadid is going to be more than OK. - Cherry Liquor

#16: Emmy Rossum (+1 spot)

If someone would've told me when I first laid eyes on Emmy Rossum that she would be one of the most reliable sources of nudity and explicit sexual content on television, let's just say, I wouldn't have bought it. There's nothing about her to suggest she'd be down for constant exploitation. We all now know I would've been so wrong. She does it all; pointless nudity (that's the best kind ), cunnilingus, rough sex, tender sex, skinny-dipping and cavity search. She's not resting on her character's lack of morals either. She's one of the most beautiful and talented woman working in any medium nowadays; consistently entertaining us while serving up heaps of not just what we need, but we want. This is a gorgeous actress who's as fearless as she is shameless. – No Cool Handle

#15: Hayley Atwell (new)

The job of compiling these lists is a group effort. And as such, we must make various compromises to the group. That's why Hayley Atwell is down here in a relatively modest position on our lists. Were it up to me, I'd have her right at the top. In fact, I'd probably just populate this list with 25 different moments the buxom British babe partook in this year that reminded me how much I adore her, one of them being the scene above from her show Agent Carter. So really, all the other Movie Hotties staff members are just trying to keep my Hayley obsessions in check. That's hard work. - Droz

#14: Kelly Brook (same)

It wouldn't be a best of list without Kelly Brook ranking in there somewhere. The English hottie famous for literally bursting at the seams with sex appeal and amiability, tried to break into a wider American audience this year with her now defunct One Big Happy sitcom. A noble attempt on her part, which unfortunately didn't pay off. What can we say? Kelly's talent lies elsewhere - namely showing off those glorious curves of hers in various ways. She can embark upon all the side gigs she wants, just as long as she keeps bringing us a bevy of those boobies. - Droz

#13: Alison Brie (new)

All of us Alison Brie fans had to wait way too long for her to finally break out of her former Community doldrums and into a full on movie career. Thankfully, this year brought Alison in earnest to movie screens with her movies GET HARD and SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE. And in the finest Alison fashion, she was smoking hot in both those movies. We didn't get that much coveted nude scene from her this year, but one of these days someone is bound to get Alison out of those damn clothes somehow. Let's cross our fingers that it happens in 2016. - Droz

#12: Melissa Benoist (new)

It takes a special kind of superpower to go from naked, Russian prostitute #1 on Homeland, to playing the lead of iconic superhero on prime time, network television. New addition Melissa Benoist leapt into Supergirl's spandex in a single bound, and it's no mystery why. Cute and capable is the least you could say about her. Sexy girl next door, who inspires dirty role-playing fantasies with all who have seen her in a red cape, is closer to what should be said about her. Many have described her portrayal of Supergirl as great, even though the show built around her leaves much to be desired. Whether or not the show will make it past a couple seasons is hard to tell. What I do know is, we'll be seeing much more of this super babe in many of things to come. And she will most likely climb the ranks of this Top 25 list with each passing year. – No Cool Handle

#11: Emilia Clarke (new)

Some may say it's high time English hottie Emilia Clarke snagged a spot on the Top 25 Hotties list, especially those who consider Game of Thrones the closest thing they have to a religion. While absence up to this point is perplexing, this has been a particularly big year for Emilia, and not just because she bravely tackled the role of the young (and arguably much hotter) version of Sarah Connor in TERMINATOR: GENISYS. She was also knighted the year's Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire, and whether or not you'd consider that praise a little too high, it's pretty clear Emilia has disturbed more than one dragon from its slumber in 2015. - Salacious Crumb

#10: Alicia Vikander (new)

The best thing to be exported from Sweden since cheese & Lisbeth Salander’s raging temper, Alicia Vikander quickly went from the girl you probably didn’t remember from the 2012 ANNA KARENINA film with Keira Knightley to that girl who is in every other film from 2015. In EX-MACHINA, Vikander was the sexiest (and most frequently nude) robot since Dot Matrix. She was cheeky and chic in THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E., with a iconic fashion sense that carried over into her numerous red carpet appearances. By the time the year wrapped up, Alicia was courting Oscar buzz with her strong turn in THE DANISH GIRL. Delicate and unfussy in a world where most stars are battling for who can be the most over-the-top, Alicia Vikander is winning by relying on talent, grace and poise. - Cherry Liquor

#9: Hilary Duff (new)

Hilary Duff's transition from teen queen to highly bangable MILF has been one of recent memory's most pleasing things to witness. This year was perhaps the best time for fans of MILFy Hilary. Somewhere between her near constant fascination with tight ass jeans and her delicious conformity to the scantily clad requirements of pop singers with new albums, Hilary managed to make herself a regular face around here. Not that we're complaining. How could we ever get tired that ass, Takashi? - Droz

#8: Margot Robbie (new)

From the looks of things, 2016 is set to be Margot Robbie's biggest year yet, though her 2015 wasn't too bad either. She had a handful of good movies, including the critical darling THE BIG SHORT. She did a whole slew of choice magazine spreads and candid appearances. And last but not least, the trailers, previews, and sneak peeks of all of next year's goodies. It all easily made Margot one of the most eye-catching hotties around. Girl clearly belongs on best of lists and it looks like she's prepared to stay on them for some time to come. - Droz

#7: Ashley Benson (new)

There should be no gasps at the discovery that pretty little Ashley Benson managed to break into the top 10 this year, and if there are, those said gaspers haven't been keeping up with her shenanigans this year. Let's forget about the fact that ABC Family is willing to show Benson twerking for 2 straight minutes on "Pretty Little Liars", yet they bleep out nearly the entirety of Chevy Chase's CHRISTMAS VACATION rant. She also served as the only enjoyable aspect of last summer's PIXELS as Lady Lisa, and she didn't even need one line of dialogue to do so. Most importantly, she made herself a serious contender for magazine spread MVP this year, delivering the goods and the greats in Flaunt, Complex, FHM and many more. - Salacious Crumb

#6: Katharine McPhee (new)

Everyone has their guilty pleasures and one of the biggest ones for television viewers in 2015 was the wildly implausible, insanely addictive geek squad on the CBS dramatic thriller, “Scorpion.” And Katharine McPhee is no stranger to pleasurable TV guilt. She started off her mainstream career as a contestant on “American Idol” back in 2006 and has since done less with music as she bopped around in movie and television roles until landing success with “Scorpion.” (And love - McPhee began dating her co-star, Elyes Gabel, in 2015.) Whether she’s talking down the neurotic nerds or singing Sinatra on her off-days, Kat has shown off her versatility this year, as well as her beloved posterior in a number of sexy photoshoots. She lost Idol but won our hearts. - Cherry Liquor

#5: Jennifer Lawrence (-2 spots)

We've been getting so much Jennifer Lawrence content in the last few months, what with the final installment of THE HUNGER GAMES movies and her latest Oscar bait JOY coming out within weeks of each other. It started to feel like we should make her the new Movie Hotties mascot. She'd be an excellent choice for that. Besides being talented as hell and partial to movies we love, Jennifer is also one who makes sure she looks her hottest. It would be hard for her not to be that way. She's always going to be one of the greatest. - Droz

#4: Salma Hayek (new)

There's nothing we can say here about Salma Hayek that we haven't said a million times before. Woman has made herself the epitome of desirability for over 20 years now. The impressive part of that run is the fact that she shows no signs of slowing up. Even as she pushes 50, Salma still puts to shame many far younger hotties looking to ride her coattails. This year was jam packed with great Salma moments, thanks in part to how often she felt compelled to pack like jam those massive boobs of hers into things insufficient at containing them. There's no other way to say it. She's the best. - Droz

#3: Charlotte McKinney (new)

Charlotte McKinney has without a doubt staked her claim as the hottie rookie of the year, at least when it comes to those with careers in wearing bikinis. Not since our introduction to Kate Upton in 2012 has a hottie managed to launch so quickly into our daydreams and nightly fantasies with nothing but blonde locks and an exhausted brasier. It was love at first sight when she convinced us during the Super Bowl that eating the "All-Natural burger" at Carl's Jr./Hardee's might actually get us laid, but most of us were more than willing to be cast with such a spell. Since then, she's been been popping up and out all over the place. Even though the only film she appeared in was that dreaded JOE DIRT sequel, McKinney has stated she's ready to take that next step into acting, and if we learned anything from Upton, it's that super-sized yabos are like kryptonite to film producers. - Salacious Crumb

#2: Selena Gomez (+10 spots)

Selena Gomez achieved this monster 10-point jump up the rankings from last year by putting 10 times the effort into crafting herself as an unbelievably doable hottie. This year Selena silenced many of the naysayers with her determination to remake herself as a sex goddess of impressive capabilities and capacities. Who would have thought Bieber's once conflicted leavings could achieve such a turnaround? Kudos to Selena for reinventing herself in such a great way. - Droz

#1: Alexandra Daddario (same)

Solidifying her current status as the hottest of hotties for a second year in a row is... Selena Gomez. Sorry, had a Steve Harvey moment. Actually, it's Alexandra Daddario; a women so searing, knocking her off the top spot was an uphill battle for even the toughest contender. The only reason many of us watch movies like San Andreas or Texas Chainsaw 3D is to get our fill of her big, beautiful pair of eyes. I know some will say it's because of her equally epic pair of boobs, but for me, those hypnotic blue peepers are just as appealing. There's really nothing about her that isn't appealing. As close to perfect as humanly possible, this hottie defended her title with a years worth of constant awe and admiration, never failing to impress us with a standard of beauty that's tough to topple. – No Cool Handle



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