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02.10.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Sexiest Superhero Sidepieces

We shouldn't be reducing women to simply the pretty window dressing in a dude's grand portrait, but that's the case in comic books and the subsequent movies & television shows they make off of them. (That's why I'm calling them sidepieces instead of girlfriends/wives/love interests, because they're mistresses to the story.) However, until Gal Gadot's WONDER WOMAN movie takes center stage in 2017, we're going to have to be satisfied with women in the supporting roles when it comes to these projects. And while I suspect that DEADPOOL might end up with more cult classic status than major box office dollars (sorry guys, if you want to sell R-rated, you've got to pull in the disposable income dollars from women - who aren't going to want to pay $ over & over again to see Ryan Reynolds look ugly), at least it's showcasing its female stars in a kickass light. Here are a few women who got to show more beauty than brawn.

#10 - Kim Basinger (BATMAN)

I'm not sure what it is with giving Batman girlfriends who never existed in the comic books but it's been a trend over the years that I can't find good reason to bitch about, especially when you look at who they cast in the roles. Michael Keaton's version of the caped crusader was always a bit more mature, a bit more reserved and old-school manly and having Kim Basinger as his love interest for the first Tim Burton installment of the Gotham citizens brigade was a luscious choice. The fact that Basinger so embraced being a part of the movie, down to wearing evening gowns themed to coincide with her involvement in the movie while she did red carpet duty always made me smile. Alec might not be able to get along with her, but Kim's always been aces to me.

#9 - Katie Holmes (BATMAN BEGINS)

Rachel Dawes never existed in the Batman world but who cares when Christopher Nolan is the man rewriting the direction for the flagging superhero franchise? Every few years we see these characters have their ups and downs and never more has Batman had a good day than when BATMAN BEGINS breathed new life into the dark knight. It's a pity that Holmes' personal life played a part in keeping her off the sequel (as much as I enjoy Maggie Gyllenhaal, a superhero movie siren she is not) because I could have gone for seconds on this lovely lady in that made-up girlfriend role.

#8 - Morena Baccarin (DEADPOOL)

While I have yet to see the entire movie, I am basing my decision to put Baccarin on the list prematurely because of how sexy she comes off in the trailers. I've watched this woman move up and down the hottie appeal barometer over the years and while I'm not sure if I'd like her as a person, I do enjoy watching her sultry-up a movie set. I'm actually hard pressed to figure out who else would have been able to rope in the crazed superhero/villain/vigilante better than Morena - she does have solid track record around men with the last name Reynolds.


I'm on the fence when it comes to Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. The more that I think about her in the role, the less I like it, seeing her less as the intellect the writers were going for and more simply the foil for Peter and his own story. Keeping her alive in the first movie was a smart decision - after all, Stone continues to be one of the youngest actresses who can pull in audiences with her name on the posters, but by the time the second Garfield-led web slinger film had wrapped, I was ready to let her go.

#6 - Katie Cassidy (Arrow)

Katie Cassidy has been through some ups and downs over the course of "Arrow," and not just in character or plot development. For a time, Cassidy was looking scary skinny in her role as Laurel Lance, prompting a number of photoshoots to seemingly add weight to her frame with Photoshop. Now that Katie has stepped into a different role on the show, those bones have turned into muscles and I can totally understand how the uber buff Oliver Queen is down with her hardbodiness.

#5 - Blake Lively (THE GREEN LANTERN)

There were a lot of problems with THE GREEN LANTERN movie. You don't take one of Hollywood's hottest bodies and then CGI a costume on him (thankfully this is rectified in glorious tight leather for DEADPOOL). You don't... well, you don't do a lot of the things that they did in Ryan Reynolds' other superhero movie. Just about the only thing the film got right was casting Blake Lively because not only did she look gorgeous in it, she was apparently so charming and witty, she won over its star and has made a gorgeous little (never-seen) baby with him.

#4 - Erica Durance (Smallville)

Erica Durance has never gotten the love that she deserves. She's funny, sharp, a quick turn in any role she takes on and had to suffer being the lesser object of attraction in "Smallville," where Lois Lane (still one of the best female characters in comic books, especially when you consider the original time period that news reporter was written in) has to play second fiddle to a sub-par Chun-Li. That American flag bikini? That time she dressed up as Wonder Woman? How is Erica not a bigger star?

#3 - Eva Mendes (GHOST RIDER)

Normally Eva Mendes is a chart topper for me. Normally I don't have to sit through painfully bad movies to see her in action (oh, no, wait...) So Mendes always gets plus points simply for being her hot self. She gets a few knocked off for 1) having to play a piece of meat character in GHOST RIDER and 2) having to pretend that she's attracted to Nic Cage with that odd piece he wears in the film. Then again, maybe I should award her bonus points for making that attraction seem even the teeniest bit plausible.

#2 - Kirsten Dunst (SPIDER-MAN movies)

I've always been partial to Kirsten Dunst, even with her oft dour expressions that cloud other people's perceptions. (Who would want to constantly have to smile simply because strangers are following you around, taking your picture?) And while there are plenty of top ten lists where Dunst wouldn't be ranked this high, she earned her position with the crap she had to endure as part of her girlfriend to Peter Parker gig. Plus, that rain, those pokies...

#1 - Rosario Dawson (Daredevil)

Out of all of the ladies on this list, I find Dawson's Claire to be the least objectionable. Now sure, she's absolutely gorgeous and as fit as they come when calling upon a hot lady to stand at a superhero's side, but Claire is also a bit of a badass. She helps the impoverished, has medical training AND a brain (because often these types of characters are used for the medical knowledge and then turned into simpering idiots when the scene doesn't call for sutures & the like) and possesses that rare movie/TV show trait: loyalty. I've always loved Dawson but in more recent years, as she's become this empowered, mature hottie, I love her even more.



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