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12.22.2016by: Droz

The Top 15 Best Ass Shots of 2016

It's been a crazy year for those of us in the business of selecting the best of the best where 2016's hotties are concerned. For instance, compare 2016's Best Asses to last year's list, and you'll find the two lists only have 2 hotties in common. The rest are either totally new hotties on the scene, or hotties who haven't been on this list in years. Funny how fast things change, but that's not a slam on what 2016 had to offer in fine behinds. In fact, I'd call this one of the better years for booty. There were so many up and comers, so many well known hotties returning to prominence, and so many new faces we hardly bothered to look at for the sake of their awesome asses.

Here now are our picks for The Best Asses of 2016!

Honorable Mention - Jennifer Metcalfe

It's become a foregone conclusion that all the biggest tits come out of England. Lately, however, they've been getting into the big asses game. Thus the next 3 entries in our Best Asses list, starting with Jennifer Metcalfe here. She's one of the stars of the UK show Hollyoaks, which means pretty much nothing to anyone outside of the UK. The pertinent part of the story with Jennifer is her fondness for beach vacays and bikinis that show off her ass. But not just bikinis. It seems most things worn over her ass are designed to highlight what she's got there. With an ass like Jennifer's, I'd have it no other way.

Honorable Mention - Demi Rose

Demi Rose is a relatively new face on the scene. Amidst all the vast numbers of UK models out there, one could be forgiven for overlooking her. If not for the fame boost she received from being Tyga's rebound girl after his first break up with Kylie Jenner, I'm sure we probably wouldn't be talking about her at all right now. None of this sounds like a promising way to begin, I know. It's only when you begin to examine the woman herself that you can start to appreciate what Demi brings to the party. Basically, she's got a body made for sin and the face of an angel. That's a combo I've never been able to resist.

#15 - Iskra Lawrence

Part 3 of our impressively rear ended UK hotties, Iskra Lawrence, cracks the top 15 thanks to her awesome everything. Like Demi before her, she has the cuteness thing going great guns and all kinds of curves undulating down the breadth of her thick body to intoxicating degrees. It's with those in place that Iskra has devotes herself to the goal of convincing women like her to appreciate and embrace their thickness, rather than lament it. We're down with her cause, especially if the result is more fine ass hotties like Iskra.

#14 - Lindsey Vonn

For years we've known Lindsey Vonn for her feats on the Olympic skiing courses. Some may know her from the doomed affiliations she's had with other sports legends. This year our familiarity with Lindsay went to another level when she went and did the painted on bikini bit for SI's Swimsuit issue. Doing that seemed to only encourage her to make much more of her athletically pumped up patootie in a series of sexy dresses worn to pretty much every celeb event she attended. Now her skiing skills have become a virtual second fiddle to her great ass-having skills.

#13 - Bryce Dallas Howard

Back in the earier days of Bryce Dallas Howard celebrity, there wasn't much reason to make a note of her butt. As one of many petite hotties on the scene, it was her skills as an actress which made her stand out from the crowd. That and her bright, red hair. Recent months and years have seen Bryce take a gradually thickening turn, to the point where she's at now with some rather remarkable junk protruding from her trunk. It feels like she's just as keen on her new curves as we are, what with all the tight dresses she wears, many seemingly intended to point out what she's packin' back there. We appreciate Bryce's effort, but it was already a hard thing to miss.

#12 - Hailee Steinfeld

It came as something of a surprise when Hailee Steinfeld refashioned herself into a pop star earlier this year. Some, like yours truly, may have even scoffed at the idea. Despite the doubters, she's actually made a go out of her new songstress endeavors. Then she took things to another new level by realizing her potential as a hottie, once again proving folks like myself totally wrong. Not only has Hailee secured her potential as a sex symbol. She has also showed us how much she has to work with there. She's got herself an adorable ass, which through repeat observations here and there, helped Haille's hotness become one of the surprise revelations of the year.

#11 - Kate Beckinsale

We've known for decades how much goodness is infused into each and every inch of Kate Beckinsale's person. We pride ourselves on bringing you repeated affirmations of that truth as often as we can. This year seemed to be a good time to take note of Kate's butt, thanks mostly to her willingness to show it off again and again throughout her various endeavors about town and on set. Be it fancy dresses or tight booty leggings, the result was yet another winning season for Kate and those of us who love her.

#10 - Jennifer Lopez

It would hardly be a best asses list without Jennifer Lopez mentioned somewhere. The queen of all big asses has reigned supreme on lists like these for decades now. So synonymous is she with the subject of great asses, Jennifer need hardly try anymore. Fortunately, one of her virtues is a serious work ethic. And work it did she ever on her most recent concert tour, where the 47-year-old made her copious booty meat the main event of the show. Might as well, since that's where most of us will be looking anyway.

#9 - Demi Lovato

While we're on the subject of quality live ass shows, enter Demi Lovato who has spent months strutting down stages in all sorts of sexy gear for her own concert tour. One could even argue the Latina pop star might be stealing a bit of J-Lo's thunder with all her ass-heavy stage gear. I'd hate to inadvertently cause a conflict to erupt between the big-assed babes, but then not really. That actually sounds kind of hot. Who wouldn't want to watch Demi and J-Lo go at it? Just throw in some mud, or jello, or baby oil, sit back and watch the show of the century.

#8 - Elle Fanning

There really isn't any reason why Elle Fanning should have the ass she does. As an otherwise tiny little thing, you'd expect her to be graced with an appropriately tiny ass. Nope, girl has some seriously impressive stuff happening back there, demonstrated via many a sexy leggings worn for repeating workouts. I can't say if this unlikely glute gift is a result of her gym frequency or just good genetics, but those desiring more of an ass might do well to learn what her workout regimen consists of.

#7 - Emily Ratajkowski

When I bring up Emily Ratajkowski, your thoughts are probably filled with images of boobs like ripe, low-hanging fruit. This is understandable. Boob shows are still the primary thing most people know and love about Emily. Interspersed among all those frequent titty moments are somewhat less seen reminders of the full extent to which Emily completes her hotness equation. Emily's ass might be in the shadow of her tits, but that doesn't make it right. She's got just as much awesome happening back there as she does up front - maybe more.

#6 - Jessica Alba

Do I really need to explain why Jessica Alba makes it onto a list like this? I don't think so. Her ass moments are the stuff of legend, particularly those presented as above in a bikini. We here wait with baited breath for her to take her next vacation somewhere warm with beautiful beaches. You know when that happens, there are imminent bikini shots ensuing. Jessica moments like these are what we're in business for.

#5 - Bella Thorne

We've seen so many new faces come to prominence this year thanks to their sexy booty shows. Bella Thorne is technically one of them, although not really. She has busied herself with showing off sexy for some time now. The difference this year made in Bella's trend of hotness was making her efforts legally acceptable for those of age. Crossing the 18+ line also seemed to intensify Bella's need to be seen and desired. Thus have ensued way too many great ass shows to count throughout the course of 2016.

#4 - Ariel Winter

Just like Bella Thorne, Ariel Winter was doing her part for sexy displays long before it was something many of us could appreciate without feeling like a perv. Fortunately she did like many a young starlet this year- she came of age. And once again this crossing of the arbitrary maturity line seemed to open a flood gate. The result was a succession of weekly, sometimes even daily ass displays from the Modern Family star. Her fondness for super short cut offs are particularly legendary. There may be a few names above hers on this list, but it's safe to say 2016 was definitely the year of Ariel ass.

#3 - Emma Stone

I don't think anyone, before this year, ever thought to include Emma Stone on a list of best asses. While certainly beautiful and adorable and sweet and talented and all sorts of other good things, she never showed much of an aptitude for ass shows. But then Emma got herself cast in a couple of different movies which had her either dancing around or playing sports heroes. Obviously those things require an actor to get themselves into shape. It was through those efforts to reach a more fit physique that Emma realized her potential as a fine assed hottie. Now we find ourselves somewhat bummed when a new set of Emma pics come with nary an ass shot in sight. Funny how things can change.

#2 - Hilary Duff

You have to respect a hard worker. Those who knuckle down and put the time in on something are the reason most anything gets done. Hilary Duff is one such person who works hard at the things she does. Not only has she been bi-coastal while filming her Younger TV show. She also put out a hit album this year and acted as a single mom to her son. Somehow, amidst all of this, Hilary managed to grace us all with dozens upon dozens of ass shows. She gave us ass shows on location for her show. There were ass shows in her music videos. Ass shows taking her kid to day care. Ass shows feeding the parking meter. Ass show, after ass show, after ass show, each one inexplicably better than the last. I don't know where Hilary gets the energy to pack so much into her day, but I sure wish I had some of it for myself.

#1 - Sara Jean Underwood

We've noted a number of advantageous occurrences and decisions made by the hotties on this year's Best Asses list. Some of them had to work hard to bring their butts front and center. Others just showed up on the scene as a kind of surprise. Some found their fannies become famous through their talents elsewhere. Others made a point of pointing out their superior assets to anyone willing to take a look. You could say this year's Best Ass Shots winner did all of the above when it came to getting her fine ass out there to you and me.

Sara Jean Underwood has never been a household name - not unless your household was big on Playboy back in the day. I think most of us probably forgot for awhile she even existed, once her former employer wrote off nude spreads starting this year. Then Sara started herself an Instagram page and proceeded to fill it with seemingly endless shots of her plumped up butt out in nature. Each new photo dump brought more and more perfect ass goodness, presented with less and less clothing getting in the way. By the end of the year, it was clear Sara deserved the top prize. She has truly gone above and beyond when it comes to bringing us the booty. And for that, we salute her.



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