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01.13.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Sexiest Women from Miami

For the people who are looking for a break from the serious awards season fodder or those who have had their local theater ban them from watching STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS for the 19,000th time, there's the sure to make money RIDE ALONG 2, with the new generation's Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart. They decided to take the brothers-in-law (har har har, so damn witty...) to Miami for the sequel, so I went scouring to find some of the hottest famous ladies from the most popular beach locale in Florida. Here's what I managed to scrape up.

#10 - Josie Loren

I watch more Family Channel shows than I should probably admit to. After developing a guilty pleasure addiction to the movie STICK IT, I moved on to the gymnast drama "Make It or Break It" and found myself a bit enamored with Josie Loren, a slick little brunette with attitude. Josie was also added to the latter seasons of "The Mentalist" (which I watch for Robin Tunney because she's my old school bae) and while she doesn't have any big projects on her near horizon, Loren is young enough to get her ball rolling again easily enough.

#9 - Jessica Sutta

Most people can only name Nicole Scherzinger when asked who they know from the former girl group Pussycat Dolls. Far more interesting and at least attempting to be edgy, Jessica Sutta is the pussycat who learned to growl (her video "Feline Resurrection" is rather badass) and shows that this Doll has more to her than just being hotter than your girlfriend. Being from Miami is just one of the hot aspects of Jessica.

#8 - Cheryl Hines

Call me weird, I really like the toothy hotness of Cheryl Hines, although more from her time as a polished suburban soccer mom on "Suburgatory" than the suffering wife from "Curb Your Enthusiasm." It's a bit of a challenge to look past those chompers if you're not into ladies with big mouths but Cheryl has a tight body on her and a personality you want to eat for breakfast.

#7 - Gina Philips

She might have fallen out of the Hollywood game in recent years but Gina Philips is one of my favorite faces from the late '90's-early '00's. Putting aside my admission that I was an "Ally McBeal" fan, Philips appeared in a number of horror movies that managed to tickle my fancy, from the spooky JEEPERS CREEPERS (made even spookier if you know a thing or two about itscreepy director) to the low budget good stuffs like DEAD & BREAKFAST to weird indie THE ANARCHIST COOKBOOK. Gina's last movie was CHAINED from 2012, making her next move a jump scare when she gets back in action.

#6 - Genesis Rodriguez

Genesis Rodriquez is pretty, perky and more than just a pretty face. As one of the voices behind the superheroines of BIG HERO 6, Rodriguez proved that she can emote clearly and uniquely, even if they put her voice in the animated body of a hippie white girl. Kevin Smith is a fan as well - Genesis is set to appear in his upcoming YOGA HOSERS later this month.

#5 - Garcelle Beauvais

Here's a lady who most certainly does not get the hottie recognition that she deserves. I can't decide if people shy away from her because she's a woman of color, a woman with personal drama gone public or the fact that I'm squeaking her onto a Miami based list even though she was born in Haiti. I just know that Beauvais is one of the sexiest ladies kicking at the doorstep of 50 right now.

#4 - Alexa PenaVega

I wish I could say that I've adapted well to former SPY KIDS darling's married name change but it's taken me some time to recognize that those two kids are seriously happy together. Hell, the PenaVegas kicked ass on "Dancing with the Stars" even if neither of them managed the win. I certainly like Alexa better with Carlos than I did with that creepy older producer dude she married first.

#3 - Natalie Martinez

I'm surprised that Natalie Martinez doesn't get more high profile work. We're short a young(er-ish) hot Latina actress in the movies right now and I just can't bring myself to consider that horrible Ryan Reynolds flick, SELF/LESS a qualifying A-lister entry for Nat. Martinez is leggy, fun, full of the kind of spunkiness that we can always use more of. Perhaps playing Bella Thorne's step-mommy in the upcoming KEEP WATCHING will push her into the right light.

#2 - Diora Baird

Diora Baird isn't a natural actress, often delivering lines in a carefully practiced and totally see through manner. Luckily, those breasts of hers are 100% real and they look great when she's wearing something see-through. Baird has been quiet in the past few years after having a kid in 2012 (although she was pretty damn hot as that pregnant bar owner on "Shameless"), so hearing that she's joining the abysmal looking show, "Angel from Hell," is great news for us boob lovers.

#1 - Eva Mendes

I miss Eva Mendes. Since having a baby with the hottest export from Canada since maple syrup, the lovely Latina has been keeping things tight to the vest. We rarely see either of the two on the red carpet anymore, making those google searches for Eva's hottest pre-MILF days even steamier. I don't need her back in a bikini or fur bustier or thigh high stockings, I just want my Eva back.



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