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12.30.2011by: JoBlo

The Top 25 Hottest Hotties of 2011!

I've been thinking about having our own annual MOVIEHOTTIES "hotties of the year" since the site was launched a few years ago, but I never went through with it, but this year, with the help of our three intrepid writers (Cherry Liquor, Seth Gecko and Droz), we came up with what we believe is a representative list of lovely ladies all of whom 1) were popular during the past year for one reason or another, 2) are uber-hot and 3) are liked by us (that's could argue that Kim Kardashian was all over the news this year, but meh...we no likey so much).

And if you actually decide to read what each our of writers presented below each pick, you will also find a link leading to each girl's own PHOTO GALLERY for more loveliness. So without further adieu, step aside Maxim and all those other lists and welcome our 1st Annual TOP HOTTIES OF THE YEAR listing! Feel free to share your feelings about each girl on the list below their entry... -- JoBlo

#25 - Jamie Chung

I’m willing to bet that the first thing that came to your pervy minds when you saw Jamie’s name on the list was the famous shot of her from SUCKER PUNCH with a lollipop in her mouth right? Or perhaps you thought of the incredibly sexy leopard skin bra and panties she wore for her hot Maxim photo-shoot back in April of this year? Well either way when you saw her name, you most definitely thought of something hot that she did this year and there was plenty. Imagine watching a chick as hot as her jumping into a kick-ass mech-suit, flying into the air and shooting down planes with two massive chain guns while sucking on her lollipop. Yup, that’s exactly what you get from Jamie this year plus she also was given the honor of playing the worried bride-to-be for Stu in THE HANGOVER 2 which turned out to be a big hit for her as well.

It was without question an incredible breakout year for Jamie and she now has no less than five movie projects on the go for 2012 including starring alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the action thriller PREMIUM RUSH plus a bunch more leading roles. If you take her extremely attractive looks and all of her incredibly hot photo-shoots for this year and combine them with her 2011 work plus the fact that’s she’s looking at a very bright future as an actress, you’ve definitely got a winner who deserves to be on our list. -- Seth Gecko


#24 - Vanessa Hudgens

There was debate betwist us editors at Hotties and bossman JoBlo over which babes would make it onto the Top 25 Hotties of 2011 list. I valiantly fought the Vanessa Hudgens battle without pausing to see if it was worth the effort. I didn't check stats. I didn't reread comments. I'd already grown to intrinsically know the truth: 2011 was the year that people forgot Hudgens was the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL girl and started recognizing that she was a babe unto herself. There were 19 posts about the former Disney darling in 2011 alone and without an internet leaked crotch shot article amongst them. (Although her licking melted white chocolate out of a plastic baggie at Coachella did raise some eyebrows.)

No, Vanessa was a spice in the SUCKER PUNCH pot of hottie gumbo, served up in a corset and fishnets and then later delivered as the beauty in her other big 2011 film, BEASTLY. Her image is already being blasted out in the winter trailers for next year's JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND, she famously chopped off her long brunette locks to go for the award gold in a drama called GIMME SHELTER, is teaming up with greats Nic Cage and John Cusack for THE FROZEN GROUND, a thriller based on true events and already has an ensemble flick in pre-production where she collaborates with other young talent like Emma Roberts, Heather Morris and Selena Gomez to do dirty work for James Franco. So I ask my fellow writers, do you still wanna fight me over Hudgens being on this year's list? *wink* -- Cherry Liquor


#23 - Brooklyn Decker

Much like her fellow SI Swimsuit model Kate Upton, 2011 was a big year for Brooklyn Decker as well. Some high profile spreads in major magazines made big splashes on the web, as did her 2nd appearance as the cover model for the annual SI Swimsuit Calendar. Brooklyn also made her movie debut in the Adam Sandler comedy JUST GO WITH IT, as the often bikinied girlfriend to Sandler's main character. Brooklyn is currently filming two more movies to come out next year, among them the cinematic version of the popular board game BATTLESHIP, the trailer for which features her in, big surprise, a bikini. Obviously Brooklyn knows where her roots lie. No doubt we can expect to see much more of her in bikinis in 2012. -- Droz


#22 - Zooey Deschanel

The longtime female representative for the free thinking, bohemian in the 21st century, Zooey Deschanel was all over the place in 2011 with major roles in both movies and TV, most prominently in her new Fox TV show New Girl, as well as in movies like OUR IDIOT BROTHER and YOUR HIGHNESS. Zooey also achieves continued success in her musical career, recording with her partner M. Ward under the moniker She & Him. Beyond her acting and music career, Zooey has become a cultural symbol for the offbeat and unusual. Like her character in ALMOST FAMOUS, she continues to practice what she preaches, promoting the benefits of being cool by embodying coolness as her very nature. -- Droz


#21 - Lake Bell

It was Daniel Tosh who said in one of his stand-up routines that being an ugly woman was like being a man; you were going to have to work. For those crying "Butterface!" every time a Lake Bell post goes up on Movie Hotties, I can point you right toward the body of hard work she's been putting in over the years, none more notably than 2011. Stealing the show from ham Ashton Kutcher and darling Natalie Portman (damn, just realized that Nat's been shown up a lot this year) in NO STRINGS ATTACHED as the neurotic production assistant who has a thing for Kutcher and his more famous dad, Bell stripped off her top to reveal those famous breasts - in a very nice bra.

Later in the year, Lake took her clothes-doffing to a higher level, doing her first nude scene in the popular HBO series, "How to Make it in America." She also still regularly wows the late night crowds with her reoccurring role on "Children's Hospital," made some noise in the salaciously titled indie flick, A GOOD OLD FASHIONED ORGY, lent her body out to Maxim and Esquire for some of the most amazing photoshoots that I've seen released from any publication this year and is finishing up work on the 2012 film BLACK ROCK, where she's sure to outshine co-star Kate Bosworth as well. In a year where the underdog stories have ruled, Lake Bell has proven to be no exception to that rule. -- Cherry Liquor


#20 - Kristen Wiig

Show of hands, how many of you out there are surprised that Kristen made our top list this year? Well you shouldn’t be cause Kristen Wiig officially owns the comedy spotlight for 2011 with her massive hit BRIDESMAIDS which not only made an incredible amount of box office cash but even recently was listed by AFI as one of the top 10 films of the year. Kristen both starred in and wrote the project and has since elevated to A-list stardom in a very short amount of time much like one of her closest friends, comedy writer and actress Tina Fey. Not only that but she also had a hilarious supporting part in the Simon Pegg/Nick Frost alien comedy PAUL plus her continued participation as a member of the SNL cast to which she’s incredibly funny still. And of course this has all led to a large amount of progressing projects in the next few years which we’re more than happy to see if Kristen is involved.

Now in terms of hotness, I think Kristen undoubtedly deserves a spot cause if you’ve seen her recent GQ photo-shoot plus any of her other recent TV/movie work, you know she’s incredibly sexy and when you put together a girl with smarts, amazing looks and being goddamn funny, you’ve got a dream girl right there my friends. My biggest hope is that she keeps showing off what she’s got in terms of her looks and talent and that her career only sky-rockets from this point on. -- Seth Gecko


#19 - Rihanna

How can you not include a celebrity who was voted the “Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire magazine, released a truck-load of provocative music videos showing plenty of skin and was generally a hot news item for the past year or so? This girl has done it all and still wants to show us more. Of course everyone knows at this point that Rihanna is looking to break into a whole new world of entertainment as she looks to do some acting in the upcoming sci-fi action extravaganza BATTLESHIP next summer. How will she do? Only time will tell.

However when you learn that she loves to be spanked in the bedroom as she revealed back in the Spring, your mind tends to turn to mush as us men love naughty girls no matter how much we may deny it in public or to ourselves. She’s smokin’ hot, she’s had an incredible year of music releases, she’s been big in the news throughout the year regarding her personal issues with former man Chris Brown and overall has just had a huge year without a doubt. Here’s hoping she kicks some serious alien ass next summer in her first major role. -- Seth Gecko


#18 - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

I prefer to hate the playa rather than the game. When it comes to big action movies, it doesn't matter who's pulling the strings, who's getting pulled by the strings or who paid for the strings in the first place. It's first, foremost and ultimately ONLY about the money, honey. Why there was so much ballyhooing over Megan Fox getting tossed from the third installment in Michael Bay's TRANSFORMERS series is beyond me. Does it really matter which hot chick was going to be in a loud & lousy movie by a director that all of you admittedly can't stand? You'd think your mamas had all gone on laundry strike when it was announced that Victoria's Secret model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley would be filling in the new stilettos of Sam Witwicky's gal pal in TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON.

Rather than indulge any arguments over Fox, let's focus only on Rosie. She's tall, she films like a graceful gazelle out in the open wild, she has that deliciously seductive British accent and surprise of all ungodly surprises - she didn't suck. Not only was she far better than most of the nay-sayers were forecasting, there were some reviewers who went so far as to claim she was a fresh highlight in the film. The woman might not have any other acting gigs lined up just yet but don't you fret. She stood up to the negativity by doing her job and not addressing the petty troll-talk, proving that it's possible to act as beautifully as a person as you look. -- Cherry Liquor


#17 - Emma Watson

Saying that this young actress takes my breath away is a colossal understatement to say the least. At this point even the mention of her name makes my heart race as it does for so many others. As far as I’m concerned, she and Emma Stone are neck and neck for being the two hottest and youngest actresses working today. Every time Miss Watson makes a move, the world press are all over it. I’m sure you all remember back earlier this year when Emma finally said “F#ck it!” and cut her hair nice and short. There were headlines in nations around the world talking about it and debating how it made her look. I for one think her incredibly mature face and figure coupled with her short hair has produced a goddess on two legs that walks this Earth amongst us mere mortals.

And of course there’s the most obvious reason she’s on the list, the big end for HARRY POTTER. Oh yes it went out with a bang alright and Emma was always front and center for every event dressing sexier each time than the event before it. Her modeling career also took off this year as she’s become the face of a few very popular fashion lines and her schooling at Oxford also became a big hit as she left her studies in the U.S. to focus on other goals. She also continues with her acting career as well with a small supporting role in the recent Marilyn Monroe biopic MY WEEKEND WITH MARILYN and is still a massive hit with public appearances all over the world. As time passes, Emma grows more beautiful and talented yet still holds a special bond with her fans and for that, we salute you Emma! -- Seth Gecko


#16 - Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto has moved from general acclaim to the big time this year. After her breakthrough 2008 performance in SLUMDOG MILLIONARE won her international recognition, Freida parlayed her fame into big budget movie stardom with leads in this summer's RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES and IMMORTALS. After only a handful of movie roles, Freida currently stands as the highest paid Indian actress in the world. That's an impressive move up the ladder of success, considering very few people outside of India had ever heard of her just a few years ago. If her success this year is any indication of how Freida's career will fair, expect her star to grow even brighter. -- Droz


#15 - Amy Adams

This year started out with a bang for Amy, who received her 3rd Academy Award nomination in 5 years for her role in THE FIGHTER. An impressive feat for anyone, but all the more impressive considering how quickly she has risen through the ranks of Hollywood hierarchy. Most recently Amy starred alongside Jason Segel in THE MUPPETS, helping to bring back that tragically overlooked puppet franchise to the spotlight where it belongs. Not surprisingly, Amy has a number of movies in the works, including the role as Lois Lane in the new Superman movie. Expect her to be a big name in Hollywood for a long time to come. -- Droz


#14 - Emily Browning

There’s no doubt in our minds whatsoever that 2011 was a big year for Emily. I remember watching her for the first time in the awesome horror flick GHOST SHIP many years ago thinking she’ll be a big actress one day as she has a very beautiful yet unique look while also being a wonderful performer at the same time, especially at such a young age. Even though she had practically nothing going on last year, 2011 proved to be massive for her as she starred in one of the biggest action films of the year SUCKER PUNCH which earned her critical praise and also initiated a massing of fans who also began noticing her incredibly good looks.

Next up for Emily this year was the small independent drama SLEEPING BEAUTY which has already earned her a recognition award at a recent film festival and has drawn a great deal of attention to her amazing acting talents. There’s no question that this year was an amazing stepping stone for Emily both for the recognition of her mature and amazing looks plus two breathtaking yet completely different performances. This girl has talent and we can’t wait to see what she’ll come up with next. -- Seth Gecko


#13 - Blake Lively

This was a year of achievements and humiliations for Blake Lively. She continues to have success in television with her long-running hit show Gossip Girl. She has moved toward leading lady status with top billing in movies like GREEN LANTERN. However, Blake also suffered some defeats in the form of hacked cell pictures released to the web, which supposedly feature someone who, if not her, must be a long lost twin who also happens to look incredible in the nude. The details of Blake's personal life also became the stuff of tabloid speculation, after high profile romances with big name Hollywood hunks like Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Reynolds became front page news in several gossip columns. So a year of success and controversy for Blake, but one that nonetheless sees her with a much higher profile as a result. -- Droz


#12 - Katy Perry

With life looking so good for Katy Perry in 2011, it made sense that it would take computer animation to make her blue. It was Perry's voice that made the singer's big screen debut as an actress when she put the moxie in the voice box of Smurfette, the only little blue female in the gaggle of gnomes in this summer's family movie, THE SMURFS. There was far less commotion over Perry voicing a character sold to kids than back in September of 2010 when parents went ballistic over a costume she wore while dancing with Sesame Street muppet, Elmo. It's OK with breeders if Perry has the tits, as long as they're hidden in a sound studio, right?

As someone who attended one of the 54 (out of 98) sold-out concert dates that Katy did in 2011 during her highly successful "Teenage Dream" tour, I have to wonder. A spectacle unto itself, the concert was littered with kids in blue wigs and candy adorned shirts, rocking out to Katy singing about kissing a girl and frolicking on stage with water guns that shot out white foam. Have I brought up her guest stint on "How I Met Your Mother," where her appearance sparked a jump in ratings? Or how she's up to nearly 13 million followers on Twitter now? Or that her marriage to Russell Brand is going strong enough to get the comedian slash actor arrested for assaulting a photographer who tried to get pics up Perry's dress? Nah, you already know all that. That's the kind of 2011 she's had. -- Cherry Liquor


#11 - Kat Dennings

She's an internet hipster darling more well known for her annoyed pout and sarcastic delivery than much of anything else, but Kat Dennings found a way to bottle that formula up and market the hell out of it in 2011. It's hard to think that the leaked topless photos of the actress occurred in late 2010 rather than this year because the vision of her perfect creamy white breasticle flesh made such an indelible mark on my brain. It must have done a similar number to many more people than just me, as Kat jumped from sometimes small bit roles in big movies (think 40-YEAR OLD VIRGIN and HOUSE BUNNY) to leading indie lady roles (NICK & NORAH'S INFINITE PLAYLIST and DEFENDOR) to... well, pretty much the same thing on a grander scale.

Besides doing the near impossible and stealing attention away from Natalie Portman when she played (shocking, I know) sarcastic intern college student Darcy Lewis in THOR, Dennings also has managed another similarly hard to believe feat. With the success of her new sitcom, "2 Broke Girls," on CBS, she's managed to cross-over without selling out. Still smirking rather than smiling at red carpet events and appearing either bored or annoyed at every other function she attends, Dennings hasn't lost that anti-Hollywood Hottie vibe that she doled out from the get-go. Which makes her all that much more exceptional in a tide pool full of bland and mediocre. -- Cherry Liquor


#10 - Christina Hendricks

As the requisite poster girl for all things full-figured, Christina Hendricks spent most of 2011 almost single-handedly paving the way for a return of the sexy curves. With a body and a bustline that simply do not quit, Christina has become a phenomenon in her own right, using her growing popularity to alter how women in Hollywood and society as a whole are perceived. When not serving as ambassador to all things voluptuous, Christina spent 2011 branching out from her native television roots and into a full-fledged motion picture career, starring in several films, such as the recent critical hit DRIVE. With her acclaimed TV show Mad Men finally coming off hiatus for its 5th season in 2012, the future looks quite bright for Christina. -- Droz


#9 - Jennifer Lawrence

There was a time when getting the "Schwing!" approval from Wayne & Garth meant that a chick had really made the big time. Jennifer Lawrence was so big in 2011 that she brought the SNL slackers out of retirement for Dana Carvey's hosting gig, garnering more erection references to the title of her movie WINTER'S BONE, the film she earned a Best Actress Oscar nomination for, than should have been appropriate for a story about a girl looking for her meth cooking missing father. And while she might not have won the award, it was the young woman in the simple red dress who won the biggest night in fashion with no million dollar jewelry in sight.

Not letting the loss of one politically corrupted award get her down, Lawrence ruled 2011 by showing that it was possible to have a Mystique look even hotter as a teenager when she did mutant duty in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. Jen also kept her indie spirit alive with roles in THE BEAVER and LIKE CRAZY. But it was landing the uber-huge responsibility of bringing fan-favorite fictional character Katniss Everdeen to movie screens in 2012's adaptation of THE HUNGER GAMES that made her legendary. If you think you saw a lot of Lawrence when she was in the blue latex, I'm pretty sure you ain't seen nothing yet. -- Cherry Liquor


#8 - Sofia Vergara

I don't feel nearly as bad about being late to the Sofia Vergara fan bus when I tell people that it wasn't until the second season of "Modern Family" was nearly finished in its run when I checked out the first season on DVD. It seems as if most people weren't paying attention to the busty Colombian actress until the sitcom turned her into a star at the tender age of 36. While Vergara had been a popular fixture in the Telemundo market, she was barely cresting the waves of minor roles in movies like FOUR BROTHERS until she was cast as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, the hot-headed Latina second-wife to Ed "Al Bundy" O'Neil, in 2009.

Over the course of the show's run, Sofia has notched a couple of Best Supporting Actress Emmy nominations in her bedpost, along with noms for the same category at the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards. In 2011, it was impossible to turn and not see Vergara somewhere, as she popped up in a live-action role in THE SMURFS and NEW YEAR'S EVE as well as voicing a penguin in HAPPY FEET 2. Somewhere along the line she filmed a popular Pepsi commercial with David Beckham, launched a line of clothing named after herself at the retail chain store K-Mart and helped carry on the family name when she watched her cousin Sandra Vergara appear as Ginger in FRIGHT NIGHT. That, and how could any fanboy not love a woman who named her only son Manolo, after the character in SCARFACE? -- Cherry Liquor


#7 - Amber Heard

Just call her the Box Office Bombshell of 2011. The two movies that Amber Heard had prominent roles in, DRIVE ANGRY and THE RUM DIARY, succeeded only in making a lot of noise with their promotional marketing but not in luring dollars from theater goers' pockets. As if that was going to stop Heard. She defiantly proclaimed herself to be a lesbian in the most PR-scary manner (before establishing a safe career or using the declaration as a publicity stunt), became one of the new faces in the Guess? fashion campaign and made the leap back into television with the retro-drama "The Playboy Club."

While television might not be her area either ("The Playboy Club" was the first of the 2011 new fall shows that CBS canceled, after only its 3rd episode), Amber is an unstoppable force. She's moving right on to a role in SYRUP, cast as another character known only by a number, this time 6 instead of the more familiar 406 from ZOMBIELAND. While some might believe that she's not destined for the top tier of Hollywood icon status, many of those people previously regarded her RUM DIARY co-star, Johnny Depp, to be 'just the dude from "21 Jump Street."' Let's just leave it at that. -- Cherry Liquor


#6 - Mila Kunis

Man I remember back in the days of THAT 70’s SHOW when everyone said that Laura Prepon would be the big star after the show ended and not many people talked about Mila’s success post-show. It has become the exact opposite however as Mila has been rocking the screen both big and small for years now and isn’t showing signs of letting up. Mila undoubtedly deserves a top spot this year for a few reasons including and most obviously her incredible hotness, her role as every guy’s fantasy girl in FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, continuing her role as Meg on FAMILY GUY and much more. Did I also mention the mountain of sexy photo-shoots she did this year? Yeah, there was plenty!

However the biggest factor contributing to Mila’s top spot this year wasn’t for her overall appeal or work, it was for a special series of events that began back in the summer when a Marine Sergeant asked Mila if she would attend the Marine Corps. Ball with him as his date later in the Fall of this year and she quickly accepted. And not only did she accept it but she came through in a big way attending the entire event in a beautiful dress, learning all about the life of being part of the Marine Corps, having special dance with her date and overall just being an amazing person. This one’s for you Mila, you kick ass girl! -- Seth Gecko


#5 - Emma Stone

Oh my sweet and saucy Emma! I don’t think there’s a more in-demand young actress at the moment than the delectable Miss Stone and based on her looks, talent and an attitude/personality that any guy would kill for their own girlfriends to have, I’m really not surprised. Emma has had a spectacular year for work including the small comedy drama THE HELP which ended up being one of the biggest box office hits of the Fall and earned her massive praise for her performance. On top of that she also starred in two more comedy drama’s including CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE and FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS and hosted probably one of the best SNL episodes during the late 2011 season giving it a special edge with her comedic skills.

The biggest talk of Emma this year though isn’t actually for events taking place in 2011, it’s more about the future for Emma as she’ll again be ruling 2012 with two massive roles which include playing Gwen Stacy who is the cute blonde love interest of Peter Parker in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN plus donning some classic 1940’s dresses and her spicy red hair as her man faces off against organized crime in THE GANGSTER SQUAD. Plus if you were one of the lucky few to go to Comic-Con this year in San Diego, you probably know that Emma was the star of Hall H with a huge enthusiasm to be there and an incredible appreciation and humbleness with her fans. You’re a gem Emma, don’t change! -- Seth Gecko


#4 - Kelly Brook

2011 has certainly been a year of tumultuous ups and downs for this beautiful British bombshell. Coming off unprecedented highs in her modeling and acting careers, Kelly also suffered through some terrible lows in the way of an unfortunate miscarriage earlier in the year. Through it all, Kelly's positive attitude and stand out personality have helped her carry on amidst adversity. Possessing an unmistakably infectious smile and an outgoing nature, she radiates an inner beauty that's equal to her outer beauty . With a well established modeling career, her own swim wear line, and more acting and television presenting gigs in the works, we expect to see a lot more from Kelly in years to come. -- Droz


#3 - Kate Upton

If there was a breakout hottie in the modeling world this year, Kate Upton has got to be the one. With the curvaceous body of Marylin Monroe and a bubbly personality to match, this buxom beauty made waves as the SI Swimsuit Rookie of the Year for their 2011 issue. She has since exploded as a full-fledged media phenomenon, making tongues wag in several scantily clad bikini and underwear shoots for big name fashion companies, as well as being the spokesperson for companies like Sobe Lifewater. Ms. Upton is further expanding her growing media empire with appearances in TV and film productions, among them the up-coming THREE STOOGES remake. Not bad for someone who just turned 19. -- Droz


#2 - Hayley Atwell

I’ll let you guys in on a little secret. You have no idea how close Ms. Atwell came to being #1 for 2011. I along with another member of our staff fought hard to convince everyone that Hayley was the dynamite winner for this year but unfortunately our #1 had a slight edge over her. However that didn’t stop Hayley from growing a massive fan base this year especially since playing in my opinion the hottest superhero love interest in a comic-book movie EVER in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER. Much like Christina Hendricks, Hayley has a figure to die for (you have to see her ESQUIRE shoot if you haven’t already) and her British accent is just icing on an already perfect cake. Not to mention her incredible personality, fun sense of humour and smarts which she displayed anytime she was involved in interviews or press events.

With no less than three big projects in development over the next year plus an epically growing fan base (she’s become quite the symbol of lust over at Movie Fan Central) it’s no surprise that Hayley earns such a high spot on our Top 25 list for this year. Who would have thought that pleasuring Keira Knightley’s character sexually in THE DUCHESS three years ago would lead to something as amazing as where she is right now? Way to go Hayley and we can’t wait to see more of you in 2012. -- Seth Gecko


#1 - Olivia Wilde

When I tell you that the #1 choice for “Hottie of the Year” was strongly debated amongst the staff here at and head honchos of JoBlo, you can take it to the bank cause goddamn was it tough. However when we waved through even the most minute details of the past year including aspects like amount of work, popularity in the media, volume of fans and overall hotness, there’s no debating that Olivia Wilde owns 2011. Working in no less than 8 projects this year including hit summer blockbuster COWBOYS & ALIENS, THE CHANGE-UP, IN TIME as well as wrapping up her final season of HOUSE, Olivia was seen everywhere and you could barely go a week without hearing her name.

And do I even need to mention her looks? Olivia not only has incredible looks but also has a great attitude as we’ve seen over the past year with her recent SNL appearance, hilarious Twitter account messages and much more. Plus the fact that you might remember back in February when she broke up with a billionaire Italian prince and simply shrugged it off. Goes to show that you need more than money to earn this gal’s love and I like that about her. So based on her incredibly stunning looks, her massive body of work this year and staying popular in the headlines, I concur that Olivia earns the top spot and earns it well. Salute! -- Seth Gecko




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