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12.20.2013by: JoBlo

The Top 25 Hottest Hotties of 2013!

After a year of scantily-clad, strikingly-gorgeous, breathtakingly-beautiful, and deliriously-sexy babes gracing our eyes, breaking our hearts, and making our day, the difficult task of narrowing down the Top 25 Hottest Hotties of 2013 was upon us. It's difficult work, but we must endure. This year saw many new additions, as well as quite a few mainstays, each moving up or down on the list from previous years. There was no doubt a bevy of beauties to contend with and ultimately the choices were clear, but no matter their place in the list, all of these ladies are winners in our minds. So, settle in and scroll through our roster of hotties and see if you agree that these wonderful women were the creme' de la creme' of 2013. Enjoy!

To see how this year stacks up with the last few, check out 2011's Top 25 here! and 2012's Top 25 here!

Honorable Mention - The 138 Water Models

For a while there, it seemed like three days wouldn't go by before I saw another one of these photo shoots for 138 bottled water. The heads of this company clearly believe that sex sells as seen by the consistent pics featuring a bunch of big-breasted beauties looking happy while drinking their product. Featuring models like Jaclyn Swedberg, Amanda Cerny, Tiffany Toth, Amanda Cerny, Keyara and Natalia Proza (haven't heard of any of them? That's okay. I'm sure we'll be seeing more), these photo shoots have made 2013 a year of feeling very, very...thirsty.

Honorable Mention - The Girls of Nuts

We've all had a lot of fun with the endless bounty the UK's finest big-boobed hotties have to offer. They've got a ton of publications all essentially doing the same thing over there, but Nuts magazine's selection of hotties were some of the most popular in 2013 and for good reason. Their regular crop of fine British beauties literally let it all hang out the whole year long. No wonder I'm so crazy for those luscious limeys.

#25: Jennifer Aniston (new)

Her role as a not-so-horrible boss wasn't quite enough to push Jennifer Aniston into our "Top 25 Hotties" list last year, but our old friend managed to keep our attention long enough to just barely make her mark in 2013. Sure, this is largely due to her role as a drug-smuggling stripper in WE'RE THE MILLERS, but she's also maintained her ability to be cool, funny and sexy. The scene referenced above raised a lot of awareness of the R-rated summer comedy, which wasn't as much of a letdown as the more anticipated HANGOVER PART III: THE ONE WHERE THEY DON'T DRINK.

#24: Aubrey Plaza (- 3 spots)

Aubrey Plaza's ranking hasn't gone down because she's gotten any less hot, there just so happens to have been an avalanche of newcomers in the hottie village. Let this not overshadow the fact that 2013 a pretty big year for Aubrey, both as an actress and a hottie. Her first big starring role in sex-comedy THE TO-DO LIST was finally seen by audiences, however big they were. One of her "hottie highlights" this year was, without a doubt, the photoshoot she did for GQ. That bikini fest enlightened us to a whole other side of the chick we only knew as the hot, grown-up version of MTV's Daria.

#23: Amy Adams (new)

Amy Adams is a virtuoso of acting. While it's fun to think of her as being that spritely princess knock-off from ENCHANTED, she's also shown the chutzpah to be a foul mouthed bar maid in THE FIGHTER. Taking what she's learned over the years, Adams applied it to a couple of high profile roles this year. During the summer blockbuster season she hit hard as Lois Lane and finally gave us the news reporter hot chick we were looking for. She followed that up during the awards season as she reunited with David O. Russell on AMERICAN HUSTLE. Oh and that ENCHANTED thing? Rumours that Disney is filming the sequel began swiftly at the end of this year. Stay tuned...

#22: Jessica Alba (new)

This was a rebuilding year for Jessica Alba. After a long time spent angering and irritating fans with her persistent nudity phobia, unfortunately catty public comments and general diva attitude, folks were starting to get tired of her routine. Fortunately, she managed to get a hold of herself this year and came back strong with a number of great hottie moments. Now a full on MILF businesswoman, she's highly motivated to reinvent herself as viable brand name. She's wisely making that happen by putting her best hottie foot forward. reminding everyone why we've almost always been amorous of miss Alba.

#21: Paula Patton (new)

Paula Patton is a cool, cool, cool mama. She got to hook up with Denzel in 2 GUNS. When the 2015 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 5 movie was announced, her name was automatically thrown out as a return character. Oh, and she's married to the guy who was also in that Miley Cyrus VMAs twerk-a-thon from this year - and she didn't even have him thrown out of the house for getting mixed up in that mess. If that ain't cool, you might need to get your thermometers checked.

#20: Alice Eve (new)

Apologies were made for this scene out of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, where Alice Eve's character Carol is seen in her skivvies for "no reason." I have a great reason for you... because she's freakin' HOT! Did the writers behind SEX AND THE CITY 2 need a reason to have Eve's braless nanny character be braless? Well, that's a stupid and reverse discrimination question so we really shouldn't bring it up, should we? Putting the Trekoversy aside, Alice also had the pleasure of being in a couple of smaller budget movies this year, DECODING ANNIE PARKER and COLD COMES THE NIGHT, co-starring Aaron Paul and Brian Cranston respectively, making her one of the few actresses who can also boast that she had a threeway with the dudes from this year's other huge sensation, "Breaking Bad."

#19: Emma Watson (new)

Emma Watson only had a couple of projects this year, both coming out within a week of each other. No matter though, as they were both more than sufficient to make 2013 one of her finest years yet. It started with her cameo in THIS IS THE END, playing herself amidst a cast of people playing themselves and proving that the damned aren't necessarily bad asses. She followed that up with her impressive tongue action in THE BLING RING, playing a sexy thief who specializes in nabbing celebrity jewelry. Good stuff, but not really sufficient to eclipse her wizardry days. Then again, her magical past is still putting butts in seats. Might as well ride that horse till it bucks her.

#18: Jane Levy (new)

She was a stage actress when she was a little girl, something that most of you probably don't know about Jane Levy. She also only reentered the acting profession in 2011, on the show "Shameless" where she created the character of Mandy Milkovich (recasted actress Emma Greenwell can't quite recreate Levy's magic). Between being the funny sidekick friend in FUN SIZE and gaining the lead sitcom role in "Suburgatory," Levy took to the big screen in 2013 in a huge way: she tackled the remake of EVIL DEAD and shut up the fanboys who complained about the film's potential for sucking. With three movies already in the works for 2014, I'd venture that it's a very safe bet Levy will be around for quite some time.

#17: Emily Ratajkowski (new)

We've featured a ton of models on the site this year, all doing their idealized beauty bit out in the modelling world. It's a tough thing for one model, especially a new one, to stand out from the crowd. It may be a little early to tell if Emily Ratajkowski is the new big thing or just a flash in the pan, but it's clear 2013 was her year no matter what. Thanks to her unforgettable nude scenes in the Robin Thicke Blurred Lines video, as well as a ton more nudity in various other photo spreads, she's certainly made an impression and then some. It's not everyday you see such a beautiful woman, with such a great body, be so easy going with the nudity. That's something to cherish when you find it.

#16: Sofia Vergara (-9 spots)

You didn't expect Sofia Vergara to just go away this year, did you? With the help of her loud voice and even louder chest, Sofia has fully launched herself into superstardom. Some may believe she's overstayed her welcome, but she's nowhere near close to flying off the radar just yet. Her role on "Modern Family" along with her multiple, ongoing ad campaigns have made Sofia the highest-paid actress on network television. And whether you loved or hated MACHETE KILLS, it's always fun to watch a character blow shit up with her ammo-filled ta-tas. Plus it seems like she mainly took that role for her son, who happens to be s a Robert Rodriguez fan. Overall, Sofia is an exemplary example of a hottie, and a pretty cool mother.

#15: Sandra Bullock (new)

Two of the movies in the top 20 highest grossing films of 2013 star a woman who should have never gotten her career off the ground after LOVE POTION #9. But 21 years after that vehicle flopped, Sandra Bullock has become the actress with the most name-brand clout. She won an Oscar in 2010, divorced her lout of a husband, adopted a child on her own, started banging out the best projects with the most ROI, got her hands and feet in cement and helped create the California legislation that protects celebrities from being stalked by the paparazzi when they're with their children. Oh, and she's going to be turning 50 in 2014. Age defying, naysayers-slaying, totally PWNING, that's Bullock.

#14: Olivia Wilde (same)

Olivia Wilde may have not gotten as much attention as she should have this year for RUSH, DRINKING BUDDIES or even THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE, but we still recognized her as a hottie. Here she stands on the same #14 spot as last year, as well she should. Aside from her full-time commitment to being a hot actress, Olivia is probably the most awesome girlfriend on the plant. Earlier this year, she took her fiancé Jason Sudeikis out to a strip joint. Not so sure how much joy strippers can bring you when you've got a perfectly good Olivia Wilde at home. "Olivia booked the private champagne room with two dancers. She took Jason inside, and while he wasn’t allowed to touch the dancers, she could touch them." 

…. Oh.

#13: AnnaSophia Robb (new)

If you're gonna talk about hotties coming out out of left field in 2013, you gotta bring up AnnaSophia Robb and her incredible ass. Plenty of us knew of AnnaSophia before, but I don't think many knew there existed such an impressive posterior on a hottie who never seemed to be built that way before. Yet there it was again and again in those amazing candids from the set of The Carrie Diaries, stuffed into tight 80's dresses. Finding new and expansive backsides is like discovering buried treasure for an ass man, which makes AnnaSophia's rump true booty booty.

#12: Vanessa Hudgens (-2 spots)

As far as 2013 goes, it's been the year that Vanessa Hudgens has used her wardrobe and public outings to proclaim, "I am an adult now…and I'm friggin' sexy!" The giddy-ups she's chosen to be seen in lately are very classy, but she's still able to pull off a sexiness that (you would think) are beyond her years. To put it simply, she looks great. Also, seeing Hudgens in a tiny bikini in SPRING BREAKERS showed me just how hot she can be and how much skin she's willing to show. By the looks of it, we sadly won't be seeing too much of Hudgens on the big screen until about 2015, but hopefully 2014 will have its fair share of forehead-swipingly hot moments from this one. While there have been more than a few pictures from the paparazzi showing her leaving a gym with a hat covering her pretty little face, this year has had no shortage of Vanessa's hotness, whether it be in packed in an elegant dress or pouring out of a bikini.

#11: Selena Gomez (new)

My, how she's grown. Little miss Selena Gomez has really come into her own this year by presenting a more mature, professional and all around sexier chick. Some of you have pointed out the almost pedophilia-like nature guys like me have whenever talking about this girl (most of it having to do with her face). Now, I can understand where some of you all are coming from, but I personally don't see it. Maybe it's just the fact that I'm a young dude, too, but Selena is the sexiest she has ever been and with each performance, event and premiere, she looks just as incredible as the last time and I think this is the perfect moment to savor the beauty that Selena emanates.

#10: Maria Menounos (+10 spots)

Oh, Maria Menounos. God, I love this woman. Sure, she isn't necessarily an actress in a whole mess of big-budgeted feature films, but let's take a quick second to analyze this situation. Maria hosts a television show and has gotten the chance to speak with almost every celebrity under the sun and does so with a gigantic smile on her face. She also needs to have a great attitude with some gnarly "people skills" because dealing with multiple celebrities and talking about THEM every damn day cannot be very easy. It doesn't hurt that the woman has an absolutely fantastic body and I cannot emphasize the perfection that is her booty. That thing is a blessing upon mankind and the word, "Damn!" has never been so frequently uttered than when I see that thing. As Nathan Drake put it, "Boy, it's a shame you have to sit on something that pretty."

#9: Lauren Cohan (new)

People love Daryl Dixon. So much so that it's been claimed that if "The Walking Dead" ever decided to kill off the character that never appeared in the books and only was created for the show that they'd lose pretty much their entire audience. The same could really be true for the show's strongest female lead, Maggie, and the love that the fans show the actress who embodies her, Lauren Cohan. Cohan has a tireless fan base and a even more ardent work ethic. Look for her in 2014's REACH ME, a drama from the director who brought you 2 DAYS IN THE VALLEY.

#8: Jaimie Alexander (new)

With flashy green eyes, milky white skin and a figure that can bring out the inner romanticism of Shakespeare in nearly anyone, Jaimie Alexander is one exhaustively sultry lady. Reprising her role as Sif in THOR: THE DARK WORLD and co-starring with Arnold Schwarzenegger in his little seen comeback THE LAST STAND earlier this year, Jaimie is climbing her way up the celeb-ladder and looking damn good while doing it. Hopefully 2014 will allow us to see a lot more of her, because this year has definitely not been enough and I don't think I can tire of her beauty anytime soon. By the looks of it, she isn't afraid to show off some skin and knows exactly how great of a figure she really has. Let's not forget this little number she wore to the premiere of THOR 2. I know I never will.

#7: Katy Perry (-1 spot)

What other artist could throw a jump-roping routine into the middle of a performance and make it the highlight of the show? Katy Perry's hit single "Roar" was released earlier this year, and she's been expanding eyelids around the globe with her stage costume cleavage ever since. Even if you don't listen to her music, nor do you care for her taste in men, there's no denying that Katy is one of the most likable, hardest working Top 40 hit-makers out there. She's very particular when it comes to the creative aspect of her videos and performances, and she even designs her own costumes. This goes to show that Katy is just as obsessed with boobs as we are.

#6: Victoria Justice (+3 spots)

It was quite a year for fans of Victoria Justice. Now officially moved on from her kids show days, she spent much of the summer on the road with her music tour, shaking her beautiful butt from one side of the US to the other. And when she wasn't doing that she was bringing the sexy in tight dresses at red carpet events or stuffed into tight jeans on movie sets. Add to that her characteristic sweet smile and sweeter disposition and it's clear Victoria was bringing all kinds of goodies in 2013.

#5: Kate Upton (same)

We thought 2012 was a game-changing year for Kate Upton, although we knew it could very well have been the peak of her modeling career. That was until her Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue spread, for which she was sent to Antarctica to stand half-naked around a bunch of penguins. Not only was this a highlight of the year, it may very well have been one of the greatest things that has ever happened in the history of mankind. As phenomenal as that was, Kate didn't stop sharing her beautiful, bountiful talents all throughout the year. On top of that, Kate's success has opened the gates for her to become a working actress, for better or worse. She's already shot her first starring role alongside Cameron Diaz in next year's THE OTHER WOMAN.

#4: Scarlett Johansson (-1 spot)

With DON JON, HER and the disturbingly enticing UNDER THE SKIN featuring this lovely lady, Scarlett Johansson has had quite the year. It doesn't hurt that she's been looking as gorgeous as ever and with all these new films coming out, we've been given more than a few wonderful chances to see her look amazing on the red carpet. Now, I'm a known brunette advocate 'round these parts, but with her thick lips, curvaceous body and unfathomably perfect boobs, it's impossible to deny Scarlett's title as one of the most gorgeous women to grace this Hollywood. Hell, even that raspy voice of hers is sexy as all hell and has the critics all a-buzzin'. When you can be heard and not seen and still give a lasting impression on people, you bet your ass you're doing something right.

#3: Kelly Brook (+3 spots)

One might ask themselves what Kelly Brook has done this year to make it into our Top 10. Has she made any movies? No. Any high profile TV shows? Not really. Was she especially controversial? Nah. So if she didn't have any of that, why is she here? The simple answer is that Kelly doesn't need to do anything to be our favorite. She need only put on (or take off) a bikini at the beach, wear some lingerie in a calendar, go out for the night in a sexy dress or just walk down the street in some leggings. It doesn't matter. Girl drives us crazy no matter what she's getting up to.

#2: Gemma Arterton (new)

Okay, so Gemma Arterton's movies in the past year probably won't receive any Critic's Choice awards. The main thing here is that Gemma truly went above and beyond the hottie quota this year, and she's been consistent all year long. Starting in January by hunting down witches in tight leather pants in HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS, to doing a very sexy but tasteful Betty Page tribute for Love magazine, and she continued standing in front of cameras for a good two months to help promote RUNNER, RUNNER. The sad thing is, the film for which Gemma garnered the least amount of attention, BYZANTIUM, was probably her best role of the year, and most certainly her hottest. The attitude, the voice, the face, the body, and the willingness to work hard are what put Gemma in the #2 spot.

#1: Jennifer Lawrence (2nd year in a row)

Here she is, ladies and gentlemen. For the second consecutive year, blonde bombshell Jennifer Lawrence has landed her sexy self onto our number one spot and it's easy to see why. Not only is she a strikingly beautiful, young woman whose fame has skyrocketed over these last few years, but she also exudes a very "adorkable" and high-witted sense of humor in her interviews, starred in some of this year's biggest movies AND has an Oscar for Best Actress under her belt. Not too shabby if you ask me. That's exactly the kind of gal that us here at MovieHotties deserve and need more of. Congratulations on the win, Jennifer, and here's to another great year of following (and drooling over) you. Cheers!



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