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03.01.2017by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Sexiest Famous Ex-Girlfriends

This week we're all going to flood in to witness the last & the bloodiest tale in the Wolverine saga mainly because the studios make sure to get their bigger flicks into more theaters, leaving little room for smaller films, including TABLE 19, which looks like it has more laughs than LOGAN, at the very least. The movie follows the drama surrounding a maid-of-honor who was dismissed of her position after the best man dumps her, which got me to thinking - who the hell would dump Anna Kendrick? Then I remembered - a ton of gorgeous famous women are someone's ex-girlfriends, whether by their own choice or the former dude's. Here are 10 of the sexiest celebrity ex-girlfriends who all became boring to someone, even if they're not to you.

#10 - Jennifer Love Hewitt

JLove is probably even more well known for being a serial monogamist than she is for any of her acting, bouncing around from famous exes to not-so-famous ones until settling into marriage & family in 2013. Most famously, Jen was immortalized by ex John Mayer in that annoying, "Your Body is a Wonderland" song that every basic bitch adopted until Bruno Mars proclaimed he loved them, "Just the Way You Are."

#9 - Minka Kelly

While you might be thinking of her as being Derek Jeter's ex (and she is - the two were together from 2008-2012), Minka Kelly has more than just a athlete in her stables. She's reportedly been on-and-off with Chris Evans, spent time helping John Mayer make music and even spiced up Topher Grace's life for a spell. The quibble now is whether the tabloids are right about her being the one who interfered with Demi Lovato's relationship with Wilmer.

#8 - Vanessa Hudgens

I wonder just how much of Vanessa's relationship with Zac Efron was manufactured by Disney and how much of it was for real. During their time on High School Musical, those underage nude pics of Hudgens were distributed, arguing that they had a very real thing going on. But it was never proven if they were taken for Efron, so they might be the only ones who really know. Call me weird but I've always imagined that back during their time together (when he reportedly had a cocaine addiction), he f*cked like a jack rabbit and she liked it, calling to mind so much (TOO much) amateur porn I've watched over the years.

#7 - Selena Gomez

She used to date Justin Bieber, which is gross. But Selena, she is fine. So she qualifies for this list but is mainly being included because I dig her and hope for her next ex to be worthy of her.

#6 - Olivia Munn

I don't know if I would have included Olivia Munn on this list if I were looking at it from a dude's perspective. Sure, there's that element of beauty and sexiness that Munn radiates but if I'm being honest, I have her here because I would love to trade places with her, if only to claim that Joel Kinnaman and Chris Pine had once shared my bed. OK, so I'm probably one of the only chicks out there who likes me some Swedish Eminem, but there it is.

#5 - Rachel McAdams

Rachel is perhaps the most enviable female on this list, not just because she's beautiful and talented and kind but because she's one of the few who can list the internet's boyfriend, Ryan Gosling, as one of her exes. Then again, Michael Sheen is also an ex of Rachel's and I don't think other women care all too much about that.

#4 - Scarlett Johansson

For a lady who has recently admitted that she doesn't believe monogamy is normal, it would make sense that ScarJo would have a lot of exes. Not only was she Ryan Reynolds' first wife, Johansson can also count Sean Penn, Jude Law, Justin Timberlake and Josh Harnett amongst her former flames. And yes, ScarJo was briefly on Jeter's list too. Perhaps now that her second marriage has crumbled, she'd be willing to consider one of you average schmoes?

#3 - Jessica Biel

Biel was adorable when interviewed on the red carpet at the Oscars over this past weekend, praising her husband for his nominated song. Yes, she's also one of Derek Jeter's exes but more importantly, it was Chris Evans that she spent a long time in a relationship with, back before he was the Cap. I remember being vaguely bummed when those two couldn't work it out because I have a feeling their kids would have been even cuter than the little Timberlakes.

#2 - Jennifer Lawrence

Normally JLaw ranks at the top of the lists I compile, partly because she's that beautiful, partly because she's that fit, mostly because she's a power player female in Hollywood doing things by her own goofball standards and I dig the hell out of it. So she's not number one because I don't care to think of her as some guy's ex, but when that ex is Nicholas Hoult and how if not for him being in a long distance relationship with Jen, the Fappening would have never been as big of a thing as it was.

#1 - Jessica Alba

There are a lot of Jeter exes on this thing. None of whom can compare to Jessica Alba, who clearly wanted to be someone's long-time gal, finally settling on marriage to Cash Warren in 2008. I'll even go so far as to say that she's far hotter than Jeter's current wife and expectant baby mama, Hannah Davis, who looks just dull enough behind the eyes that she's capable of sticking with his nonsense.



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