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01.31.2018by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Sexiest Female Gunslingers in Film

The movie WINCHESTER is about Sarah Winchester, the wife of the son of the dude who made his last name synonymous with repeat firing rifles. Not sure if the movie will get into the source of Sarah's madness that lead her to using her inheritance to continually build onto her mansion in San Jose, California (she had one daughter who died at 6 weeks old from a protein deficiency - that'll mess anyone up) but considering that we're living in a world where guns are now an extension of some people's lack of masculinity, I figured we could make lemonade out of a shit sandwich and feature some hot chicks who look good wielding the weapon.

#10 - Helen Mirren (RED)

While Mirren is the head of the cuckoo house in WINCHESTER, I doubt she's going to be brandishing the firepower she did in RED, one of the few movies where we get to see her harness her stoic glamour while being funny as f*ck. I love the concept in this film, that old hottie gunslingers never stop being hot or a good shot.

#9 - Carrie-Anne Moss (MATRIX)

"Dodge this."

Carrie-Anne was, is and always will be a badass. THE MATRIX has a bunch of quotable moments but it's that line and that perfect shot of her standing wide-legged and strong that really sends home the us versus them message the film was going for.

#8 - Angelina Jolie (WANTED)

You can go through all of Jolie's resume and cherry pick whichever gun-toting role you want, honestly. For a goodwill ambassador, she certainly deals out a lot of lead pain while in movie roles. It was in WANTED that I first noticed just how sick/emaciated she was (and has never quite recovered from), when that bath scene that should have been a sexy showing of her ass detailed her razor sharp shoulder blades, twig arms and non-existent curves (look at it again, she's one long human pencil shape). But the gun stunts in this movie make it her most notable gunslinging role.

#7 - Stana Katic (STILETTO)

Oh, you've never seen Stana Katic, little miss buttoned up from the show Castle being a sexy, brutal beast? Then you might want to find this movie (Netflix has it on DVD, if you're a relic like me who still has discs on their plan). It's violent, has a rather interesting cast (Tom Berenger, Michael Biehn, William Forsythe, Kelly Hu, Tom Sizemore, DB Sweeney - it's a cornucopia of 80's has-beens!) and features Katic kicking ass and showing skin. Trust me, it's a hidden guilty pleasure you haven't found yet.

#6 - Sharon Stone (THE QUICK AND THE DEAD)

Man, Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio have aged terribly, going off of what they looked like in this film and what they look like now. But we don't talk about how poorly male stars age. Instead we talk about how Stone was "too covered up" (I remember critics actually bitching about that in reviews) for her role as a Western gunslinging badass. I think this movie doesn't get the credit that it deserves for being a fun little twirl in the dust, but people often don't appreciate the right things at the right times.

#5 - Charlize Theron (AEON FLUX)

Every great Oscar winner has to deliver a turkey right after the gold and this was Charlize's. I have to say that I preferred her in the white bodysuit for 2 DAYS IN THE VALLEY to the black bodysuit here but she still was tough as f*ck and as always, a complete pleasure to look at, making sitting through the junk script that much easier.

#4 - Linda Hamilton (TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY)

I wish I could have found a sexy version of that scene in T2 where Hamilton pumps the fore-end of the shotgun one-handed after she has an arm wounded by the T-1000. It's not a sexy moment, with her being exhausted and injured but holy shit is her perseverance and lack of giving a f*ck sexy as hell.

#3 - Milla Jovovich (ULTRAVIOLET)

While most people I know will cite THE FIFTH ELEMENT as Milla's sexiest moment, there is something about the ultra-violent and unbelievably silly ULTRAVIOLET that I really enjoy. Call it a guilty pleasure, but watching Milla kick ass with a litany of weapons is never something a person should feel guilty about.

#2 - Kate Beckinsale (UNDERWORLD)

I've watched far too many vampire movies over the course of my life and while the UNDERWORLD series isn't the worst of the lot, it's certainly not the best either. While it's sexy to see Kate Beckinsale in tight leather/rubber/PVC/whatever they shrink-wrapped on her body, I still thought it was super stupid to have an undead creature spend most of her time using a rather human tool of destruction. But people overlook a lot of stuff for the sake of seeing Kate.

#1 - Rose McGowan (PLANET TERROR)

Put aside any of your off-screen leaning regarding Rose and consider for a moment that she not only held a weapon, the weapon was a part of her body. The whole shtick around PLANET TERROR was muddy but McGowan was masterful in the way she harnessed the grindhouse vibe and her sardonic delivery, making her the most memorable part of a rather outrageous and gory little film.



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