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12.31.2015by: No Cool Handle

The Top 15 Best Ass Shots of 2015

The dawn of 2016 is upon. But before we dive right into a year of unfulfilled New Year's resolutions how bout we take one more tour of the booty battlefield? For a mere few moments of your time, you can reflect on some of the best examples of capturing the female ass our global society has to offer. 2015 has been an incredible journey of exploring countless numbers of celebrity crevices. Honor this modern day tradition with us by clicking your way through all of the hypnotic crack you can handle.

Honorable Mention Jessica Biel, Kaley Cuoco, Rita Ora

Just because these three top-notch examples of the female ass didn't make the list, doesn't mean there's anything particularly wrong with them. That kind of goes without saying; Jessica Biel is widely considered to possess one of the finest asses on God's green earth. This was just a barren year for her and Kaylee, with no stand out stills showing their amazing cushions. There were actually a few of good examples of Rita Ora's thumper; just not quite good enough to make the final 15. If this was the Top 16 Ass Shots of 2015, she may have made it but it's not. So let's get started with the ones that did make the list.

#15 Irina Shayk An Ass fit for Selfie (and Bradley Cooper)

It takes a special kind of ass to bag one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors. Luckily for Irina Shayk, she has one of the most sought after asses in the fashion model universe. These photos for Selfie magazine effortlessly drive that point home; beautifully displaying this Russian imports no-fly zone. Well, a no-fly-zone for everyone except Bradley Cooper. Amongst a bevy of beautiful features, her rear stands out. It's no wonder why Mr. Cooper pounced on the opportunity to invade that thing like Ukraine.

#14 Kat Graham Public Display

Television's sexiest witch since Samantha Stevens, the bootiful Kat Graham, seems to never go out in public wearing something that didn't accentuate that rounded out booty. Apart from generally being deliciously thick all around, the ass got the bulk of the bulge. And she never passes on the opportunity to show it off in every skin tight dress and pair of short shorts she wears when going out of door. Blessed are we who gaze upon this curvy queen, and may 2016 bestow upon us an abundance of Kat Graham ass pics.

#13 Hannah Davis All Shapes and Sizes

Many people have their own tastes regarding what constitutes a great ass, myself included. That's why I wanted to add a backside to the list that doesn't fit my usual mold. Not that I don't find a pear-shaped pair of cheeks sexy; I do. Especially when said ass belongs to one of the hottest swimsuit models in the world, Hannah Davis. SI Daily felt the same way. They didn't hesitate in the least to photograph that thing soaking up sun rays, and subsequently, my attention. Any ass powerful enough to help redefine what an obstinate mofo like me considers post-worthy, had to make the cut.

#12 Brenda Song Ass Vs Class

It took a long time for young women who walked around in public with their tits hanging out to be accepted as the norm. Even to this day, however, there's something that's still seductively tasteless about walking around with your ass cheeks hanging out. That's why Brenda Song's bold shun towards society's narrow view's on taste had to appear on this year's list. I happen to find it very tasty, and can only hope that this frowned upon fashion trend catches on like wildfire. If any ass can make it happen, it's the one attached to this delightful little devil.

#11 Natalia Velez Bare Bumps

Warning: The number twelve pick is not for the faint of heart. Just in case your a parent who likes to spend quality time with their child debating our choices for this year's finest ass shot, you may want to cover their eyes for the only R-rated pic to make the list; then get some help. Natalia Velez and her fearless exhibition, which gave us an unobstructed view of her extraordinary booty, was a no-brainer. By no-brainer I mean: while looking at it, your brain will be deprived of the blood supply needed for it to function at optimal levels. It's totally worth it though.

#10 Nina Agdal The Best Part of Waking up

The stand out shot of Nina Agdal's ass wasn't taken by the everyday, pretentious, scarf wearing, steady hand of a professional photographer. It was taken by your everyday, smartphone consumer who amuses them self by being intrusive. As long as photo can speak to you it hardly matters how expensive looking the shot is; this photo speaks volumes. It asks profanely laced questions like: Is there any other ass you'd rather be spooning with? And: If there's a better way to start off your day than waking up to a tightly chiseled ass like that; what is it?

#9 Sara Jean Underwood InstaAss

Gone are the days when C list, female babes had to wish upon a star for the slightest bit of exposure. Now, former Playboy playmates like Sara Jean Underwood, and her ass, can garner all the attention they seek by constantly bombarding social media sites like Instagram with cheeky photos. This actually works to the benefit of us all; that is a great ass we would've otherwise seen much less of. She'd be a gazillionaire if she started a business where, for a hefty fee, she'll roast some weenies at your cookout wearing that outfit.

#8 Jessica Alba The Art of Ass Posture

If it ain't broke don't fix it. There's nothing revelatory about photographing one of the world's most inspiring asses in skintight spandex in fact, it's become commonplace. The best you can do is try to add your own spin on it in the mere hopes of exceeding the expectations of onlookers. Having Jessica Alba contorting in as many ways as humanly possible, making her look like some kind of fountain statue come to life, is a good way to thread that needle. I compare her to a fountain statue because normally you need a hammer, chisel and the hardest of stone to carve out an ass as shapely as that.

#7 Martha Hunt Ass in Print

It's noticeable how many magazines will intentionally leave out the all important ass shot. Nowadays, capturing the ass in pixel form is the province of amateurs lest you have a specimen like Martha Hunt and her shapely backside in front of the lens. Then, you have professionals designing their shoots around the ass. Almost every magazine spread featuring her this year has made a point to capture great depiction's of this glorious heinie. These photos, capable of inducing a heart attack, make Martha Hunt's ass, a beautiful, but deadly addition to this list.

#6 Emmy Rossum Blue Moon

All women are not created equal. They are not all endowed by their creator with certain inalienable assets. That among these are tits, pins and an ass made for tight, form fitting dresses. Emmy Rossum's got all that shit going on, and the creators of Shameless are experts at exploiting that. There's hardly a euphemism I can use to describe that backside these pictures don't effortlessly inspire. Suffice it to say: if she walked into the Oval Office wearing that blue dress, she'd come out of there with that thing covered in Presidential protein.

#5 Rihanna - Ass of the Week club

This isn't the top 15 personalities of 2015, it's the top 15 ass shots. Love her or hate her, there isn't another female celebrity alive that makes full on views of her perfect bikini bum so readily available than the Baja exhibitionist Rihanna. It seemed a week couldn't go by where we didn't get a new set of photos that featured her firm ass engaging in all sorts of leisurely activities. It's like we all joined a not-so-exclusive club; one where a membership fee and consent to sign up were not even necessary. All you need is sight, plus an Internet connection, and you're in.

#4 Nathalie Emmanuel Furious Fixation

Who gives a shit if you're asked to buy into the severely hot Nathalie Emmanuel as the world's smartest super hacker? The notion of straining plausibility will immediately fall out of your mind once the director of Furious Seven gratuitously composes a frame made up of an entrancing ass like hers. Five seconds of fixating on that booty made enduring two hours and twenty minutes of stilted dialogue and repetitive action worth it. Forget all the car chases, explosions and stunt work; Nathalie Emmanuel's ass is the movie's best, practical special effect.

#3 Katharine McPhee The Ass Makes the Bikini

Any girl can slap on a barely there two piece and head off to the beach. Not every girl can turn a single, tiny piece of cloth into a hypnotic view that stays with you long after you initially see it. It takes an ass like Katharine McPhee's to make that beachwear into something more, and dare I say something special. You needn't any further proof than the image that occupies our number three spot. The only way you're going to forget that ass is with a sudden onset of Alzheimer's. Even then, this might be the one memory that sticks.

#2 Yanet Garcia A Booty That Can Predict Weather Patterns

The name Yanet Garcia may be of little significance. What is significant? The perfectly sculpted curves that make this feminine barometer incredibly appetizing. Usually, the thicker the body the thicker the booty; so it's really something special when an ass that pops like this is welded to the most petite of frames. It makes for the rarest kind of rounded rump. That's why this Mexican weather girls photo spread for H Para Hombres magazine makes her the silver medal winner of 2015. P.S. The rest of her is unbelievably hot as well.

#1 Candice Swanepoel Not a Moment Too Soon

Finding a shot of Candice Swanepoel's ass is like finding a needle in a needle stack. Not that I'm complaining; it's a very photogenic ass worthy of flooding the Internet with countless iterations and angles. That's why she originally occupied the number eight spot; not because of quality, but oversaturation. Then, as fate would have it, Yanet Garcia was knocked down, losing the title in the final round by this last-minute haymaker. And rightfully so. These aren't just the best ass shots of 2015, there some of the best ass shots to ever be posted on the internet. This end of the year bikini romp had Victoria's Secret's top biller posing with her wet, sandy ass in all kinds of X-rated positions making this photo the top-tier ass shot of 2015.



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